New Book Ideas

Salve Sodales! Here are some new ideas for Ars Magica books. I know there unliekly to ever be made, but what the heck.

Rivals 2: The Order of Odin, the Order of Suleiman, The Witches of Thessaly, a christian order, and an infernal order. Not only would these detail the wizards of these groups, but also what a typical warband would be like (warriors, companions, spirits, magical beasts, magical items, etc..). It should also include a description of what the Order would do if it ever had to go to full war. It could also include the Mongol Shamans.

The Wizard's Grimoire: Should contain spells, magic items (Ars Magica 5th edition is woefully under represented on this front), also it could include magic and fairy beasts that are specifaclly useful to magi (magic horses, fairy hounds, etc..). It could also include current events of the Order, as well as essays on a wizard's life. It could also include up to date tables on shapes & materials, abilities, and merits and flaws. Another idea would be to describe one new lineage per house, or some the secret societies from 4th edition (like the Pillar of Hiram).

Covenants 2: Not only would this include new boons and hooks, but the meat of the book would be a description and stats for each of the domus magna of the houses.

Regiones: 7 of the most legendary regiones of the Order. 1 Dominon, 1 infernal, at least 1 fairy, and 2-3 magic regiones would be good. One idea for a regionne could be Atlantis for example.

Consors: A book that specifically expands on companions. New merits, new flaws, new types of companions

The Bestiary: Not only would this cover beasts from the four realms, but would also include spirits, ghosts, and just things that no one has been able to classify.

Pantheons: Could detail the Norse, Celtic, Slavic, and Romano/Greek pantheons. Famous sites, items, servants, gods, spirits, and cults, and other places/people/things associtated with the old gods.

Just a few thoughts.
Talos of House Bonnisagus.

House Diedne

The most talked about House , but the least known.
Could be used for earlier campaign settings , and adventures involving their return.
Guidelines for STs as to what might be found in ruined/abandoned covenants.

A pre-Hermetic tradition for Ancient Magic.

It's difficult because there are books (or there will be) for all needs and aspects of the game... Really the reedition of ancients Tribunal Books could be great.
I think that the House Diedne book could be the "Great and First" Adventure Book for all players and storyteller.

Dear Talos,
Quit having good ideas for Ars Magica supplements!
my wallet


Altough it's fun to imagine our own House Diedne, I'd like to see a complete background of them. As this is not necessarely canon, it could even present many options: House Diedne Diabolists, House Diedne innocents, etc.

I agre with Ravenscroft: House Diedne has a huge inspirationnal power : it has always been there, and THEY are watching in the shadows... (And in opposite to Demons, they are only focused at the Order, which make them closer ennemies than the Infernal, IMO)

I'm strongly for Diedne book. However, additional bestiary and book on companions are not high on my priority list. There is a lot of material already in Realms of Power (for bestiary) and we have LoM, A&A, C&G, and upcoming Church for companions. I would like to see re-made "Dragon and the Bear" (that can include extra pages detailing Mythic Mongols as rival group) and "Blood and Sand" (with Order of Suleiman). IMAO this books need extreme makeover :wink:
There is Provence, waiting. 3rd ed material is huge, but hardly compatible with 5ed. This tribunal sits almost in the middle of Mythic Europe, it is too difficult to ignore and I am not sure if it is a good idea to include Doissetep now...

If they ever do a book for House Diedne I hope they’d cover both Diedne as a tainted house that needed to be expunged and Diedne as victim of false accusations. This would certainly complicate writing such a book but it would help preserve some of the ambiguity and mystery – I think firmly deciding on one or the other would damage the mood and interest around them.

I'd back the Deidne book as well as the grimore, more spells would be useful as I tend to be lazy and just pick from the list. :slight_smile:

And something in between(a very guilty group making up a small part of it and the majority being innocent or "cant be bothered"), which is the version i´ve used for a long time. Or something that potentially covers all options.

I´d much rather see the tribunals that hasnt been done than a remake.

Would be very nice.

Oh YES! Thats severely lacking.

Hmm, interesting idea. Could be good.

Would be VERY useful indeed.

That area could use some additional material yes.

No. No Diedne book. Seriously. The only reason the people who want a Diedne book are asking for one is that the air of mystery is so great - and your expectations could never possibly be fulfilled. Far better for web sites, fan supplements and so on. An official answer - even several "official" answers none of which are "canon" - would seriously piss everyone off.

Look how every few months a thread starts up that says "I hate the new Criamon" or "I hate the new Tremere" or "I hate the new Flambeau" or "I hate the new Tytalus" etc. Who would possibly want to see my take of the Diedne as the "official" version (or one of several official versions) - when there is no way that what I reckon would be as cool as your own custom saga-designed Diedne.

As a side note: about 10 years ago, there was heaps of pressure on White Wolf to write a "Baali" clanbook. They resisted for ages and ages. Eventually they wrote one. Fans everywhere were disappointed. The same went for all of their "mysterious" clan or tradition or sept or whatever splat books - most fans were disappointed with the result.

For myself , i have no expectations on such a book.
Not being a creative writer or author , having the line authors work on this would be far preferable.
The main criteria for Atlas would be , "will it sell" or "dilute core sales".
If it introduced new guidelines , powers and abilities , these would be playtested.

Whatever fanzine replaces SubRosa could be done in the format of The Rifter from Palladium Books.
It includes Unofficial and Official rules supplements.

It was a pretty mediocre sourcebook , especially the Clan Discipline of Daimoinon .
Being one of those "completeist" gamers , i buy almost all products , useful or not.
(useful preferred)
I have all the published worldbooks for Rifts , except Australia ,
because Melbourne was included , but not Sydney.
So , i agree , fans will be fickle and possibly disappointed in any product.

As for Ars Magica , if i have any minor grumble , it is with House Tremere.
Not because i previously loved the house and it was "ruined" for me.
But the lack of flexibility by having a magical focus pre-determined.

Sub Rosa will return in 2010.

And if you want Diedne content in the magazine there's a very easy way to get it in there.

Any time between now and New Year then. :wink:

Just tell me who to make the Western Union transfer out to. :mrgreen:

I'd say first, finish the tribunal books, and maybe update some of the older ones.

Note also than most of the things discussed here could be, at least in part, be made as a part of Sub Rosa. I can very well see a SR article depicting a Domus Magna, or a regio, or a pre-hermetic tradition...

I don't know about the OoH, since there are already potential candidates, and the idea that it's just a bugbear and a misinterpretation is fun.
But Suleiman/Thessaly/Mongol Shamans? Yes! :smiley:

Wizard's grimoire: Yes, especially the items :smiley:

Covenants 2: Yes to the domus magna. New boons and Hooks? We've got plenty already, and I fail to see what's so lacking. This'd increase complexity more than it'd help.

Regiones: Could be fusionned with covenants 2 in a kind of "Mythic Places 2" supplement, describing famous locations known to the OoH

Consors: New merits and flaws? Sorry, I'll pass. Do you even know half of the published ones? See my covenants reply. New types of companion? This ain't D&D, you can already create any companion you can imagine. Sorry, but I utterly fail to see the usefulness of this book, except for those that may be looking for virtues and flaws to "optimize" their character.

Bestiary: Yes and no. Unless I'm wrong, this seldom sells, and we've already got a lot of stats, although scattered. Maybe a web supplement compiling these?

Pantheons: Well, these are faeries, by the RAW (for the gods/spirits part), and mostly extinct by 13th century (for the cults part). So while this may be great for a "Year 0" ars magica game, this is outside the scope of the current game, and thus, sadly, useless.

Diedne: Yes, if including multiple options. I'd hate to have the official diedne be saints or sinners (although the number of their tree-hugging fans would make me laugh if they were officially depicted as bad guys).

What I fear is this: Due to their mystery, I fear that most people would expect the diedne to be uber-powerful. Thus, either they'd be dissapointed, or this'd upset the balance of the game. But I really, really fear that this'd be either the powergamer rulebook, or the one despised as "this book is utter shit, diedne are cooler!". In fact, IMO, alex white is pretty right about this, although the reality would probably the uglier, IMO.

This could be integrated into a "Rival Magic 2" supplement, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with the potential rush of Diedne PCs, especially as, since these'd come mostly from the "diedne are cool" crowd, we would see these players imposing their vision of what the diedne were in a saga simply by virtue of their presence and background: In a neutral saga that doesn't revolve around them, if I create a diedne PC, unless he's clueless, I'll define what the diedne were, thus barring potential stories from other players or the SG. I dunno if I'm clear.

Pre-hermetic traditionS: yes :smiley:

Then either change it to a Puissant style bonus or allow another focus.
Allowing more than 1 focus doesnt break anything. And it allows some cool combinations as well.

Oh there are a few that might be interesting to add...

No, though part of that is because i dont have all the books. I´ve made dozens of additional Virtues and Flaws, and some of them are really good even.

Not a matter of munchkin, its a matter of having more options. To allow characters more variation.

Yes please, that would certainly be best for sure!

Why all the assumptions about "Diedne fans"? In the time i´ve been on this forum, i havent seen even a single "Diedne fan" that would fit your assumptions. Im not sure if i´ve seen ANY Diedne fans at all. Which might have a little something to do with their not being any "real" source material for them, which was a serious problem here until i simply sat down and made up a basic version to make them playable. Not all players have that kind of time.

We are planning to have issue six out for Christmas.

Issue seven will be Q1 2011. If there is a consensus that you want some kind of Diedne content we will certainly look at the options.

Yeah sure , anyone can houserule anything in their saga , not like David will send the Ars Legions round. :slight_smile:

Beware the Canon [size=50]Inquisition^W[/size] Vexillation! :mrgreen:

Hmm. Some thoughts.

Covenants 2. I don't see how having more boons and hooks would add complexity to game. A really good idea for more boons and hooks would be for Tribunal Specific boons and hooks. That would really make it interesting.

Regiones 2. To do this idea right it would have to be it's own book. Two more ideas for regiones, House Diedne's Domus Magna and the ruins of Olympos, left behind by the Fairy Gods when they retreated deeper into Arcadia. Now that would be an intersting place to explore!

Consors. To each his own, but for me I like the idea of new virtues and flaws, as well as new consor types (perhaps adding new ones by tribunal).

Bestiaries are alwayse a good buy. After all, what Storyguide ever has enough opponents to throw at his players?

Pantheons. I think you missed the point of this one. It wouldn't be that you'd be going head-to-head with the gods, but searching out their remnants. Which by the way, would make it a perfect supplement for Seekers. Hmm... in fact, the first chapter of the book could deal with Seekers, a sort of who's who among them, a brief history of their discoveries, and current activities (plus a few Seeker specific virtues and flaws wouldn't hurt either).

As for adding Diedne to Rivals 2, I thought Diedne had been done to death, but apparently I was wrong. Go ahead.

It's not really a new book per se since David has indicated it's next on the Tribunals list once Transylvania's out of the way, but I'd be very interested in seeing a Hibernia book. There are a couple of of reasons, but the main one is that I'm curious how the authors will manage to fill up 144 pages of stuff about a tiny island that has little native folklore regarding witches or magicians... I have every confidence they'll come up with something extra-cool!