OOC Chapter 3: Location, location location

It is up to you how much of GotF chapter 11 you read,

BUT: the sites may differ from what the book says (to keep it interesting)
It is also up to you if you visit all four sites or leave out some, or add some (if your character knows the area)

If there are things to add to chapter 2, do so.

Albirich should have some knowledge of the area but not the magic sites.

you can guess that somewhere something will happen - so look at the map to determine in which order you want to travel (you may well guess that somewhere something is going to happen, so spring and summer is a realistic minimum estimate - no matter what I had Xavier say on the in character thread). I recommend using the Neckar and Rhine Rivers to get to the target area quickly. But then, anything goes...

Everybody knows that King Friedrich II has crossed the Alps and meets with Germany's Lords Temporal and Spiritual near Rudaria in April to bestow a title on his heir and settle matters of feudal rights. You can of course start with Rudaria to meet Friedrich II, or you can stay away from him.

Rabanus has no interest to meddle with king Friedrich. Frankfurt is not directly on our way either, although the detour is not a major one.
I agree with taking the Neckar and Rhein route, which would mean that Trier would be the last site to visit. Oakdell second to last and i dont know about the other two as they lie quite close together (or so i think).

Arturous knows very little about the geography of the rhine region – whatever route is suggested will be acceptable to him. He doesn't really care about the order, as long as all the sites are explored properly.
Regarding Rudaria –best to avoid the nearby region until the meeting with the lords is concluded…

Honorus would shy away from Rudaria because of the infernal aspect of the Covenant's demise. As a player I am most interested in Oakdell and Trier. Rheinstein is the trickiest but a lot of upside to be independent if successful. Oakdell will be the hardest to be independent because of it's location.

Should we assume that we are striking out for Trier first with the locations of the old Covenants in hand?

Is there a difference between scholar's robes and our wizard robes? Is there a scholar garment at all in medieval period, or is it just a monk's attire?

I assume that people thought scholars and wizards were one and the same

I was wondering the same thing. What does a wizard look like?? I dont suppose any of us wears a pointed hat or a nightblue cape with stars on it....

I thought the only difference between Rabanus and a monk would be the missing chain with a cross around his neck. But if necessary, Rabanus will work some Muto Imaginem magic:
MuIn spell for entering Trier (1d10=8)
Without a botch, he should be able to generate a good cover.

Tremere have a basic set of Robes that would not be out of place. Honorus' robes are black or near black with nothing else on them. Any Sigil would be on his belt. He does not use items to cast so no wands or staffs.

What I realise is this: We will need two sets of standard clothes for each magus

1.) Blend-in clothes (when all kinds of mundanes are around)
2.) Magus Clothes (for covenant use)

They may of course be identical (like the typical Tremere robes).

I'm sorry if I seem to be nitpicking a detail, but I wanted to write a post and wondered: How will the people of Trier (known for their dislike of magi) react to the troupe?
And I found it impossible to answer that question - that's why need you to clarify that point, ideally giving me a standard I can use the next time such a situation arises.

It will be trivial:

  • to have Rabanus spont illusionary clothes
  • to have Hidlegard create clothes
  • to send a grog ahead to buy stuff (unless it is regally ornate)

As for Hildegard:
1.) Incognito: She dresses as if she were her grog's child, of lowewe noble birth, and has him dress like a lord's armed retainer and her bodyguard, so he can wear weapons and armor and wait on her). They've normally worked out fake identities.
2. In a covenant, she wears a pointed hat (that makes her look taller) with a veil, and a horribly ritzy purple robe complete with ermine hem.

Arturous black robes are no different than the Benedictine monks robes (i.e - the black monks). However – historically all medieval monks were clean shaven, and shaved the hair from the scalp ("tonsure"). By hiding his face in the hood he can easily pass for a monk – unless under close scrutiny.
I don't think he would have a different set of clothing just for blending in - he is too proud for that!
If the party does expect trouble, Arturous will suffer an imaginem spell to change his appearance.
Else, even when around mortals, he will wear his robes.

Party resources:

what exactly do we have? Has Murion actually provided us with anything yet?
What about the grogs? Is the equipment they are wearing their own, or loaned to them? (can we sell it? :smiling_imp: )

I assume the party has 1MP per Magus (no money for grogs - that is a total of 4 MP). I'm not going to start deducting for a mug of ale, or basic traveling costs, assuming that magi have ways to make a quick penny or two (like pretending to be healers, reading letters for the illiterate etc), but 1MP is a lot of money.

You could of course offer self-made goods and/or services - but depending on your ideas, it might cost time or break the codex.

You could probably get a Mercere loan - but even Hildegard would have to contact the next Mercere house for that.

I'm in all day training for this week(2/8-2/12) so posting will be limited.

Is Rabanus still with us?

Yep, still with us. Just not really interested in this part of the story.

I read into the forum most every day but do not know where this is supposed to lead.
Rabanus feels uneasy in Trier because of its recent history concerning magi and will keep a low profile.

you made me google it!
They didn't have titles on the spines, or on the cover for that matter.
but they did very often have a cover page, being the first page of the book, containing the title and author.

Also - Arturous understands the greek alphabet


I've been writing and erasing a post for several days now. I'll get it out today