New character sheets

Justus Felix Ex Miscellanea child of Pralix
Int +3 Per 0 Pre +1 Com +5
Str 0 Sta 0 Dex 0 Qui 0

Age: 32 7 years out of apprenticeship
Warping: 0(2)

Hemetic magus, The gift, Comprehend magic, Minor magical focus exotic magic, Ash guild trained, Affinity with Vim, Puissant art Vim, Well travelled, Improved characteristics *2, Great communication *2, Good teacher, Fast caster, Enhanced sense of smell

Weak magic resistance against non comprehended magic, driven (minor), favours, Unpredictable magic, magical addiction, deficient form Auram, deleterious circumstances (high up in the mountains).

Artes liberates/1/ Rhetoric
Athletics/1/Long distance running
Awarness/1/Spoting ambushes
Bargain/2/ Magic items
Brawl/1/ Dodge
Charm/2/ Debate
Code of hermes/1/ Dealings with non-hermetic magi
Comprehend magic/3(18)/Hermetic magi
Concentration/1/ multiple castings
Durenmar lore/2/ Library
Etiquette/2/ Magi
Faerie lore/1/ Faerie magic
Finesse/3/ Fast cast
Folk ken/2/ Magi
Folk Witch magical theory / 2 (9) / Potion brewing
Guile/1/ Elaborate lies
Hunt/1/ Falconry
Infernal lore/1/ Recognition
Intrigue/1/ Motives
Latin/4 (4)/ Hermetic use
Leadership/1/ Grogs
Magic lore/1/ Witches & werewolves of Pomerania
Magic theory/3 (16)/ Inventing spells
Order of Hermes lore/1/ Magi
Parma magica/3/ Ignem
Pentration/3/ Vim
Philosophiae/1/ Ceremonial magic
Pomerania lore/2/Villages
Rihne tribunal lore/3/ Covenants
Speak low german/5/orders
Stealth/1/ Moving silent
Survival/2/ Woodlands
Swim/1/ Long distances
Teaching/1/ Magic
Witches & werewolves of Pomerania lore/1/ Magic

Cr 6 In 6 Mu 6 Pe 6 Re 6
An 2 Au 0 Aq 1 Co 5 He 2
Ig 2 Im 2 Me 5 Te 3 Vi 11 +3

Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score
The wizard’s leap / ReCo / 15 / +11
Aura of beguiling appearance / MuIm / 10 / +8
The heathen witch reborn / PeVi / 25 / +25
Invisibility of the standing wizard / PeIm / 15 / +8
Daemons eternal oblivion / PeVi / 15 / +20
Trackless step / ReTe / 10 / +9
The crystal dart / MuTe / 10 / +9 / fast cast, multiple casting / 2
Trust of the child like faith / PeMe / 10 / +11
Sight of the transparent motive / InMe / 10 / +11
Intuition of the forest / InHe / 10 / +8
Lamp without flame / CrIg / 10 / +8
The obliteration of the witch’s entrancement /PeVi / 15 / +25
Quenching the Entrancing glare /ReVi / 15/ +24
Unravelling the fabric of Mentem /PeVi / 10/ +20
Unravelling the fabric of Corpus /PeVi / 5/ +20
Sap the Griffin's Strength /PeVi / 5/ +20
Dreadful Bane of the Fae /PeVi / 5/ +20 / mastery score 1 / Penetration
Demon's Eternal Oblivion /PeVi / 5/ +20
Wind of Mundane Silence /PeVi / 20/ +20
Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat /PeVi / 10/ +20 / mastery score 1 / Fast cast


Wizardly robes and a masterly crafted dagger

New spell

Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat
Similar to Winds of Mundane Silence, but scaled down to affect a single spell. This will counter or cancel a spell if your roll of a SD + (Level + 10) equals or exceeds twice the level of the opposing spell. Countering another spell as it is being cast requires a successful Fast Cast roll.

Justus Felix is a man with quite good looks even though they aren’t extraordinary they still draw attention especially from the women. He has quite long dark hair and shows little sign of ever being able to grow a beard. His eyes are steel grey and full of determination. He is a man who cares about his appearance and more fit into the Jerbiton stereotype rather than the hedge wizard stereotype.


Justus Felix had rather uneventful childhood as he grew up in a little village of Pomerania. Even though he grew up in Pomerania he learned to speak German as a child. Justus father where a trader who travelled the land and traded items back and forth. As Justus begun to develop the gift it became more and more difficult for his father to have him with him. Luckily for his father an magus offered to by the boy for a significant amount of silver. Thus Justus begun his apprenticeship.

Justus followed his master far and wide in the realms of the Rihne tribunal and where trained at a number of different covenants that he and his master stopped by. After passing his gauntlet Justus Felix begun to train for setting out on a mission to civilise his former home, having heard the tales of werewolves and witches as a child he knew that it where work to be done there.

During his travels in the Rihne tribunal he had met lots of magi and made quite an impression on most people he met, especially the women. As he had a self imposed mission to civilise the denizens of Pomerania, Justus begun to work for a chance to fund a covenant of his own in the deep forests. Justus bargained and where give lots of favours but where at last given permission to fund a covenant in the Pomeranian forest.

Mariella the Black Filia Benedict Follower of Flambeau(Maga of House Flambeau )
Int +4 Str -2 Com +1 Dex +1
Per +1 Sta +1 Pre 0 Qui 0
Age 29 4 Years out of Apprentice ship
Personality traits
Honorable +2, Ruthless +2, Loyal +3, Pious +1

Area Lore (Northern Italian Alps) 2
Artes Liberale (Ritual Magic) 2
Athletics (Running)2
Latin 4
Awareness(Alertness) 3
Magic Theory (Perdo)4 +4
Stealth (Hide)2
Parma Magica (Ignem) 3+11xp (effective skill 5)
Survival (Montains)2
Penetration (Perdo)3 (effective skill 5)
Speak Italian 5
Chirurgy(Binding Wounds) 1
Finesse (speed)1
Bows(Crossbows) 2
Leadership(Intimidation) 1
Concentration(Spell Concentration) 1
Hunt(Tracking) 2
Code of Hermes(Wizards Marches) 1
Brawl (Dodge)1
Swim(long distances) 1
Speak Low german(curses) 0 +4
Profession SCribe 0 +4
Creo 3 Animal 6 Ignem 0
Intellego 3 Aquam 0 Imagonem 0
Muto 1 Auram 0 Mentam 6
REGO 6 Corpus 6 Terram 6
Perdo 15 Herbam 0 Vim 8

Demon’s Eternal Oblivion 15 (+35)
Wind of Mundane Silence 20 (+27)
Evisceration of a thousand Knives PeCo 30 (+31) Spell mastery 1 , fast casting
Eviscerations of the ten thousand knives PeCo 40 (+31)
Painful stroke of the knife PeCo25 (Medium wound , sight range) (+31)
Flaws of the Weapon smith PeTe 30 (+25)
Invisible Sling of Vilanos ReTe 10 (+13)
Obliteration of the Metallic barrier PeTe 20 (+31)
Sap the Griffins Strength PeVi 15 (+35)
Dreadful Bane of the Fae PeVi 10 (+35) mastery 1 . Fast casting
Veil of Invisibility PeIm20 (+19)
Corrosive aegis of the maga PeTe 25 (+25)

Major magical focus Damage
Puissant Perdo (House virtue)
Puissant Parma Magica
Puissant Penetration
Affinity Vim
Affinity Perdo
Inventive Genius
Great Intelligence

Blatant Gift
Oath of Milites
Weak Scholar
Small Frame
True Friend (Odilio brother aged 31 who stood by Mariella despite the presence of the Blatant gift and helped the maga while a child, the Odilio has now joined the church and is a missionary/monk in the Pomeranian area and the Mariella feels she owes a debt to help and aid this person)

Born to a family in Northern Italy , difficult childhood due to the strong Gift until found and recruited by a Flambeau magus. Trained at a covenant in Northern Italy by a Benedict filius Phillipius Niger following in the school and magical lineage of Apromor showed a great ability in destructive magic’s. Soon grew to disdain melee believing a magus should be above such things but at the insistence of her parens learnt the use of the X-Bow for those cases where magic would not suffice. The covenant located near the border with the Transylvanian tribunal was the home of several Flambeau magi, as well as several members of House Ex Miscallanea whose origins lay with a group of necromancers similar to those recruited by the Tremere these mages had stayed out of the order until Apromor brought them into the order after the founding mainly to spite Tremere they live quietly at the covenant staying out of Hermetic politics and avoiding the notice of the Tremere. In return for the protection of the Flambeau magi of the covenant they help in training new magi and in the case of Marialla they where able to teach her the basics of their leadworking technique

Initially unable to find a covenant to settle in traveled to various flambeau covenants learning of the ideals of the house, learning of a new covenant trying to bring more mages into the Order traveled there to assist in the noble endeavor of recruiting into the order and also protect those involved in the endeavor should they face any dangers.

Short, and small framed women with short black hair and pale skin, dresses in plain black robes

Katja ex Bonisagus

Int +3, Per -2, Pre 0, Com +2,
Str 0, Sta +2, Dex 0, Qik +1

Size: -1

Age: 32 (32), Height: 5'5'', Weight: 128 lbs, Gender: Female

Decrepitude: 0

Warping Score: 0 (0)

Confidence: 1 (1)

Personality traits: Cowardly +1, Inquisitive +3, Friendly +2

Virtues: The Gift,
Hermetic Magus,
Puissant Magic Theory,
Affinity with Magic Theory,
Gentle Gift,
Good Teacher,
Improved Characteristics,
Inventive Genius (Invent Lab Totals: +3),
Privileged Upbringing,
Puissant Terram,
Skilled Parens

Flaws: Close Family Ties,
Deficient Technique (Muto),
Greedy (Major),
Loose Magic,
Small Frame

Dodge: Init: +1, Attack --, Defense +1, Damage --
Fist: Init: +1, Attack +0, Defense +1, Damage +0
Kick: Init: +0, Attack +0, Defense +0, Damage +3

Soak: +2

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: -1 (1-4), -3 (5-8), -5 (9-12), Incapacitated (13-16)

Abilities: Slavic 5 (Polish)
Latin 4 (hermetic usage)
Low German 3 (Pomeranian)
Artes Liberales 1 (astronomy)
Awareness 1 (searching)
Bargain 2 (Mirrors and Gems)
Charm 2 (first impressions)
Concentration 1 (spell concentration)
Etiquette 1 (Merchants)
Finesse 3 (Corpus)
Folk Ken 3 (townsfolk)
Glassworking 5 (Mirrors)
Leadership 1 (laboratory work)
Magic Theory 6+2 (inventing spells)
Music 2 (sing)
Parma Magica 1 (Ignem)
Philosophiae 2 (ritual magic)
Profession: Scribe 1 (copy lab text)
Teaching 2 (Glassworking)

Equipment: Robes, Grimoire, basic lab equipment, glasswork,
Stone sled (See image), (MT Tractatii Q11).

Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Sigil: Glint of light/reflection

Cr 7, In 5, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 7
An 0, Aq 2, Au 3, Co 8, He 0,
Ig 3, Im 3, Me 3, Te 10+3, Vi 8

Spells Known:
Ward Against Rain (ReAu 10) +12
Arcane Repositioning (ReCo 20) +17.
Light the Wizard's handiwork (CrIg 15) +12
Heating the Frigid Hall (CrIg 15) +12.
Stone of Blockage (CrTe 25) +22
The Miner's Keen Eye (InTe 20) +20
Supple Iron and Rigid Rope (MuTe 10) +20 (Variable per Requisite)
Pit of the Gaping Earth (PeTe 15) +20
Moving the Stone Sled (ReTe 20) +22

Moving the stone sled
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
Enchants a block or piece of stone, large enough to bear the caster and several chests of supplies or a couple other people, to carry her along at her mental direction. The stone moves with a speed, direction, and height above the ground that he decides (maximum speed as of a galloping horse, maximum height of 10 paces above the ground). The stone can only maneuver across terrain that can support it, and so cannot cross water or crevasses without sinking unless they are no more than 10 paces deep. If the stone does not have sides or frame for support and the caster directs the stone to maneuver rapidly, he may be forced to make a Dexterity + Agility roll or fall from the stone.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Ind, +1 for enhanced effect, +1 size)
Based on The Stone Palanquin from Ars Magica Wiki with increased size

Arcane Repositioning (ReCo 20)
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Move the one touched upto 50 paces as long as destination can be seen or there is arcane connection.
(Base 15, +1 touch)

Light the Wizard's handiwork (CrIg 15)
R: Tough, D: sun, T: Ind
Create like equal to a cloudy day for sun duration
(Base 4, +1 touch, +2 sun)

Heating the Frigid Hall (CrIg 15)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Room
Heats a room to be be warm and comfortable temperature
(Base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun, +2 Room)

Stone of Blockage (CrTe 25)
R: Voice, D: Moon, T: Ind
Makes a wall of granite up to 5 paces wide, 2 paces high, and 1 pace thick. One needs miner's tools to break through it, though it can be toppled if it is not connected to a support on its side or top.
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +3 Moon, +1 size)


Katja was born to a family of glassworkers. Her grandfather had moved to Szczecin to settle around St. Jacob's Church to work on the glasswork for the church. He brought with him his wife, and grown sons and their wives and set up a glassworks. The family prospered despite number changes of sovereignty.

Katja learned to work and blow glass with her brothers and cousins while growing up. As wealthier craftmen able to make valuable goods, she had a privileged life. She had a real talent for blowing larger bubbles to cut and laydown for silvering to make mirrors. Little did she know that her affinity for the sands and glass was in part a waking gift. One day, a mage came into the shop to purchase goods his covenant and seeing her work and how glass almost perfectly fit, checked for a gift. He immediately arranged to apprentice the 12 year old girl paying her family off.

This lead to her being taken to Fengheld initially but at the end of her first year, a mage at durenmar claimed her from her tremere master as the affinity and natural inclinations towards glass fit his current project and needs. She spent time at Durenmar training hard and insuring her paren's lab was in top shape. She learned the variant of spells to create stone wall and to transport a person past it as a way to protect and enter/leave her mater's lab in her later years of apprenticeship.

Eventually she passed her gauntlet and glasswork paid for continued study at Durenmar's library but she wanted a lab or her own so she has been watching for an opportunity. Thanks to her control of rego and perdo she found a large strone rock and then used perdo to carve a seat and storage area so she had a way to move when the time came.

Krispin ex Miscellanea
Male, Size 0
Age: 32

Krispin has a slight frame, a reasonably well-kept brown beard, and kind gray eyes. He wears a simple brown or gray robe with no outer markings, a well-made belt with pouches for herbs and tools, and carries a large walking staff. The son of a Flemish apothecary, he was frequently prone to strange, often symbolic visions, which interfered with his father's training and generally made him a nuisance. His parens took him first out of compassion for his situation but then trained Krispin as a healer and root-cutter when his distaste for violence became apparent. As Krispin's power matured the visions diminished gradually, though they still manifest from time to time. His Gentle Gift and desire to heal (using herbal remedies and mundane skill, primarily) made him popular among the covenfolk during his later apprenticeship as his skills grew.

Wizard's Sigil: The scent of herbs, which varies as appropriate to the spell. Lavender often figures prominently.

Personality Traits: Compassionate +3, Friendly +2, Pacifistic +2, Fastidious +2
Reputations: Hedge Wizard 3

Int: +3, Per +1, Str -2, Sta +2, Pre 0, Com +1, Dex 0, Qik -1

Virtues and Flaws
Virtues:+0 Gifted Hermetic Magus, +0 Mythic Herbalism, +0 Root-Cutter, +1 Minor Magical Focus (Healing), +3 Gentle Gift, +1 Affinity with Mythic Herbalism, +1 Enduring Magic, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Life Boost, +1 Affinity with Corpus, +1 Deft Corpus.

Flaws:-0 Deficient Perdo, -3 Restriction (in a place where there are no plants or plant materials), -3 Compassionate, -1 Soft-Hearted, -1 Ability Block (Martial skills), -1 Hedge Wizard, -1 Visions

General Abilities (specialization) XP / score
Area Lore - Ad Fons (personalities) 2/0
Awareness (alertness) 15 / 2
Animal Handling (horses) 5 / 1
Charm (first impressions) 5 / 1
Chirurgy (setting bones) 30 / 3
Concentration (reading) 15 / 2
Folk Ken (magi) 15 / 2
Low German - Flemish (storytelling) 75 / 5
Order of Hermes Lore (personalities) 5 / 1
Profession (Apothecary) (finding ingredients) 30 / 3
Profession (Scribe) (copywork) 5 / 1
Ride (keeping calm) 2 / 0
Stealth (natural areas) 5/1
Survival (winter) 15 / 2

Academic Abilities (specialization) XP / score
Artes Liberales (ritual magic) 5 / 1
Latin (Hermetic usage) 50 / 4
Medicine (physician) 5 / 1

Arcane Abilities (specialization) XP / score
Finesse (Herbam) 5 / 1
Magic Lore (traditions) 5 / 1
Magic Theory (Corpus) 31 / 3
Parma Magica (Corpus) 15 / 2
Penetration (Creo) 5 / 1
Total: 60

Supernatural Abilities (specialization) XP / score
Mythic Herbalism (healing wounds) (5 + (68 x 1.5)= 107) / 6

Magical Arts XP / score
Cr 55 / 10
In 45 / 9
Mu 21 / 6
Re 15 / 5

An 10 / 4
Co (43x1.5) / 10
He 30 / 7
Im 3/2
Me 21 / 6

Spellbook TeFoLevel (Casting Score, not including Aura)
Whispering Winds InAu15 (+11)
Bind Wound, CrCo10 (+32)
The Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch (as ArM5 p.129, but heals Medium Wounds) CrCo25 (+32)
Restoration of the Defiled Body CrCo25 (+32)
Gentle Touch of the Purified Body (as ArM5 p.129, but heals Medium Wounds caused by disease or poison) CrCo25 (+32)
Restoration of the Mangled Body CrCo25 (+32)
Probe the Secrets of the Flesh (as Revealed Flaws of the Mortal Flesh, but gives any and all useful information about a body) InCo15 (+20)
The Inexorable Search InCo20 (+20)
Trap of Entwining Vines CrHe15 (+17)
Intuition of the Forest InHe10 (+16)
Call to Slumber ReMe10 (+13)
Supple Iron and Rigid Rope MuTe5 (+6)
Wizard's Leap ReCo15 (as HoH:S p.36) (+16 - more like +12 if casting requisites are used)

Simple gray robe, boots, walking staff, belt with pouches for herbs and the like.
Saddlebags full of stored herbs and basic posessions.
His old mare, Halfrid by name, and a mean old mule he spends more time fighting/cajoling than getting useful work out of.
A slightly ostentatious gold torque embedded with a sapphire (kept in sanctum, for now)

Ricardo Ibienez of Mercere: descendant of one of the grand-daughters of El Cid and a Flambeau magus from the lineage of Delendos
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Com -1, Pre +2, Str +3, Sta +2, Dex +3, Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 30 (apprenticed age 7, gauntlet age 22, 8 years post gauntlet)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0 (0)
Confidence: 2 (5)
Virtues: +0 Blood of Heroes (Essential Virtue – Clever in Battle +3), +1 Affinity with Single Weapon, +1 Clear Thinker, +1 Gift of Tongues, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Puissant Great Weapon, +1 Puissant Single Weapon, +1 Social Contacts (other mythic blood/heroic magi), +1 Unaffected by the Gift, +1 Warrior, +3 Redcap (Well Traveled), +3 Charmed Life, +5 Improved Characteristics (5x)
Flaws: -3 Enemies, -3 Overconfident, -1 Animal Companion (his trusty steed Annaeus), -1 Heroic Personality, -1 Proud, -1 Temperate
Personality Traits: Brave +5, Bold +4, Loyal +3, Proud +2, Serious +2, Respectful +1
Combat: (@ +9 to Defense for Howl of the Steel Weapons)
Fistfight: Init +1, Atk +9, Def +7, Dmg +3
Knife: Init +1, Atk +9, Def +6, Dmg +5
Dagger: Init +1, Atk +10, Def +6, Dmg +6
Longsword: Init +3, Atk +17, Def +12, Dmg +9
Longsword & Heater Shield: Init +3, Atk +18, Def +16, Dmg +9
Lance & Shield when Mounted: Init +3, Atk +21, Def +18, Dmg +8
Longsword & Shield when Mounted: Init +3, Atk +21, Def +19, Dmg +9
Long Spear (Lance when Dismounted): Init +4, Atk +14, Def +10, Dmg +10
Wizard’s Leap: Init +4
Soak: +11 (+2 Sta, +9 full chain mail)
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Animal Handling 2 (horses), Artes Liberales 1 (literacy), Athletics 3 (climb), Awareness 2 (alert), Bargain 2 (negotiation), Brawl 5 (fistfight), Charm 2 (ladies), Chirurgy 2 (binding wounds), Dominion Lore 1 (saints), Etiquette 3 (Hermetic), Faerie Lore 1 (courtly fae), Folk Ken 2 (warriors), Great Weapon 5+2 (long spear), Guile 2 (fast talk), Hunt 2 (track), Iberian Lore 2 (Castile), Intrigue 2 (alliances), Latin 3 (written), Leadership 4 (in combat), Magic Lore 2 (creatures), Magic Theory 1 (knowing what magi can do), Mythic Europe Lore 2 (heroes), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (magi with mythic/heroic blood), Profession – Scribe 1 (letters), Profession – Soldier 2 (drills), Ride 3 (battle), Single Weapon* 8+2 (with shield), Spanish 5 (Castilian), Stealth 2 (sneak), Strategy 3 (innovation), Teaching 3 (warriors)
Symbolic Sigil: a gold lion on a field of red
Equipment: full chain mail, long sword, heater shield, dagger, horse, other stuff
Encumbrance: 0 (Load 9, Burden 3, Str +3)
Enchanted Items :
Red Boots: (Lesser Enchanted Device)
ReCo35 Wizard’s Leap:R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Instantly transport’s the wearer up to 50 paces to any place he can see or has an Arcane Connection to. The effect has a +3 Initiative bonus because of the Fast Trigger, and the triggering condition is to jump while his toes are crossed.
(Base 15, +1M Touch; +10L Unlimited Use, +5L Fast Trigger)

Gold Ring:
InTe31 Howl of the Steel Weapons:
This spell warns Ricardo of the danger of metallic weapons with a howling sound signaling motion. This grants a +9 Defense bonus versus metallic weapons, provided he is able to parry or evade the attack, and he can dodge any metallic or metal tipped projectile originating from more than ten paces distance. The howl is only audible to him wearer and cannot be mimicked by voices. The triggering condition is activated automatically when the ring detects metal moving at him with dangerous velocity.
(Base 2, +1M Conc, +3M Hearing; +5L Item Maintains Concentration, +10L Unlimited Use, +3 Environmental Trigger, +3 Restricted use – only Ricardo)


Design Notes:
45xps Childhood
30xps Later Life
300xps Apprenticeship
50xps Privileged Upbringing
50xps Well Traveled
50xps Warrior
240xps Post Gauntlet
66 Levels of Enchanted Items

Name: Tatiana ex Miscellania (birth name of Kasia is kept to herself)

Characteristics: Int +3 Per +1 Pre +1 Com +0
Str -2 Sta +2 Dex +1 Qik +1

Size: 0

Age: 31 (31), Height: 5'9”, Weight: 137 lbs, Gender: Female

Decrepitude: 0

Warping Score: 0 (0)

Confidence: 1 (5)

Hermetic Magus(Free)
Strong Faerie Blood(Gold Court Seelie, Free)
Method Caster(Free)
Flawless Magic(Major)
Mastered Spells(Minor)
Affinity with Art(Corpus, Minor)
Affinity with Art(Rego, Minor)
Cautious Sorceror(Minor)
Improved Characteristics(Minor)
Skilled Paren(Minor)
Pussiant Art(Rego, Minor)

Deficient Technique(Muto, Free Major Hermetic)
Vulnerable Magic(Touch of Bless items, Major, Hermtic)
Covenant Upbringing(Minor, Minor Personality)
Compassionate(Major Personality)
Motion Sickness(Minor, general)
Difficult Spontaneous Magic(Minor, hermtic)
Warped Senses: Sensitive to cold(Minor, personality)

Personality Traits: Meticulous +2, Cautious +3, Loyal +3

Dodge: Init: +2, Attack, Defense +4, Damage
Fist: Init: +2, Attack +1, Defense +3, Damage +0
Kick: Init: +1, Attack +1, Defense +2, Damage +3

Soak: +2

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)

Abilities: LG: Russian 5 (Formal Phrases)
Artes Liberales 1 (Ceremonial Magic)
Awareness 2 (Searching)
Brawl 1 (Dodge)
Charm 1 (First Impressions)
Chirurgy 1 (BInding wounds)
Code of Hermes 1 (Dealing with Fae)
Concentration 1 (Spell Concentration)
Etiquette 1 (Among Fae)
Faerie Lore 1 (Summer Court)
Finesse 3 (Spell Aiming)
Folk Ken 1 (Magi)
Latin 4 (Hermetic Usage)
Magic Theory 4 (1, Inventing Spells)
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (Magi)
Parma Magica 3 (Corpus)
Penetration 3 (Rego)
Second Sight 2 (Seeing Regios)
Slavic 3 (Polish)
Ural Mountain 2 (magical places)

Equipment: Grimoire, Clothing

Encumbrance: 0

Sigil: Faint pine scent

Twilight Scars: None

Arts: Cr 6 In 3 Mu 0 Pe 5 Re 15+3
An 5 Aq 1 Au 6 Co 9 He 1
Ig 0 Im 6 Me 7 Te 3 Vi 5

Spells Known:
Wizard Leap (ReCo 15) CT:32
- Mastery 3 (Fast Cast, Quick Cast, Still Spell)
Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20) CT:16
- Mastery 2 (Quiet Cast, subtle cast)
Impact of a Boulder (ReTe 20) CT:26
- Mastery 3 (Multi-Casting, Precise Casting x2)
Circling Winds of Protection (CrAu 20) CT:17
- Mastery 3 (Fast Cast, Quick Cast x2)
Disarm the Attacking Squad (ReCo 15) CT:32
- Mastery 3 (Fast Cast, Multi Cast, Quick Cast)
From Ural's Height (ReCo 25) CT:30
- Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
Gather the Essence of the Beast (ReVi 15) CT:26
- Mastery 1 (Still Casting)
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10) CT:29
- Mastery 2 (Penetration, Multi-cast)
Sense the Nature of Vis (InVi 5) CT:11
- Mastery 1 (Still Casting)
Physician Eye (InCo 5) CT:15
- Mastery 1 (Still Casting)
Seven League Stride (ReCo 30) CT:30
- Mastery 1 (Fast Casting)
Purification of the Festering Wound (CrCo 20) CT:18
- Mastery 1 (Multi-casting)
Spirit of Truthfulness (ReMe 20), CT: 28

  • Mastery 1 (Subtle)
    The Slumbering Masses (ReMe 20), CT 28
  • Mastery 1 (Multi-cast)

General Quality: 0, Safety +1, Asthetics: 0, Health: 0
Virtues: Superior Contruction, Greater Feature (summoning circle)
Flaws: Undecorated, Greater Focus
Specializations: Experimentation +1, spells +1, Rego +4 (+5 -1 for undecorated)

ReMe 20: The slumbering Masses
Range: Voice, Dur: Mom, T: Group
As call to Slumber but for a group
(base 4, +2 voice, +2 group)

ReMe 20: Spirit of Truthfulness
Range: touch, Dur: concentration, Target: Ind
Imbues the target with the desire to speak truthfully and seek for truth.
(base 10, +1 touch, +1 concentration

Impact of a Boulder
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Ind
Hurls a rock up to twice the size of a sling bullet at a target within range. Unlike the stardard version of Weilding the invisible sling, this spell hurls the stone as a projectile. An Aiming roll is required to hit the intended target, but if it succeeds, Magic Resistance offers no protection. The stone inflicts +10 damage on impact and has a range increment of 20 paces.
(Base 10, +2 Voice)

Disarm the attacking Squad (ReCo 15)
R:Voice, D: Diam, T: Group
One of the hands of each of the target group spasms, causing them to drop anything being held in that hand. It keeps going for the duration preventing that hand from being used. (Same as Spasm of the uncontrolled hand with T: Group instead of ind)
(Base 2: +2 voice, +1 Diam, +2 Group

History: Tatiana was born to one of the faerie lords who dallied with a Volhkzy priestess who had joined the Thousand Cave covenant. Her mother was learning the hermetic arts and how to merge the Volhkzy traditions with hermatic magic. She spent her early years at the covenant. This let her learn latin early. Still her mother was slow to recognze her aging and so her apprenticeship actually started several years after it could have since the other mages either had apprentices or were not wanting one at the time. The time did let her get passing knowledge of other languages from redcaps. Since the covenant had fae obsession and research, she also had plenty of time to develop her second sight and skills for dealing with the fae.

Her training was very rote, methodical with elements of the tradition. Just as the prayers and rituals and deals with the fae lords have to be precise, her own magical training stressed this. She like her mother had the natural affinity to corpus and rego which fit much of the roles the Volhkzy performed. As her apprenticeship completed, she worked to develop in her areas of weakness. She learned a couple more spells. She practiced on her magical defense an precision since she was told it was dangerous beyond the covenant walls. Still she knew that she had to roam and see more than the mountains and she did not believe the obsession that rules in the walls of the covenant. She studied some more in her specialty, in the arts of corpos and creo and then finally left when word came of a covenant being formed at the edge of Novgorod and Rhine. It would be a good place to go and perhaps also her sigil if those westerners were to keep from trying to make Novgorod into part of the rhine.

Thousand Cave Volhkzy Tradition:
Location: Mostly Ural Mountains in Novgorod Tribunal with a few having wandered into Transylvania and Rhine
Major non-Hermetic: Strong Faerie blood (Gold or White Court Seelie), Shape shifter
Minor Hermetic Virtue: Method caster (from volhkzy traditions)
Major Hermtic Flaw: Deficiency Muto

SPring 1222: Murder Mystery: 5 xp (doubled to 10 for flawless magic) on call to Slumber Mastery for multi-cast
Summer 1222: Study Mentem: 12 xp from summae
Fall 1222: Study Mentem 12 xp from summae
Winter 1222: Study Rego: 10x1.5 (affinity)-15 from summae
Spring 1223: invent spirit of truthfulness
summer 1223: Adventure (5 xp (x2 flawless magic() to Veil of invisibility), +1 confidence, Invent The slumbering masses

Petrulus ex Miscellanea

character class: Gifted Companion (learned magician)
character concept: copycat mage

characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre +1, Com +3, Str -2, Sta +1, Dex -3, Qik +1
born as: Peter Steinhauer
Size: 0
Age: 33 (4 years after gauntlet)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 1(3)
Confidence Score: 1(2)

Virtues: The Gift, Mathematicus of Bologna, Inoffensive & Alluring to magical creatures, Leader nature, Strong Amulet Magic, Strong Verbal Charms, Arcane Lore, Magus
Flaws: Hedge Wizard, Major character flaw: Curious, Enemies (witch coven), Rigid Magic
Personality traits: Curious +3 Pious +1, brave +1
Reputations: Hedge Wizard +3 (hermetic)

Dagger: Init +1, Attack +1, Defense +3, Damage +1
Soak: +1
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)

Abilities: Artes Liberales (astronomy) 4, Athletics (running) 1, Awareness (searching) 2, Bargain (charms) 2, Brawl (dagger) 1, Carouse (games of chance) 1, Charm (first impressions) 2, Christian Theology (biblical knowledge) 1, Civil and Canon Law (treatment of magic) 1, Code of Hermes (political intrigue) 1, Concentration (Intervention Avoidance) 1, Dominion Lore (Names of Power) 2, Etiquette (magi) 1, Faerie Lore (names of Power) 1, Folk Ken (magi) 2, Guile (elaborate lies) 3, Hermetic Magic Theory (lab assistance) 1, Infernal Lore (names of power) 1, Intrigue (gossip) 2, Latin (academic usage) 5, Leadership (inspiration) 2, Rhine Tribunal Lore(personalities) 1, Magical Lore (magical traditions) 2, Mathematici of Bologna Lore (personalities) 1, Medicine (physician) 1, Music (Sing) 1, Low German (Flemish) 5, Order of Hermes Lore (politics) 1, Parma Magica (Corpus) 3, Penetration (Succurro) 3, Philosophiae (Natural Philosophy) 2, Profession Scribe (copying) 2, Stealth (urban areas) 3, Survival (Swampland) 1, Swim (long distances) 1, Teaching (adolescent students) 1

Arts: Su 2, Tu 2, Vu 2, Fa 11, Ma 11, Sa 11

Equipment: dagger, lyre, some sets of clothes, writing material & astrological charts
Encumbrance: 0

Charms known:

  • Incorporation of Sanguine Bestial Forms (SuMa 25/+16)
  • Incorporation of Choleric Bestial Forms (SuMa 25/+16)
  • Strengthening the Versatility of the Body (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Gift of the Bard (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Invocation of the Muses of Music (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Deafness to the Siren Song (TuMa 15/+16)
  • Acquiring the Powers of the Entrancer (SuMa 25/+16)
  • Strengthening the Will of the Entrancer (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Raising the Walls of the Mind (TuMa 15/+16)
  • Gift of the Seer (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Strengthening of the Mystical Eye (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Invocation of the Protection of St. Florian (TuSa 15/+16)
  • Mystical Mastery of the sage's arts (SuFa 15/+16)
  • Luck of the Gambler (SuFa 10/+16)
  • Invoking the Gift of Diana (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Strengthening of Diana's Blessing (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Grant serenity in the face of Hermes' Blessings (SuMa 20/+16)
  • Magician's Second Wind (duration) (SuMa 20/+16)
  • Magician's Second Wind (duration) (SuMa 30/+16)

Background story & appearance: Due to his Gift's strange nature young Peter had many problems with ordinary people during his childhood but always had some interesting friends, even though they tended to be strange somehow. His mother died in childbed when he was six. From then onward he accompanied his father, who worked as a stonemason. When Peter turned 14, his father was working at the buildingsite of a monastery, there was an fire, and his father lost his life. The monks took the boy in, first out of charity, but then the abbot, a learned man who had studied in Bologna and been introduced into the magic arts there, realized that the boy was Gifted, too (and took a spontanous liking to him). He offered him a place among the monks, but instead of keeping him to the usual schedule of work and prayers, he opened his Gift to learned magic and used him as assistant in his studies of magic.
The pair worked on various projects, mainly trying to investigate some 'primitive' magic traditions and to produce charms that allowed them to duplicate their powers. As they were actually quite successful, his master was invited to join the order after some years , and so Peter became an apprentice of the order at the age of 17 – far too late to change his style of magic. During his apprenticeship he could see how his master was repeatedly treated as a second class wizard by some of his sodales and more than once bullied via certamen. The other apprentices of the covenant also tried to give young Peter a similar treatment, but soon found that it was less troublesome for them to accept him, he even became a kind of leading figure among them in their scant spare time. In due time he passed his gauntlet, and hit the road again to get a chance to meet foreign magic users again and to study their arts. During his journey he ran into a group of folk witches who didn't like the idea to be turned into objects of these field studies, and so Petrulus had to move on. He has decided to find a place in a covenant on the fringes of the order, far enough away from these vengeful witches and with ample opportunity to broaden his knowledge. Somehow he heard of Ad Fons (probably from one of the peregrinatores who didn't stay very long), and as it was Justus' pater who introduced Petrulus' pater into the order this seemed like a good place to go, especially as the place is starting to get a reputation as a small place of learning.
If Petrulus had been born without the Gift few people would remember his everyday face if they passed him on the road, and his live dedicated to learning and magic has left him with a rather clumsy body and a lack of muscles. All this is offset by his pleasant soft voice, which turns him into a good singer. People who know Peter better know that there is an iron will behind the soft appearance of this man.

Construction notes:
5 years early childhood: 120 XP
9 years ordinary life à 15 XP/year: 135 XP
15 years of apprenticeship as learned magician à 30 XP/year: 450 XP
4 years as Magus à 30 XP/year: 120 XP
Arcane Lore: 050 XP
sum: 875 XP
3 difficult arts at level 2: 045 XP
3 arts at level 11: 198 XP
19 skills at level 1: 095 XP
10 skills at level 2: 150 XP
4 skills at level 3: 120 XP
1 skill at level 4 : 050 XP
2 skills at level 5: 150 XP
335 levels of charms: 067 XP
sum: 875 XP

in game development
Spring 1222: joins Ad Fons; directly sets of to hunt the "Ghost in Kolberg"(-1 point of confidence, adventure in progress)

Home baked carmina:

  • Incorporation of Sanguine Bestial Forms (SuMa 25, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.): Gives the Target the supernatural virtue of Shapeshifting and the corresponding ability at a level of 4. The shapes are fixed when the charm is developed, here eagle, magpie, owl and duck
    (base 20, Diam. +1)

  • Incorporation of Choleric Bestial Forms (SuMa 25, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.): Gives the Target the supernatural virtue of Shapeshifting and the corresponding ability at a level of 4. The shapes are fixed when the charm is developed, here dog, cat, horse and lion
    (base 20, Diam. +1)

  • Strengthening the Versatility of the Body (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.) Gives the target a bonus of +3 for Shapeshifting rolls.
    (Base 10, Diam. +1)

  • Gift of the Bard (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the Target the supernatural virtue of Enchanting Music and the corresponding ability at a level of 4.
    (Base 10, Diam. +1)

  • Invocation of the Muses of Music (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the target a bonus of +3 for Enchanting Music rolls.
    (Base 10, Diam +1)

  • Deafness to the Siren Song (TuMa 15, R: Touch, Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.) The Ease Factor for Enchanting Music Rolls against the target is raised by 15.
    (Base 5, Touch +1, Diam. +1)

  • Acquiring the Powers of the Entrancer (SuMa 25, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the Target the supernatural virtue of entrancement and the corresponding ability at a level of 4.
    (Base 20, Diam. +1)

  • Strengthening the Will of the Entrancer (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the target a bonus of +3 for Entrancement rolls.
    (Base 10, Diam. +1)

  • Raising the Walls of the Mind (TuMa 15, R: Touch, Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)The Ease Factor for Entrancement Rolls against the target is raised by 15.
    (Base 5, Touch +1, Diam +1)

  • Gift of the Seer (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the Target the supernatural virtue of second sight and the corresponding ability at a level of 4.
    (Base 10, Diam +1)

  • Strengthening of the Mystical Eye (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the target a bonus of +3 for Second Sight rolls.
    (Base 10, Diam. +1)

  • Invocation of the Protection of St. Florian (TuSa 15, R: Touch, Dur.: Diam, T:Ind.) Gives the target a soak bonus of +10 against fire.
    (Base 5, Touch +1, Diam. +1)

  • Mystical Mastery of the sage's arts (SuFa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the Target the general virtue Puissant Artes Liberales.
    (Base 10, Diam. +1)

  • Luck of the Gambler (SuFa 10, R: Per, Dur.: Diam., T: Ind.) Gives the target a bonus of +3 for luck related rolls.
    (Base 5, Diam. +1)

  • Invoking the Gift of Diana (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the Target the supernatural virtue of Animal Ken and the corresponding ability at a level of 4.
    (Base 10, Diam +1)

  • Strengthening of Diana's Blessing (SuMa 15, R: Per., Dur.: Diam., T:Ind.)Gives the target a bonus of +3 for Animal Ken rolls.
    (Base 10, Diam. +1)

  • Grant serenity in the face of Hermes' Blessings (SuMa 20, R: Eye, Dur.: Diam., T: Ind.) Gives the target the supernatural virtue of Immunity to the Gift.
    (Base 10, Eye +1, Diam. +1)

06.08-2009: specified his area lore

New Version of Tyrion. I goofed on some math early on and fixed it by adding 5 years to his pre-apprenticeship (which means his parens kept him as a caged guinea pig for even longer). Skills, Arts and Spells are radically changed. Other changes are highlighted in green. If anyone wants to see the worksheet, I can post it as a PDF.

Tyrion fillius Francloid ex Verditus
Personality Traits: Earnest +3, Discreet -2, Generous +3
Reputation 3: pater was a crazed genius prone to dangerous and amoral experimentation


Int +3 Per 0 Age: 40 (apparent age 28)
Pre +1 Com +2 Size: -2
Str -1 Sta +1 Confidence: 1(3)
Dex 0 Qik -2 Afflictions: None

Voting Sigil - A large piece of sculpted, banded agate
Casting Sigil - striations of color which look like banding (eg, banded agate)

The Gift, Hermetic Magus. Verditus Magic (Casting Tools - shaped stones)
Affinity with Craft/Stone, Craft/Glassblower, Terram
Pussiant Terram
Inventive Genius
Free Expression
Strong Fae Blood - Dwarf

  • Start aging at 50 (apparent age = 70% of age)
  • Fae eyes - Second Sight, see in darkness. Gem colored eyes
  • Dwarf Blood - +1 to any craft total

Imbued With Spirit of Terram,

  • from RoP:Magic, use fatigue levels in place of terram vis
  • Freak out small Terram Spirits, piss off large ones

Dwarf, general-3 (Size -2, Str -1, Sta -1)
Faerie Friend, story-1 (Vabok Vabokshollid, father and noted craftdwarf)
Faerie Upbringing, personality-1
Infamous Master, hemetic-1

  • Francloid ex Verditus the Right, a madman who thinks his “artistic vision” is more important than the functionality of the design. Known for dangerous and cruel experimentation, including the "accident" which left Tyrion Imbued as he is now.

Twilight Prone, hermetic -3
Generous, personality-1

Animal Handling 3 (magic things)
Bargain 2 (barter)
Charm 2 (mages)
Concentration 1 (spells)
**Craft / Stone 5 +1/4 (Sculpture)
**Craft / Glass 5 +1/4 (fae style)
Guile 2 (displace blame)
Prof: Scribe 2 (quickly)

Language, L.German 5 (rhymes)
Language, Latin 4 (ingratiating)

Artes Liberales 3 (ritual magic)
Philosophiae 3 (Verditius Stuff)
Verditus Cult Lore 0.1 (members)

Code of Hermes 1 (ownership)
Faerie Lore 2 (beasties)
Finesse 1 (terram)
Magic Theory 5 (enchantment)
Parma Magica 1 (terram)
Penetration 0.2 (terram)
Second Sight 2 (faeries)
Baroque Peasant Hut 1

Creo 11
Intellego 5
Muto 5
Perdo 5
Rego 8

Animal 0
Auram 0
Aquam 0
Corpus 5
Herbam 5
Ignem 0
Imaginem 0
Mentem 0
Terram 9 (+3)
Vim 5


The Baroque Peasant Hut
Creo Terram 25, Touch, Mom, Individual, Ritual, Mastery 1, CT 32
Similar to Conjure The Wizards Tower, only the resultant structure is a single story, 1-room cottage. While the exterior is a single block of stone with only minimal design elements (gargoyles in the corner, etc), the interior returns to Tyrion’s usual style of artifice, with many hidden spaces in the interior wall. You can actually design the chambers within, including a 2 "story" version sized for men of diminutive height, which may be partially below ground.
Base 3, +1 Touch, +3 Elaborate Design, +2 size

Rarefy the Crude Stone
CrTe 30, Touch Mom, Ind, Ritual, CT 31
Rarefies a naturally occurring quantity of earth (up to a boulder 3 paces in diameter, for stone) into a Genomi, or Earth Elemental. At maximum size, the elemental has Might 15 and Size 0, but smaller quantities will yield smaller genomi. Note that the same amount of base material must be rarefied for a Sand Elemental as a Gold one of the same Might. (Base 25, +1 Touch), RoP:M 133-6

The Crystal Dart
MuTe 10 (Rego) Voice, Mom, Ind, CT 18
Always hits, +10 Damage

Large Pit of the Gaping Earth
PeTe 20, Voice, Mom, Part, CT 18
Creates a 1000 cubic pace wide pit or hole in dirt.
Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Part, +2 size

Hands of the Grasping Earth
ReTe 15 (Muto) Voice, Diam, Part, CT 21
Strength stress 15 to escape

Genomi Ward
ReTe 15, Touch, Ring, Circle, CT 21
Ward Circle vs Magic Terram creatures

Genomi Command
ReTe 20, Voice, Conc, Ind, CT 21
Control an earth elemental of up to Might 15 (Size 0), if the Penetration Total exceeds target's Might. If already under control, the most recent power/spell trumps. (Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Conc) RoP:M 133

Pater's Fist
PeVi 10, Voice, Mom, Ind, CT 11
Weakens and possibly destroys a creature of the magic realm. If the spell penetrates the target's MR, it looses Might Score equal to the spell's level (10).
Base effect, +2 Voice (As per Demon's Eternal Oblivion, only for magic creatures)

Store The Essence
ReVis 15 (Terram) Touch, Mom, Ind, CT 14
As the Gather The Essence of the Beast spell, only transferring the vis to a suitably prepared receptacle of appropriate Shape & Material, and applies to all sources of vis.

Francloid ex Verditii, Verditus, infamous for his mind-boggling building designs and reckless experiments with Forces Hermetic Magicians Toy With All The Time But Usually Know Enough To Wear Gloves While Poking Them, was once famously chastised by Stanlius of Bonisagus with the words, “All I’m saying is that a building usually has an inside and an outside.”

The boy, Tyrion was won by Francloid in a gambling match with the Great Dwarven weaponsmithi[/i], Vabok Vaboksholid, who had conceived the child on a Merinita maga as part of some larger bargain. Though Tyrion has never learned the name of his birth mother, he suspects that Francloid sought him as a prize to spite the maga.

For many years after Francloid had won the child, he used the child as the subject of vile experiments (some of which permanently affected him) until the boy grew old enough to seek help from one of Francloid’s soldales at Laguna Sententia. The precocious child challenged the Tytalus, Patrick the Unrepentant to a game of poker, and very quickly won her as a champion in the fight to win his apprenticeship from his master. To this day, Tyrion still thinks that Queen-high will beat a pair of Jacks.

Tyrion challenged Francloid to Certamen through his champion, and won the right to his long-overdue apprenticeship. Patrick, in typical Tytalli fashion, encouraged Tyrion to demand Francloid himself take the boy on. Tyrion needed to prove himself to the bastard who’d been torturing him ever since he left the Fae Realms. The boy threw himself into his lessons, struggled with his trials, and passed the Gauntlet, but never once earned so much as a word of approval from his pater.

In the 5 years since passing his Gauntlet, Tyrion has wandered the Rhine Tribunal as a Peregrinator. He is well-known among the RedCaps, always with a pile of letters in his hands for every magus he’s ever met. Tyrion desperately seeks the approval and admiration of others. Recently, he has traveled to the Pomeranian forests, in search of his faerie father.

Tyrion's Grogs
The wretched lot of screwups who got kicked out of Tyrion's pater's covenant and stuck guarding "The Disappointment."

Venito Heinlich, Grizzled Jewish Veteran
(based on Grizzled Veteran, ArM5 pg 21) Differences:
Flaws: Weakness (minor personality) replaced with Outsider - Jew (major social)
Merits: add Well Traveled (minor General), Gossip (minor general)
Skills: Hebrew 5 (insults), replace a secondary skill with an appropriate Lore
Description: He's actually pretty good about his job, but he' know, one of them.

Tomas, the Unsung Warrior-Poet
(based on Standard Soldier, ArM pg 22) Differences:
Merits: Free Expression (minor general), Educated (minor general)
Flaws: Weakness (sketching), Humble (minor personality), Short Attention Span (minor personality)
Skills: Latin 4 (listening to magi), replace Etiquette with Artes Liberales 2 (reading and writing), replace Carouse with Craft: Painting 3 (sketches), replace Charm with Music 2 (humming), replace Guile specialty with (feigning incomprehension), adjust other specialties as needed.
Description: Sadly, Tomas is more likely to end up gutted on the end of a faerie sword than he is to ever have someone appreciate his art. He pretends not to know Latin or letters, lest he get stuck with so much work that he won't have time to paint or draw. Also, he sometimes steals the materials he needs to fuel his artistic endeavors. He may very well have invented the pocket sketchbook, and if anyone ever found his collection of journals, they'd have a disturbingly accurate account of his life among the magi.

Gerard, the Turb Warrior / OoH Groupie
(the character sheet available from the ArM website)
Description: IMHO, Gerard, who collects copies of sigils like they were trading cards, is all the funnier compared to Tomas.

As with all grogs, these are mere outlines of characters, and might change at the whim of any of us.

Fumidus, filius Xavier from Durenmar 5 pg (no changes, but it was only in the draft version, and I hadn't assigned my mastery yet)
believes in Hermes, the guardians of the forest and that his seed is a gift.

puissant muto (house)
Ash gild (like Felix)
minor focus (smoke)
mutantum magic
flawless magic
unbound tongue
skilled parens

pagan (major story)
covenant upbringing (personality, becomes: "curious about mundanes" personality flaw eventually)
major lecherous (House Mercere)
limited ignem resistance

Int 2, Sta 2, Qik 2, strength -2, Pre 1, Per 0, Dex 0, Com 0

Xp until gauntlet: 45+30 (2 years pre-apprentice) + 240 + 60 skilled parens + 90 gild training

Abilities: 170xp (+75xp for the Native Language)

75 High German (speaking with Low German speakers) 5
05 Artes Liberales (astronomy) 1
05 Athletics (acrobatics) 1
05 Awareness (searching) 1
05 Brawl (dodge) 1
30 Charm (seduction) 3
05 Chirurgy (midwifery) 1
05 Code of Hermes (Rhine tribunal) 1
05 Concentration (spells) 1
05 Folk Ken (women’s desires) 1
05 Guile (in questions of love and sex) 1
15 Intrigue (questions of love and sex) 1
05 Leadership (redcaps) 1
05 Magic Lore (powerful beings) 1
53 Magic theory (Muto) 4(3)
15 Order of Hermes Lore (Rhine tribunal) 2
30 Parma Magica (Mentem) 3
05 Penetration (Auram) 1
05 Philosophy (ceremonial casting) 1
05 Profession Scribe (books about the arts) 1
05 Survival (forest) 1

Arts (245xp):
Creo 10 In 6 Mu 10+3 Pe 1 Re 2
Au 10 Co 10 He 5 Ig 5 Im 1

Spells (200 lvls)
x Lungs of the fish MuAq(Au)20; Mastery 1: subtle
p. 122
x Wreaths of Far Smoke CrAu15 [range sight version without the sulphur ArM5 125], focus applies; Mastery 1: subtle
p. 125, modified
x True sight of the air InAu15, focus applies sometimes, mastery 1 : subtle
p. 127
x Dragon’s breath MuAu30, harnessed [changes the air into a corrosive green smoke cloud; Range voice, duration: diameter; does +15 damage], focus applies; mastery 1: subtle
Base 15, +2 voice, +1 diameter
x Move the cloud ReAu 20, harnessed, tethered [moves a cloud, including the character himself in cloud form, as he wishes – but no faster than a cloud during a storm], focus applies sometimes; mastery 1 : subtle
Base 3, +2 day, +2 voice
x Cloak of Smoke MCoAu40, harnessed [like cloak of mist from the core book, but with smoke] , foucs applies; mastery 1: subtle
like p. 131
x The lusty maiden, harnessed CrMe15 [makes target “horny”]; mastery 1: subtle
Base , +1 eye, +2 sun
x Change a cloud of smoke into a pebble MuAuTe20, harnessed, tethered [allows the magus to store clouds of smoke in pebbles that can be shot with a sling, he – or anybody else can end the spell as needed], focus applies; mastery 1 : subtle
Base 4, +1 touch, +3 moon
x Speak with Air InAu25 [works best in closed rooms, the air remembers things differently than a human would, see ToME story about the evil flute for an example], focus applies sometimes; mastery 1 subtle
Base 15, +1 conc, +1 quality (and because other speak with spells are lvl 25)
X Purification of the Festering wounds, harnessed, tethered CrCo20; mastery 1: subtle
p. 129
x Whispering Winds InAu15, harnessed, tethered; mastery 1: subtle
p. 127
X Naked Man Weaving, harnessed CrHe15 [spellswiki]; mastery 1: quiet
X Long Lamp without Flame CrIg15, harnessed, tethered [duration +1: day]; mastery 1: quiet
modified p. 140
X Show of flames and smoke, harnessed, tethered MuIg10; mastery 1: quiet
p. 141
x Aura of Ennobled Presence, harnessed, tethered MuIm10; mastery 1: subtle
p. 145
X Whispers through he black gate, tethered InCo15; mastery 1: subtle
p. 130

Spell Sigil: the smell of smoke (not as uncommon in the middle ages as in the non-smoking 21st century with its alternative energy sources)