New Tribunal of Iberia book (in Spain)

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag. Holocubierta, the Spanish publisher of Ars Magica 5E, announced today that a new Tribunal of Iberia book will be published in the near future.

No specific release date or other details are known as yet, but the book has been written by the official translator of the line (with some minor help from yours truly) and, of course, is 100% sanctioned by Atlas.

If you have some spare time and you're fluent with Spanish, here's the video where they made the official announcement:

This was a long-needed update. Really excited to seeing this come to life!


Will it be available in English, or is it Spanish-only?


It will be initially released just in Spanish. From then on, I guess it's a matter of Atlas and Holocubierta reaching a deal if there's interest to publish it in English, but that is unknown terrain for me...


My Spanish is lousy. Still I have listened to the presentation above, especially Mario ex Criamon's explanations, and I dare say, that it needs to be translated to English and become the ArM5 Tribunal book for Iberia.

The book's text is complete and appears to fulfill the requirements we discussed here. My only concern so far is, that it might have too many covenants and magi in it.
Given that the Iberian and the Roman Tribunal are those most missed for ArM5, authors can hence concentrate on the Roman one now.


Love it!
The WW Iberia is my favorite book from any edition of the game. Flaws and all. I know, I am an outlier. And I have always protested any notion of rewriting it.
But a Spanish language version, written by Iberian gamers. that is just mind blowing fantastic!
Take my money!!!!!


Awesome!!! I'm so excited. Yes, please, let's get this translated to English!


I'd certainly buy an English version.


Agreed. I may need to try and learn spainish though


Time to become literate in Spanish. Shouldn't be too hard if you already speak it, right?


The joy of languages that are written like they're spoken (like Spanish and Finnish) is it's very easy to become as literate in them as you can speak. Unfortunately my spoken Spanish is terrible. However, if the artwork looks good I may well buy a copy.


I really hope that this book gets a English Translation, if it did I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Same here would buy an English (or French) translation.


I'm interested as well. :slight_smile:


I find written Spanish much easier to understand than spoken Spanish. I can speak in broken Spanglish, but I can barely comprehend hearing Spanish. Reading it though, I can piece it together and figure it out pretty well.

Yet another reason I want this book!

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I have enlisted the help of an old friend from grad school to translate the video into English. More soon.


Awesome. Let me know if you have problems translating anything and I’ll be glad to help.


Hey there, Valerian from Iberia here. It's me doing the translation. I'm working off the auto-generated closed-captions in Spanish so when I'm done I can send you the English subtitle file and you can add it to the YouTube? So far (2/3 done) there have been just two points where I had no clue what you were talking about. The first one Jason cleared up: "Diende". The other... maybe you can tell me when the first draft of the translation is ready.


Hey, IdiotSavant of NoRightTurn... small world. Fellow EuroTribber here :sweat_smile:


Aaand... the subtitle file is done:

Fair warnings: expletives not deleted and unscripted conversation is very different from formal speech so there's lots of broken sentences, repetitions, ers, thens and likes. But if you can't wait and in case the subtitles are not added to the video, here they are for your reading pleasure.

Also, the video mentions a Verkami crowdfunding of the Spanish edition of Mystery Cults which has... [checks notes] 27 hours left. So, if you would like to get your hands on that or just help a small Spanish publisher stay afloat so they can publish Iberia, this is your chance.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Holocubierta.


English, very readable in itself, and far easier to excerpt than the YouTube video. Thanks a lot!