New CharGen Ideas

Do you have a link to that part of the wiki? A brief review of lab sizes shows that most magi labs are either +0 or +1.

Wow, his is just about the only lab in Andorra that’s above +1. Lucky you!

Reading that, I now remember the situation. It is a lab built upon a lab build upon a lab. And maybe another lab. The Fireclock was invented in the mid 90's using 4th edition ideas..., er, I mean it was acquired by Antonio in the late 12th century. You don't get to keep the clock. Carmen will snag that.
The size bump was (I think) granted because the intent is that the resident Verditius will be cranking out items for the covenant and the member magi.
This is not the same lab as The Forge of Vulcanus. That was conjured with a spell, and he took it with him.
This might be an expansion of Dimir Taar's Laboratory, which was created by his mater Kyra, atop the Vault of Valdarius. Said vault was raided and emptied.
But hold up! You are looking at the wrong lab! As I am peeking around the wiki (praise Fixer! I wish I remembered his real name), I discovered the truth.
Antonio Perez of Flambeau is the former Pontifex gone missing. Carmen (his daughter and filia) moved into that lab. Rank has perks.
You want Antione of Verditius. He never made it on the wiki.
Now that I remember more, Dimir Taar's tower got destroyed. And it was more of a block than a tower in shape. Vulcanus conjured a tower on that spot with a ritual from a tablet. He emptied it when he left. Antoine filled the empty space. Which is now empty again (say maybe he was lured away in search of some mystery and never returned).

Nope. That's Carmen's lab, as I just discovered researching the wiki.

My bad, mistaking Antonio for Antoine.

I actually prefer just the standard lab. Antonio's was wayyy too much lab for a starting magus, even a Verditius.

So, Marcellus will get a standard Andorra lab, in what is labelled Antoine's tower on the map (top fight corner). My original question stands, though.

This is just so that I know up front how much space my magus has to play with. As a Verditius, he'll need a Hermetic lab, but eventually he may want a workshop for each of his crafts. If this can all fit within the same tower, so much the better.

As I recall, the towers were assumed to be relatively roomy. Lucas was able to fit his lab, living quarters, and living quarters for his large family in one. And the Mercere contingent at the castle are based in another tower (though I've always assumed they had some additional barracks space).

Antoine did make it to the wiki here. However, he never wrote up his lab, so that remains a mystery.

I think the final design of the Woad is in order. I’m using Meta Creator and will finish up and post him in his thread tomorrow evening CET.
I drifted towards increasing Stm to +3 plus 2x Great Stamina. Not only is he (at times) rock hard, I also see him as tireless.
He’s bound to get hurt and this is good for both Soak and Recovery. Also, I want to use the long spear with the shaft attuned as a talisman and used to extend his reach, in order to poke enemies and use some of his spells at R:Touch with FFM. And this will require Concentration rolls of ridiculous Ease Factors, so the high Stm helps.
IMHO this isn’t powermongering, I could have had an easier time doing a magus not going up close, but blasting spells at a safe range. But I’d like to try this concept as a challenge . And I think it fits the image of the spirit of stone - hard and tireless.

Post Gauntlet the Woad stays a bit in Hibernia, to invest the spear and attune it as a talisman, train a little mastery etc. One year, two tops. And then he arrives at Andorra at Santiago’s suggestion.

When do we want Marcellus to arrive at the covenant? My suggestion would be Fall 1244, either before people leave for Africa or after they return.

Can we set up a topic to roleplay his arrival and subsequent settling in?

EDIT: I asked for membership to the Andorra wiki so I can add my magus there. Can someone approve the request?

Just to make sure the standard in this saga is clear, Marko has the year go: Winter-Spring-Summer-Autumn. So Fall 1244 is the last season of the year as we account things in this saga. Most sagas seem to go: Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, so I wanted to make sure the new people know the way things work in this saga.

It drives me nuts that most people do that. The Christian calendar has always started with Winter afaik. The pagans started with Spring. I count seasons from solstice and equinox.

I think it's allegorical for most people, who see spring as the beginning (re-birth) and winter as the end (death). ArM itself uses it for the life-cycle of covenant, so I'm not surprised many follow the same pattern for their seasonal activities.

From a modern calendar perspective, you are correct that winter more closely corresponds to the beginning of the year.

However, in the Roman calendar (until 154 BC) the year began with the month of Mars (March). Christianity had nothing to do with the change.

Just a random bit of knowledge. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s how we’ve done it in all my troupes since we started.
The Hermetic year starts with spring on 21st of March .

But never mind

I dig. But 154 BC was well over a thousand years before the game time frame. Magi are educated scholars (even the barbaric Flambeau lol).
As a side point, from an astronomic PoV, Winter is the renewal season. As of the Winter Solstice, the days start getting longer. It is still an issue with ignorant modern folk. People think Summer starts in May and Winter in November. Terms such as "spring time" drive me nuts. I am a strict science guy. Seasons have absolute definitions based on solstice and equinox. I am the sort of guy that has a hard time not arguing pedantic points :smiley:

So, here's a stab at new tower assignments. This is just a draft. Please let me know if anyone has any comments.

(FWIW, I had to use a new font because I just couldn't find where I stored the old map, and I couldn't even tell which font I used for the labels.)

Roberto, Fleur, Acutus, and Guiverna all have sanctums/labs in Sa Dragonera.

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Ikelos left out again :frowning:

Well, after some tinkering with myself and my Ars revival interest, I have decided to give it a go if you allow me.

Thing is, I am not very interested in playing a magus. First because I cannot think of a current concept that entraps me, second because there are plenty of those already and, third because I want to explore a folk witch tradition to keep up with my hedgie interest.

I am considering a folk witch tradition with Mythic Herbalism and Hex instead of Healing and Cursing if it is ok for you. Maybe Entrancement instead of one of the other minor virtues. I would also drop shapeshifter for the simpler skinchanger (crow), basically because I do not like shapeshifter as a virtue. If I wanted a shapeshifter I would use a gruagach, something I do not want to do now, settling for a simple magic user.

My character concept would be built around a scholarly witch. Yeah. The idea is to use the character to explore a witch with higher education so able to use A&A methods as well as witchy ones, and more interested in lores than raw magical power.

In order to get this he/she would be a minor noble to justify his knowledge. Who said covens are only composed of rural peasants? :slight_smile: Still thinking about this, but he might be an envoy of a higher power (count of Barcelona?) to observe the magi and report. I plan to make him a true incompetent in combat, more an academic observer with a penchant for adventure. And you always observe from a safe distance, of course. You have grogs to do all that sword shaking around, after all. We all know what tend to happen with those plans. :wink:

Will need to check the cats of Andorra for familiars...

Sounds ok to you?

Kind of like a Basque Sorgina? Maybe the local village witch of Arans?

More or less. Folk witch traditions on those terms are common in other areas as well.