Newbie Enchanter

I have been looking into shape and material bonusses for something interesting to make.
I have settled on copper for it shape changing properties.

Now I'm planning on enchanting an amount of copper to liquify itself and attach itself to a person touching it and settle on them like a second skin.

I am having issues stating this device and am inclined to say it's a MuTe effect with a Co req To confer the Toughness Virtue

Should this be a multi effect device or can it be done as a single enchantment.

For a multi affect it would possibly be a MuTe effect with a Re req to make a liquid metal second skin and a secondary effect to let it partially hardened if struck to act as armor?

MuCo could straight add the Toughness Virtue to the target. No need to mess around with Te.

What you are trying to do sounds more like making some form of body hugging armor. MuTe would be sufficient to change it into a body hugging liquid. Then you could apply a Rego and/or Intellego requisite depending on how you want it to provide protection.

Hey, thanks for the quick response.

I have read some people say that MuCo will let you do that, but nothing definitive since Gift of the Bear's Fortitude does exactly that with a penalty and a massive base and a An req.

One of my fellow players found a spell called THE COPPER CAGE and that does exactly the thing I was looking for and in a amazing way... I was going for flashy.

I have since moved along to doing the same thing with pine tar and turning it into a non Newtonian liquid armor for Venom style weirdness. Also the effect level is so high I have to try to move into something I'm good at. :sweat_smile:

Gift of the Bear's Fortitude has no An requisite. It is straight MuCo.

You are correct in that doing something like the body hugging liquid metal armor is both very flashy and will end up having a very high effect level.

There is something so odd about a non-Newtonian fluid before Newton.


Yes, but I'm arguing that he didn't invent it, just made it publicly know. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon... or it just hardens into amber or resin when struck.

I get that- just odd. For one thing that it is called non-Newtonian suggests it was something Newton overlooked in his model, but as you said, it is a natural phenomenon...


Skin of Protective Tar MuHeRe 15

10lb of pine tar needs to be gathered then animated to cover the skin in a layer 1/8th of an inch thick.
it remains fluid and pliant though not sticky. This second skin reacts to attacks by hardening in the locations struck by turning hard as amber, hornwood or ironwood (caster's choice) this grants 3 points of armor soak.

Base +3 touch +1 sun +2 req +1

Would I need to add an In requisite?
Also I find there are very few spells that require extra components like the above mentioned tar is that a faux pas or something?

Unfortunately, there's no real way for the spell to 'know' its getting attacked to harden up. If the spell's being controlled by the caster, then the caster's perception of threat could do it. I would rule that an Intellego requisite wouldn't give the spell the knowledge of incoming attacks.

I'd also be worried that your spell is mimicking ReHe base 10: 'Control a plant product to move with purpose and intelligence without your constant control', then +1 muto requisite for it not being sticky anymore, +1 magnitude of control for only hardening the parts that have incoming damage.. I might want a +1 requisite for the hardening factor in addition to the movement of it over your body. +2 sun duration. Final spell ReHe(Mu) 35 for a +3 soak against incoming attacks you notice coming, and you'd still get the penalty to sensations and touch because you're coated in nonsticky tar...

For a more Venom-like feel, you're going to want Muto Corpus, base 30 (turn to a fluid) with target Part and extra magnitudes for control and duration.

hmm, perhaps re-spec the spells hardening effect, so that it hardens constantly and it reacts to internal forces by breaking up into smaller plates and solidifying when stationary?

That is some very interesting insights, I'm liking the ReHe 10 base, like making a shapeshifting golem that can do the venom thing and just enchant a sensory capability as a secondary enchantment?