New Ars Magica Character sheet

I've made a new Character Sheet for Ars Magica 5e, including a Lab sheet. This is based on the Roll20 character sheet, for those who like a more colorful sheet.
New ArM5 Sheet.pdf (853.0 KB)


It looks great, Itzhak. I'm probably too used to having an excel spreadsheet that calculates my scores and totals for me to switch over, but this is an improvement over the base sheet as far as I'm concerned.


If I knew how to make it form-fillable, and maybe autocalculating, I definitely would.

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Nice work! Thank you for putting this together. I'm with @temprobe in trying to use an excel spreadsheet but I like how this organizes and may use it to do some adjustments to my spreadsheet approach.

Thanks for all you are doing for the ArM community!