New here


I'm new on this board. I've played Ars Magica a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, in France. I just want to promote this fantastic game in my association, mastering a campaign. I wanted to know if there is some franch peaople around there, and/or some good advice to begin. I was just a player before, at this game. I'll be a gamemaster soon.

Thanks in advance.

Hey! I'm new here too! But unfortunately am not French, nor do I have very many game tips I can give you! Good luck on your quest to become a master! :smiley:

Very few people check this part of the board. might be useful.

Otherwise just post your questions to the Ars Magica board , in French.
There are several people who will probably be able to answer you.├žais

Thank you very much !

Have you any introductory scenario, just to show what and how is Ars Magica ?

Hi, I am new to this forum, I work in West Europe and I have a DC4.
Good job here, I like this forum a lot. I hope to learn a lot to make better jobs, thank you very much for these posts.