Northern Crown Podcast

Hey fellow Northern Crown Fans. In the spirit iof The Webzine I am oging to start a MOnthly POdcast devoted to Northern Crown and COntinuing its cause to Glory.... However I need help. I can probably do the show without a co-host but would probably be better if I had one.

PLus Any Ideas on a Name?

What would you guys want to hear talked about?

Doug, could we get new Material Ideas to broadcast?

ANythign else you guys can think of let em know. I would liek to Debut BY January if not before... So Please post ideas here

OR email me at

Mark Reed
Host Groovy Gamers Groovecast

What a great idea, Mark! I know a lot of fans will love to hear your ideas for Northern Crown. :slight_smile:

THanks IM still wanting to do this... I think Ill start recording somehting and be ready for elease by the New year if not before.

Please NC Fans give me ideas and topics you want to hear discussed...

Tentively Ive got the Title named the NOrthern Crown Chronicles...I figure to have the first show which wont be long and basically just a few mins long to talk about the show within the next few weeks... Hopefuly I can find a Co-Host If anyoen is interested in helping with this please email me at

markr90 @ yahoo. com

Look for the Northern Crown Chronicles - The Podcast devoted to Northern Crown to debut in December.

period or culture-appropriate vocabulary? Like, a couple words or phrases in popular use during the 17th century, that sort of thing. 'twould be fairly useful both for aspiring writers, and gamers looking to spice up their characters.

Well the INtroduction Podcast is done EP0 to be precise...

Let me know what you guys think...:slight_smile:

Congrats on your first podcast, Thayan! And I love the music you ended up choosing for it! :wink:

Thanks it took awhile BUt I finally found the rigth feel for the podcast... I need to re edit it some for INtros and outros and the like But Thats a general overal feel I like...:slight_smile:

So Nows the time to send in topics youd like to see covered..

RIght now the shows outline looks like this

Show#1 - General Overview with input from DOug himself
Show #2 - Break down of each class Mechanically and themeatically (This might be Several shows focusing on one specific class each time spread throughout the season

So if there is a region you want talked about please let me know...Also if you want to share any content with the world ILl be happy to review it on teh show

Drop me an email at

The one thing GMs can never seem to get enough of is adventure ideas. Maybe a segment could be "Adventure Hook of the Day"?

Yea thats one fo the ideas for each show...

Also I have Dougs Ep 1 essay... So I will be recording my essay this weekend and should get the show up early next week (Im thinking Wednesday at the latest)

Hey, I listened to episode zero, love the music and how well you laid out the scope of the podcast. Great job. I'm starting a new Q and A thread -- any questions posed there, I'll answer in a future episode of Northern Crown Chronicles.