For the Novgorod tribunal, I am going to ask the players to actually create one or more covenants for the start of play... please start by indicating who would be interested in participating in the construction on these covenants. Vis in the tribunal should be abundant, mundane/financial resources low. Large swatch of the tribunal have been Christianized, while other parts have not...

I would defiantly be interested in participating in building a not so christianized covenant. I don't know a huge amount about the Novgorod setting, but i can fix that tonight with some reading at work. maybe a spring covenant coming out of a long winter? i just like the idea of a bunch of young magus with a legacy they are trying to rebuild

I am in, if I may.

No strong feelings about what to design, but if left to my own devices, I would probably create a research covenant, aiming to incorporate hedge wizard ways into Hermetic theory. Maybe challenging the Order of Odin (or whatever real movement have given rise to such myth) on the Coast of Norway, or investigating those Finish wizards.

In this case I would probably want to play a Bonisagus researcher.

Happy to back up other ideas though.

@nadimsuer Novgorod is not one setting. It covers everything North of the other tribunals, and Reykjavik is not going to have much in common with Moscow. :slight_smile:

@loke so there isn't a specific Trib book like for Hib or Trans, etc?

There is, but it is 4ed. Not sure if @silveroak considers it canon, it should be canonner than the 3ed books, but not quite as canon as 5ed books :slight_smile:

The vastness of Novgorod makes the book necessarily incomplete though.

There is 4ed Ultima Thule too BTW.

Gotcha, well, i would still be interested in the concept i mentioned, i will make sure to keep it broad till i have some reading material to allow me to narrow it some. Thanks for the info loke

I would rely on Wikipedia more than the 4th edition sourcebooks...

I’d be happy to design a Covenant though I don’t have an idea off the top of my head. The character I was thinking of playing in Novgorod is an Ex Misc Lineage of Pralix so may want to be centered at the covenant Loke mentioned. Though covenant ideas could probably overlap, correct? Is the covenant we design and the character we play in the tribunal, are they supposed to be linked?

Quick check on an idea I once had (not sure if I checked with silveroak already).

A blind magus with supernatural sight, either Second Sight or a Pralician with Comprehend Magic. The one or two occasions that I brought it up, the idea of a blind magus that could still "see" the supernatural clashed with everyone else's opinion about how Second Sight/Comprehend Magic would work when the visual sense was nonexistent. If you all would be ok with the idea but think it's not worth the major flaw blind if I can get around it relatively easily, I could imagine just making it minor.

It is probably best to design a covenant you want your magus to be at, since I don't want orphaned magi or empty covenants.

I think it's good if everyone who's interested just makes a covenant. It gets messy making them via committee.

@eldarin Muspelli can explicitly use Entrancement while being blind, so there is at least one example of mundane blindness not preventing supernatural powers based on vision. SG call though.

One covenant per person seems like a lot of empty covenants.

My Magus concept, a Cria who is looking to master the Inscription of the Soul mystery. I could def see him fitting into a research covenant

Alright, so if we said “This covenant is the most eastern covenant” how far east might you expect that to be? Would lake Baikal be too far east? What about Khazakstan or north of Khazakstan?

If we make a magus do we need to make a covenant? Or can some players choose not to make covenants?

I have an idea for a lake-based covenant, with some lovecraftian themes. That said, most of my idea has to do with the surroundings and the inhabitants, not the specifics of the covenant itself. So it could coincide with another idea.

If you only want to make a magus you are free to be part of a covenant someone else (or a group) has created. lake Baikal would be way to far east. farthest east would probably be Taganrog Bay.

For background- Thebes and Hibernia are considered legendary levels of magic. Novgorod is a level above that, which I call "obscene". for Magical characters Grogs are might 15, Companions are Might 35, and Magi level are might 70. Auras above 6 abound as do warped animals and people outside of civilized areas (and not that far outside). Vis does not need to be searched for so much as stumbled over...

While you are at it, maybe you could state the Western limit too ... Iceland? East Coast of Greenland? (I am not going to suggest West Coast of Greenland.)

The western limit is defined by the map in the core book... as well as it "defines" anything...
from the map in the core book it looks like the Eastern border of Lithania or Warsaw. From the Rhine sourcebook it looks more like the intersection of the Oder and Warta rivers, or the Carpathian mountains...

Mocow is almost as east as Taganrog Bay, Novogorod (the city) is east of Moscow and Taganrog. Does the border allow for further east than Taganrog further north?

according to google earth Novgorod is west of Moscow, which is west of Taganrog bay. The tribunal does not have an Eastern border, however logistics limit expansion beyond what I have defined.

To be fair, there are multiple locations in Russia named Novgorod...