New Ars Magica AVATARS!

Thanks to Erik Dahl, we now have 114 new Ars Magica avatars available for use on the forums. Go to this link: ucp.php?i=profile&mode=avatar (that's the User Control Panel>Profile>Edit Avatar) then click on the Display Gallery button at the bottom to browse them all. Enjoy!

I love my avatar and I've used it for years but I'm sorely tempted to switch to Hermanus.

Behold the might of the runes! :mrgreen: Cool gallery. Thanks for putting it up!


Hee. It'll be neat seeing which avatars people like best. :slight_smile:

I have an avatar!

Testing my new avatar..

Impressively quick.
Lots of good ones there, will have to pick one once i can make up my mind, since my usual pic with Diva(the vampire not singer) "snacking" hasnĀ“t worked for a long time here.

Well done mr Dahl.

I am glad to help, of course. :slight_smile:

Anyone who chose one of Erik Dahl's ArM cover avatars already will need to re-select it in the User Control Panel, since those icons are in a different folder on our server now that I've also uploaded Arts/Forms, Founders, and Houses this morning ... it was just too messy to keep throwing them all into the "general" folder. Sorry about that!

More info: