OOC Chapter 4: Westerwald

Just checking: I was assuming that Tristram had accompanied Carolinus as his grog. Is he really with us, or was I assuming too much? If he is with us, does he also turn into a critter?

my mistake, I will edit my posts to include him (I was so used to the trinity....)
well, never drink and post

Just thinking about the aura here... If there is a faerie aura, Carolinus would have had to make a Stamina stress roll against the aura or become disoriented. I'm figuring that if this applies, you want to roll this yourself, JM?

Thanks for reminding me.
If it is a fairie aura, I will already have rolled.
No disorientation

I really need to finish Theron :blush:

He can talk but may want to play with the Magi. Up to the SG.

play theron then

Okay, that's six die rolls all 5 or under. :unamused: I suppose it could be worse.

You should find that 20-30 owl steps = 1 human step. It will not be as far as you think.

I was trying to think how a bird would translate distance on the ground to someone who could not fly. Theron will work on the Wing-beat-glide measurement for a Tractus :smiley:

ooc: If you haven't moved by Tuesday, I assume you are waiting for the dawn.

Carolinus is ready to go now. The wooden "raft" is loaded with gear and is floating nicely (as long as he concentrates), and his night vision is clear.

When Carolinus casted the spell i thought it was decided.

Rabanus has no objections to going immediately.

Theron leads you into the forest. Eyes glow in the darkness, strange sounds can be heard. You all remember your parents' warnings against forests at night. And this forest seems to be archetypical. The only good news is that - for once it doesn't rain. Or would rain have been a merciful blanket of silence???

It takes longer than you anticipated. It may have been a mistake to trust a bird and stumble to a forest at night.

I just want to check: Creo creates the best possible fruit, right? But other than providing no nutritional value, it does taste and smell really good. Also, by making the duration moon, uneaten fruit will most likely rot before the spell expires.

Sounds right. But you only get one strawberry that way (unless you take +2group)

You can use creo to change an apple seed into an apple tree full of nutrionally valuable (did I write that?) apples.
Or a creo ring spell to improve speed or quality of growth. The product is mundane.

Can I make a fruiting strawberry plant (one individual plant) and pick the several strawberries off?

You can do that (1d10 strawberries, there are other fruit, 3d10 for raspberries, 6d10 for blackberries) - or for one extra magnitude you can create a strawberry cake.

Thanks. I edited my earlier post to reflect this.

Is there a body of water around in which the men could use the net?
Are all the men as old as the one on the bench?

The men are younger. There is a brook that may lead to a lake, but no lake you can see.

I am a little confused... I thought we were researching Oakdell Covenant... So I'm going to take a day or two to go back over old posts before continuing the conversation ...