Need help with Magic Item

My players are planning to make their covenant guards into a miniature version of the Roman Legion (They only have 20 or so soldiers but still).

One soldier is to carry the Covenant Standard, and they want it to radiate a effect that will demoralize the enemies who look upon it. Which is the best way to do it?

I was thinking the following two powers:

Behold Our Mighty Standard... Rego Mentem: 37
Base 5: Incline a person to a particular sort of response (Look at our Battle stadard!)
Range: Sight (+3)
Duration: Momentary (+0)
Target: Group (+2)
Special: +1 Size (+1)
3 times per day: ((+2))

...Embrace the Panic of Our Might Rego Mentem: 45
Base 5: Control a target's mental state (Target gets a Brave/Intelligence roll vs 12+ or risk to flee)
Range: Sight (+3)
Duration: Concentration (+1)
Target: Group (+2)
Special: +1 Size (+1)
3 Times per day (+2)
Linked Trigger: ((+3))


  1. Does this Work?
  2. Is there a better way to do it?

You might want to look at the sensory magic of the Bjornaer : target sight (serf's parma)

I think, without the mystery, you only need the 2nd effect, which works even if the target group doesn't look at the banner.

This might be due to my being a noob at the system, but couldn't you alter the target of the ReMe15 spell Confusion of the Numbed Will? While not directly forcing them to perform a specific act, it would cause all of the targets to have to succeed on a 9+ on a stress Int roll to take their intended action; any roll less than that means they are confused and take some other type of action. Any roll of 9-11 means they can act, but they act last in combat AND they are at -1 on all attack and defense rolls; 12+ means the spell ends. Not to mention that the spell has a duration of Sun, which is good in mass combat, yes?

If I understand the spell rules, couldn't you just adjust the magnitude of the spell to account for a group as the target?

The easiest way to do this would be to have the panic effect triggered by the banner holder instead of automatically happening when viewing the banner. Sight range, target group, perhaps extra magnitudes for size. Diameter duration should be plenty to start a rout, but you could go for concentration or sun instead.

This brings it to a single spell and can thus be a lesser enchanted item if you can hit the required lab total.

It can only be used before the armies are engaged, but I doubt that's a serious drawback for your intended usage.

Regardless, i would suggest +1 to size and up the number of uses per day.
Currently it affects up to 100 people, if someone gets real annoying(or just annoyed at the magi), they may be able to bring a lot more than that, and they may bring their troops in in scattered groups if they are aware they are attacking magi(or a huge number in a loose formation, either could defeat the banner effect.

Some more uses per day and affecting up to 1000 people, well if someone brings too much for that to be enough, you´re probably in such big trouble it wont matter what you have.

A couple of notes -

  1. The Bjornaer mystery of Sensory Magic specifically mentions you can't use its Target types in enchanted items, so they aren't of use here.

  2. There's no Penetration for any of the effects, so any MR will be an issue.

  3. There's no targeting discrimination for the panic effect, so your own side could be affected.

  4. [url]] was a recent similar thread, so it might be of some use.

Given how awkward creating a banner seems to be, I'm a little surprised there aren't special Range, Duration and/or Target categories someplace in the books (perhaps as part of a Mystery or House virtue) to facilitate them. House Tremere is mentioned to use enchanted pennants and dragon banners in HoH:TL. Banners made into lesser devices with an effect expiry built in sounds like something a Verditius confraternity of weavers might create for roundabout sale to nobles through their venditores. The Oriflamme is mentioned in The Lion and the Lily (pg. 88), but no concrete stats are given.

You simplify both the design and the use of the standard, if you drop the requirement that those affected by the standard have to look at it. Instead have the standard bearer strongly present it towards a Group Target to trigger the effect.

This is nice, and correctly designed. But it does not really help with the purpose of the covenant standard.

This is the meat. It uses the level 5 Guideline (ArM5 p. 151) control a natural emotion, not the level 4 Guideline control a target's mental state. If your grogs just make a big, menacing noise when the covenant standard is raised by its bearer among them, Embrace the Panic of Our Might alone can cause fear among their opponents as long as the standard bearer concentrates.
Hence the effect level computation is right. But you can do away with the linked trigger.
So your covenant standard does only need this power, and hence can be both a lesser enchantment or an invested item. Your magi can adapt the enchantment method, Target Group size, uses per day and eventual penetration of the item to the skills and means available at the covenant.


If you want to really push the 'group' approach, invest a group effect similar to 'To Mark With Umbrage' from the HoH:TL book; you wouldn't need to have as much +group size, you could simply use multiple castings for your army.

What this does is makes your army a distinct group and, thus, allows you to target 'their' group even when your and their groups are intermixed.

Then you can have the banner bearer go nuts with hostile group-range spells and be able to (relatively) reliably keep your team safe.

Alternately, a single-target fear spell at sight range and a banner-bearer versed enough in profession: soldier to know who the ideal people to target would probably have a similar effect. A routing leader of a squad is as good as a routing squad in most cases.

CrIm To Mark With Umbrage is here just a magical way to dress your grogs uniformly.
Coloured cloaks, tabards, sashes or feathers work as well - or as badly - as that spell. Just that Tremere always prefer to use a spell their house provided them with.