Older Magi Concepts

Because it could be useful for SGs, I was thinking of doing older magi for 30 for November but realized how unrealistic that idea is considering how long it takes me to design an 80+ year old magus. So instead I was thinking I’d start now-ish and try to have 30 done by the end of November though I’d still post the characters in the Post a Day forum.

Anyway, what are some interesting concepts for older magi that you’d like to see? Please be more specific than “Bonisagus ReVi specialist.” For instance why does that magus specialize in ReVi, what are their goals (particular research, studying spirits, whatever)? I’ll leave things open with respect to locations, leaving things like area lores and native/living languages open for the user of the character to determine unless for some reason a particular location is very important to the concept. I am asking because I know that I can get in a creative rut with respect to character concepts and there may be concepts a few folks would like to see that I would not think to make.

UPDATE: Probably going to try to keep it to 2 or 3 per house and already seeing a whole lot of Tytalus concepts so if you have concepts for other houses that would be appreciated. Which is not to say don’t supply more Tytalus concepts if they differ significantly from those already mentioned. Also, no reason to number your concepts, I will be selecting between them so having more than 30 is preferred even if there are others I will be use from my own creative circuits.

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Mmm...Here's some possible candidates for magi:

  1. A Rego Craft specialist, very skilled sculptor that is researching on giving life to his creations. Maybe through something like the Practice of Animo of Augustan Brotherhood. Or maybe through the Animae magic of the Merinitia.

  2. An Ex Misc Sahir that went on a trip in Arab lands to find the legendary sahir and find his origins. (With obvious integration into Hermetic Magic).

  3. A teleportation Mercere magus that is researching the magic behind the Mercere portal and tries to "connect" the world with faster traderoutes.

  4. An Ex Misc magus of an Infernal Tradition. Maybe corrupted during his apprentship because of his parens meddling with demons. He is trying to give birth (his child or another's child) to the Anti-Christ.

  5. A Dream maga of the Volshebnii Mechtateli that survived the Wizard March during the first Marches against the Dream witches and she's preparing his revenge. What will she do? Manipulate the dreams of the Pope to use the Church? Find enemies of the Order and unite them to go against the Order?

Sorry if these concepts are too "barebone", I can probably think about them a bit more if you need.


I would suggest

  1. A Jerbiton magus who has enjoyed the good life of Barcelona for half a century. I have no idea what he would specialise in arts wise. Maybe not at all, turning to mundane art and cuisine, or maybe Rego Herbam/Animal craft magic with gastronomic priorities.

  2. A magus Trianomæ who has dedicated their life to the stability and prosperity of the Order. Again, probably more effort invested in intrigue, leadership, and organisation lore than in arts.

  3. A magus Trianomæ more ruthless than the above, who actually did specialise in scrying magic to further the quest for stability and prosperity.

  4. The infamous Tytalus who is infiltrating royal courts to rule the world by ReMe.

Maybe these are too flashy?


What about older magi from tribunal books that lack detailed stats ? Someone like Nicodemus ex Miscellanea from Faith and Flame p132 could use some stats, and he is not alone in this case.

  1. A Bonisagus Herbam specialist obsessed with bridging the Herbam and Animal forms by focusing on fungi. He hasn’t had much luck, but has invented some interesting spells that create bioluminescent fungi and poisonous spores, prospect the earth and entangle foes using mycelium, and even create fast-growing edible mushrooms to feed the covenant .

  2. A Tytalus with personae obsessed with pulling the perfect heist. Loves the challenge and thrill of the steal, think Maris of Tytalus from MoH but focused on heists using Intelligo, corpus, and mentam

  3. A terram specialist with the delusion that a giant meteor is going to strike and destroy XYZ kingdom. Has spent years preparing to be able to detect and deflect said meteor when it finally falls, as well as trying to subtly encourage evacuation of the kingdom through creating frequent “natural” disasters

  4. A Bjornaer lycanthrope, initially taken in by a desperate pater who hoped the Ritual of Twelve Years would cure his lycanthropy, keeps this dark secret hidden. Starts out driven to find a cure, but as he ages becomes more focused on just staying hidden and harmless during full moons.

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Other than Nicodemus ex Miscellanea, are there any particular ones you'd like to see?

  1. A Guernicus who has tired of actively investigating cases (but developed the ability when younger) who has turned to politics and ensuring the health of the code.
  2. A Bjornaer who makes good use of the Inner heartbeast and has developed its power greatly.
  3. A magus who seriously intends to make use of The Living Ghost, and is getting to the point where it seems feasible.
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A Tremere who has been tasked with ressurecting the old Roman Road network to allow quick transportation. Fixated on getting arcane connections to the roads, and distracted by old Roman Lores. Also Generally focussed on logistics of mundanes activities including trade not just military.

A Verditius who hase been obsessed by Time since being punished by Her master for not waking up at the proscribed hour. She is wanting to invent mechanical/magical clocks to see how time varies from place to place.

A Guernicus who has become interested in how other societies regulate thier affairs, so seeks out bee hives and consults with their rulers, likewise the City of Cloud Cuckoo Land for the Birds.



Already posted Bjornaer, Bonisagus, Guernicus, and Tytalus concepts, so let’s round out the other houses. Some are heavily inspired by HoH, others are wholly original.

  1. Criamon trying to break the limit of time. Much older than one would expect due to spending lots of time in twilight, has a high enigmatic wisdom and warping score, excellent vim specialist, and is always interested in learning about people lost in time
  2. Ex Miscellanea with deficient muto who offers help to visiting Bonisagus magi interested in her adaptive ability, but otherwise enjoys just exploring nature and developing her adaptive ability with the best (animals) New virtue: Adaptive: basically shapeshifter with animal qualities. For each point in adaption, gains one quality he can activate at will (takes 1 round). So with Adaption 3, she might have slippery, tough hide, and fast runner. She can activate any one quality in a round by rolling sta + adaptive vs 9, like the shapeshifter virtue. For each active quality, describe the monstrous change to your body that causes -3 to social rolls (secretes gross slime for slippery, or visibly cracked and leathery skin for tough hide)
  3. Flambeau crusader, as a child pilgrim his ship was sunk by Sahir, rescued from the wreckage by a flambeau and swore vengeance. Periodically returns to the covenant from the holy land, follows the school of Sebastian (aquam, with focus on naval warefare)
  4. Jerbiton in the gastronomer league, not interested in politicking for the lavish annual party, this jerbiton just loves decorating venues - creating unique lights, seats, flowers, sculptures, and backdrops. Imaginem focused, with some additional skill in Herbam, ignem, terram. Good friends with a musical merinita whom sometimes sources faerie entertainment
  5. Mercere Mutant muto specialist. Raised in the Mutantes lineage, this maga wishes to master muto vim and metamagic
  6. Musical Merinita with enchanting music and wanderlust. Plays a mean lute, often gets into trouble as a traveling bard in faerie courts, but gets to meet and befriend many supernatural musicians. Sometimes joins said supernatural musicians to play at fancy Jerbiton parties…
  7. Tremere of the Broken Mirrors Vexillation. “Ruthless, unflinchingly violent, and impeccably polite,” this maga was typical of this vexillation as a combat focused hunter of diabolists and traitors. At least, until an infernal trap left him enfeebled and lame. After his injuries, he pursues fewer spells for direct combat and more focused on subtle reconnaissance and manipulation
  8. Verditius with a vendetta, a few years after gauntlet this maga was insulted during The Contest, and never forgave the transgression. He wages his vendetta primarily by raiding his opponent’s vis sources and raw material shipments, while making and selling as many odd and shoddy magic items to sell in the other’s name.

From Faith and Flame, 100 years and older magi that lacks stats and could use some :

Garus of Flambeau, Primus of House Flambeau age 135 p68 milites leader and current head of House Flambeau
Marcus Minor of Flambeau, age 119 p68
Marie of Merinita, age 113 p68
Archmage Valgravian of Jerbiton, age 114 p82
Protendus of Tremere, age 112 p85 Necromancer, acts as an unofficial Quaesitor
Ophilio of Mercere, age 172 p85
Pila of Flambeau, age 103 p85
Nicodemus Ex Miscellanea, age 102 p132 came from house Jerbiton, suffered several twillight scars, tries to integrate his lineage Atlantean magic into hermetic theory.

In bold the three that I feel may be the most useful and/or interesting

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The anti-caricatures.

The Criamon who despises being seen as the weird creepy guy. He has a bunch of social and political skills, has spells that temporarily suppress the gift, including his ability to cast spells. The auras that make people like you, etc.

The Bonisagus who believes true knowledge comes not from a book, but experience. He's built (or commisioned) a boat and the relevant tools to find the "new world" a few centuries early; or maybe he instead builds (or commissions) an impressive caravan and is Marco Polo 50 years earlier.
His magic and skills focus on travelling, and making the travel safe and palatable. If he's doing the boat, weather control, locating land. The caravan, locating fresh springs. Either group buff spells for grogs, some vis and ritual food and water creating in case of emergency, etc.

I would definitely like stats for canonical magi (in general), especially any that reside in Stonehenge (Digression: I am curious why all the focus on Provencal?)

One idea:

  • The magi who believes that the Order of Hermes will be destroyed by forces still unknown. He waits until he can come from hiding, avenge the Order of Hermes, and set up a new Hermetic order in its place. He built a secluded covenant on an island and is hoarding magic items, books, and initiations. He is surreptitiously recruiting magi to join him in his hidden covenant to prepare for the end of the Order of Hermes.

I like the idea of stating canonical magi. Having available stats for canon characters would be incredibly useful. This could go beyond the 30 days of content and could be an ongoing coop project.


@Fishy @dzoonooqua @temprobe , I was thinking about it and I really want to lean away from explicitly statting canonical magi. I’d much prefer these to be templates though if there is a canonical magus that is a rough fit I might mention “this could work for that canonical NPC” in the notes but want to avoid the process of trying to match those backgrounds while making the character.

Oops, mistagged Fishy. Should have been @Visandus .

Your call. In that case, my suggestion would be that, if you're statting Ex Miscellanea magi, where possible, to use canon lineages which are easier to insert in a game than a non-canon lineage where the storyteller also has to debate whether that lineage exists and whether that new supernatural ability is balanced or not.

Yeah, definitely going to use canon lineages for any ex Misc.

Some concepts I already had the beginnings of and will probably use in this project, mostly concepts I have played for a short time and curious how they would advance (sorta):

  • Witch of Thessaly leader of a Philosophers of Rome cult, attempting to achieve Apotheosis
  • Criamon memory researcher on the Path of Seeming
  • Bjornaer fennec fox who has achieved an Anima inner heartbeast of sand (wasn’t going to use this one but it fit one of the ideas above so decided to)
  • Columbae maga upset with the patriarchal nature of her lineage and attempting to change it
  • Lineage of Pralix linguist seeker attempting to integrate [TBD]

I have some other, more vague ideas that will likely be influenced by the suggestions made here such as, for Bonisagus, I would like to include one Trianoman and one Bonisagus researcher and, for Tytalus, one Persona/intrigue option and one Titanoi.

Gothic cathedral builder is a nice concept for a different kind of magus. Or any other big thing an early Leonardo could have done.

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I like this idea. I see it as an adventure to have early in the saga, so that the party can see different kind of endgames for mages: flambeau boosts his Re and finesse then retires into the gothic church that he build.

A Tremere who is distrustful of the Bjornaer. He thinks Tremere need to remove Bjornaer's advantage if a future schism war occurs. He needs to truly understand the heart beast.

He's somewhat crossed the line of what is reasonable or moral in his quest for knowledge. He does understand others will think he has gone too far, so he is not in a covenant, but sequestered on his own private island.

He has a whole Island of Dr Moreau thing going on. Humans transformed to animals, Animals transformed to humans, humans brains shifted in to animal bodies, animal brains to human bodies, chimeras. He may have some captured Bjornaer if the writing wants to go darker.

He has focused his magic in muto, mentem, animal and corpus. Minimal skills outside of research. He is very driven to this one goal, and devoting any time to anything else, such as social skills, even much of a parma, is time away from research.

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