No Mage Would Dare! Right?

Vim Screw

This trapped magic item is a much feared legend within the order. It is said some mages enchant small innocuous items with an effect that channels one warping point of magic into the bearer at sunrise and sunset every day. Since these are the times the Parma must be renewed it takes only a small amount of penetration to overcome most mage’s form resistance. Also if the effect successfully penetrates, the magi will have little clue this has even happened.

Warp the unknowing bearer 20
Creo Vim
R: Touch D: Mom T: Idv
Base: 5 +1 touch, (+1 2 uses per day, +3 environmental trigger, +6 for a penetration of 12)
This effect channels one warping point into the bearer of this item at sunrise and sunset every day.

Close. Why would any mage make use of this item as written? You need to give it a obvious and useful effect, something that will tempt a mage to use it before that season in the lab of investigation......

Trivial. You make it something that wants to be worn, and is activated by sunrise/sunset (worn or not), Range: Touch. Done.

Can't guarantee that it will be worn, but if it's in the possession of a naive mageling, chances are it will be. If you're clever, doesn't even have to be something magically attractive - a "poison" ring that holds vis, for instance - how handy!

Evil. :smiling_imp:

(There may be some disagreement whether or not the timing works perfectly, but it seems sound enough.)

I thought you could make it a small enouph item it could be secreted into the mage's possesion without him knowing.(a small pin containing two gems perhapes) Or make it so it resemble an Item you know your target posses and swap it out. The Vis holding items many Mages a suposed to carry would make a wonderfull bait for the trap. Thanks :imp:

But wait...

If you can create a item that gives warping... It means your opening the door to items that absorbs warping.

Be carefull with this.

Well, no. There is a spell in canon that causes warping, but preventing warping goes against Hermetic limits.

Not sure what you mean by "absorb" warping. The CrVi effect that causes warping starts at only Base 5 - at Touch, that's not enough to count as a "Powerful Mystical Effect". (And even if it were, there's the clause that says that if an effect is specifically designed for a person/creature, there is no warping - simple enough to make a parallel ruling for items.)

I always thought that should be a Ritual, but in the RAW, it's not.

I’ve always put it down to the magical equivalent of quick and dirty fighting. Along the lines of hair pulling, kicks to the groin and sand in the face.


I actually think using CrVi to cause Warping is quite reasonable for the guidelines and not overpowered at all.

After all, any spell can inflict a point of Warping, and fast-casting your favorite spell of any kind will inflict a few points of Warping in rapid succession. If it Penetrates, the target will never know what happened until he gets 2wp at once. CrVi, which creates magical energy directly seems a reasonable source of extra Warping.

It's also a nice way for Criamon magi to resolve conflicts with other magi without resorting to violence. :smiley: