Northern Crown Errata (Unofficial)

Northern Crown is probably my favorite thing ever involving dice with too many sides, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to its faults. I've taken a course or two on editing and production, and inherited some of my mother's OCD; I'm prone to noticing and harping on editing mistakes, although I'm just as likely to make them myself. So, I thought that maybe the NC community could help itself out, and start noting mistakes and omissions in the published works, and maybe see about fixing some of those problems. I'll start things off by noting what seem to be mistakes, and anything anyone else notes will get added to the list.

[size=150]New World Adventures[/size]

p. 106-107: The Falstaff's Inspiring Binge class feature is referred to as a fortifying binge in the descriptive text.

[size=150]The Gazetteer[/size]

p. 36: The text states that the Artifacts section (p. 132) contains details on the broomstick used by Rebecca Blackwood as a staff of office. This is false.

p. 49: Attikamek is misprinted as Attikamer.

p. 63: La Foret Des Loups does not appear on any maps in the Gazeteer.