Northern Crown webzine??

In case people weren't aware of the bad news Doug announced in this thread on ENworld:

That Adamant wasn't putting out any more issues of Franklyn's Almanack. Because of that I wanted to see if there was any interest in starting a free Northern Crown web fanzie like the very well done Hall of Fire for Decipher's LOTR game and the Oerth Journal for Greyhawk. I was envisioning with Doug's ok :slight_smile: of course! Something similar for Northern Crown to the two fanzine's I mentioned. I'm not good at graphics or editing but I'd thought I'd suggest it write an article. So maybe we could get some articles or artwork and create a well dome fanizine Just an idea :slight_smile: I thought up a name too? The Sophian Chronicle? :slight_smile:


You can count me in. I'm obsessed with Northern Crown . And I may know a guy or two that might be interested in helping on this. I guess it really is up to Doug, and Atlas Games, to OK that idea completely before embarking on anything this big. Drop me an email. I'd be really excited about this possiblility.

And I like the name The Sophian Chronicle.[/i]

Im more then Willing to throw my hat in the ring to help out with this. My plate is a bit full at the moment BUT I am a big fan of Northern Crown always have been since my part fo the work started.

And Doung if your checking in still find me in Second Life under Thayan Rees

Yeah, count me in. I'm a huge fan of Northern Crown as well. Words cannot express my disappointment that Adamant is not putting out any more FA's. I realize it was probably business related but it makes me more than a little soured at Adamant. Probably I should be more upset that gamers haven't given NC a real chance. I hope the Boston supplement is still going to be released.

So, I would love to see a fanzine get started and would like to help in any way I can. It would be great if it came out something like "The Royal Martian Geographic Society" papers from Space:1889.

Mike Dean

i would be very interested in this. I had been thinking of something along the lines of this a while ago, but put it on the back burner due to the start of the fall semester... i have a little time now, and i'd love to put some of it into expanding NC.

Any thoughts on what kind of content? There's a fair number of monsters and NPCs i could write about (being a Westchester resident of some years, i really want to write about Adriaen van der Donck); i also have some unfinished notes on a Swedish culture distinct from the Nederlanders.

I think a free, fan-made webzine for Northern Crown would be amazingly cool.

Well, if it's ok with John, then I can break my silence and say "Go for it." This is the moment I really wanted to happen all along -- when enough of a community has developed around the game so that I can hand over the keys to you and watch it continue on its own.

If you want to make a Q and A with me a regular feature of the zine, I'm happy to oblige.

I think all of those are a great idea. I'd love to see some of the organizations fleshed out. I was going to write a article about the city of Sophia, like of like the country write ups in the newer issues of the Oerth Journal. A Q&A with Doug is a good idea too for an article too.

Maybe we should divide up responsibilities. I'm not an expert editor, layout or graphics guy :slight_smile: I asked a friend of mine who has drawn for White Wolf to do a cover. I don't have Web server space either. I'm willing to help to some of the layout and editing. I have a good handle on the D20 mechanics. If Doug had the time I'd love for him to do a once over before the issue is final. I'm hoping the issue would have a strong professional quality like the Hall of Fire webzine for Decipher LOTR game that I mentioned before. I think what those guys have done is fantastic. Lets shoot for Spring 2007. I think the Hall of Fire is like 75 pages that might be a good limit for a first issue and anything over could go to #2.


Im not so much Web designer BUt I am a layout guy...I did the Layout of the Northern Crown books...So I wouldnt mind laying out or doing any Page layout work for the webzine. Im also interested in possibly doing a Northern Crown Podcast in support of this..I currently do aweekly podcast BUT I could be willing to do a Monthly cast if I cna get a co-host...:slight_smile:

As for a co-host, you know I'd love too, but I lack the materials to do so at this moment. Maybe next month.

Throwing my hat into the ring on this one. Thayan and I have kicked NC ideas around before, hoping to one day submit something to Franklyn's Almanack. :cry:

So Has anyoen actually done anythign with this?

I guess we have a volunteer to do the layout. I haven't started my article yet but I'm going to write an adventure that I talked to Doug about.

We need someone to host the files and some artists to do some artwork. Maybe a few articles too.

Doug volunteered to do a Q&A column. I'd love to see a regular series of articles on the Cities of NC if someone wanted to tackle that.


Sorry to say I can't contribute anything in terms of hosting; but depending on what is needed, I might be able to do some artwork. I'll have a go at some NC-themed work when I get a break this coming week (and when I get my books back from a friend), and find a place to post it.

Any particular approach you'd like to see for format? That is, a particular gazetteer or article from a magazine that is along the lines of what you're thinking of?

Given enough time, I could probably do a piece on Nieu Amsterdam. The local libraries have a remarkable amount of resources in that respect-- including maps, such as the remarkably detailed Castello plan --and as a NY State resident and anthropology major, the little myths and folktales of Manhattan aren't too hard to find. Indeed, it's fairly easy to find records on who owned which house, what their profession was, et cetera. I'm obviously not capable of something like what Doug's doing on Spectral Boston, but i can try my hand at this.

Of course, I'm also fairly interested in New Sweden, but I'm learning that it's a bit harder to find info about that.

I'm obviously biased; I'm especially interested in the regions of Northern Crown that match where my friends and myself are from in North America. This is obviously betrayed by my thread about "Fou Sang & the West Coast of Northern Crown", in which Doug said:

Maybe we should think about a bit of content along those lines? I imagine that I'm not the only one who'd push my party to pull a Lewis & Clark-- one of my gamer friends is a descendant of Toussaint Charbonneau.

I was thinking of a write up of the city with the first part being similar to the rules format used in Dungeon and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer with population, races etc. Then a write up of the city and at the end a map and some brief write ups of major NPC's or organizations and short adventure seeds. New Amsterdam would be fantastic. I would imagine that there would be enough for like 20 pages :slight_smile: There might be be a dockworkers guild or some kind of thieves guild in the city?

I found an article online about the discovery of an old African American cemetary in Manhattan. But I think the church is from around the time of the Revolutionary War.


I've not had a subscription to either, but i can probably find one and pick it up. Maps are easy; major NPCs too. The Dutch West India Company seems to have kept particularly intimate and accurate records on who lived where in the city.

The major forces are the wealthy merchants and patroons, who continually rub up against the Company's boundaries-- although they rely on the protection of the Company's soldiers. Tension mainly results from the contrasts between Stuyvesant's military ambitions, the Company's drive for profit, and people like van der Donck who have their own ideas about how things should be run.

Send me a link?

Have you guys thought about combining the webzine and Thayan's podcast into one fan website? Seems like a natural way to combine efforts!

Yea...I personally dont have the skill to maintain a website though...DO we have any Web Designers in the hosue willing to set up the Site..I can work on images & Graphics I just dont know how to code it properly...

I would recomend Joomla..Or maybe wordpress...something of a content manager more then a website really...:slight_smile:

But if we do that then we definatly need something that can generate an RSS Feed

Thayan, nice work on the podcast btw :slight_smile:

Doug, did you still want to do a Q&A column for the fanzine?

A few more thoughts :slight_smile:

The Decipher LOTR Hall of Fire and Franlyn's Almanac are around 35-40 pages. So lets cap at that.

I've talked about the hall of Fire here's where it's linked.

for the first issue
We've got a color cover from my friend
Short adventure me.
A city article
and a Q&A column so far. We need some artists and more material :slight_smile:



I agree that you two seem to be duplicating your efforts. Maybe the podcast could be the live companion to the webzine?

Well...the webzine is meant to take the place of Franklyn's Almanac NOT compete with the podcast. I think voice and print are two diferent forms of media :slight_smile: Like radio and a 'newspaper' magazine :slight_smile:

I as a DM love to have ideas in 'print' in some form. I think NC is ripe for expansion and those that wanted to help could detail some of the parts not done in the main books.

Much like the Hall of Fire or free webzines for other game systems expand on what Decipher or GDW has done with Traveller or the LOTR game.

Thus the idea...