Off to Tribunal!

I am heading out on my way to beautiful Squaw Valley for this year's Grand Tribunal America. I am certain it will be an amazing weekend, so I thought I would brag just a little and sympathize with those who cannot join us. Anyone have any sigils they want to proxy? :slight_smile: Salvete!

Have a great weekend, all of you.

Have a wonderful time, everyone. Sorry I can't join you (again).

ARS MAGICA AWESOME EST! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I really need to make it to one of these sometime before I die...


I've got some money actually put away for my next trip to grand tribunal. But now, for the third year in a row, a combination of schoolwork, not wanting my poor innocent wife to be abandoned to the mercy of my two ferocious children and certainly not wanting to see how she'd react to me after spending a weekend flying across the country to play games while she babysat out charming little disaster creators I'm not going. Next year for sure (OK not really for sure, but the kids are getting older and my last drop dead scholastic deadline is next spring).

I wish I had the moolah to visit the US Tribunal as well. I had a blast last year in Cambridge, but unfortunately time is not on my side for this year.

I'd highly recommend it.

This year we had a great group and the the organizers (fantastic job, by the way!) arranged for kid stuff for disaster-makers/homunculi and even had a Red-Cross certified babysitter on call. THe location couldn't be beat and there was plenty of stuff for the family to do if they didn't share thier parent's interest in gaming.

So, if spouse and children are keeping you away, don't let them! Check with the organizing commitee for 2013, but it will likely be of similar nature and there is a LOT for the whole family to enjoy.

Seriously, bring the kids and spouses (spice?). All of you will have a great time.


Sounds great. :slight_smile: From here I use the Atlas Forum for an AC range ReMe spell to force a collective detailed report on you from the event. And we want pictures! :smiley:

I hope to attend one of those sometime. We will see if I can manage it.


Well grand Tribunal UK is not till NEXT Friday! So you could join us Xavi? :slight_smile:

My Family Points are low right now, so it is unlikely that I can get access to the local EasyHermes Portal to move to the UK :slight_smile: Have fun!!!

Well, then you know how to spend yopur seasonal activities for the next year. Try to aim for the common good rather than personal power increase. I think I'll be doing the same in order to aim for visiting GTUK next year. Unless I somehow miraculosly gain the Major Virtue: Wealthy.

Sigh. My storyguide is a pretty big jerk. Even after properly RPing my Poor flaw through many seasons of exposure to a variety of useless craft and profession Abilities, he still hasn't let me buy it off for a better flaw, like difficult underlings.

I do have an animal companion and close family ties though, and he allows those to be much more advantageous. :wink:

Perhaps we should start a mystery cult, and self-initiate into wealth. It is said the mysteries can impart any virtue.

Yeah mine too :frowning:

So where are the photos and reports?!!

cj x

What happens at Grand Tribunal stays at Grand Tribunal?

Count me in, although I'd first like to get read of those pesky personnality flaws

I have a initiation script for that available already. You just send me 100 Euros, and then half of everything you earn from selling copies of the scripts to your underlings... 8) :wink: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiley:

I don't know. The first real-world example that popped was biker's gangs. I'm not sure the Virtues are worth the Flaws. :mrgreen:

Grand Tribunal UK will be live all weekend on Twitter. You can find it on the hash tag #gt12uk . Event starts Friday 7pm through till Sunday 4pm. :slight_smile: More useful if attending, but may have amusing updates on what is going on. :smiley: