OOC Chapter 5: Kaub Island

I am assuming that parma rolls have failed here. (A little embarassing, but should be interesting...)

Your parma didn't protect you. You did also get another roll - Hildegard ans Arturous managed that one. I didn't use invisible castle for it, and I didn't post it, to keep you (the players) wondering what the stats are.

Are we glamored at the moment? Not sure how I should act to the scene. Am I in control or am I effected by the pretty lady?

You were drawn to her by her music - that's all. You are free to talk to her, attack her, sell her your sister. You can only leave if she doesn't start another song. You are not aware of being coerced - you just felt that you WANTED to hear her. If she kept singing for another month, you'd gladly die from dehydration/hunger at her feet, which you think is absolutely rational behavior. But since she has stopped for now, her music is just a sweet memory. You don't have to fall to your knees and beg her to sing again, but if she asked you it would be like asking me if I wanted another serving of Tiramisu.

hope that helps, and thanks for pointing it out.

I am having trouble picturing the location. As I understand it, there is a castle on the rocky island in the middle of the river, and there is a town on one of the river banks. Is that right? Are we docking at the island or at the village?

i assume the village.

Okay, the Rhine flows from the South to the North (roughly).
The potential coveant is the little castle that covers most of the island in the middle of the river.
On the East bank of the river there is the village of Kaub - where you just landed. Behind that village one the hill is a second - somewhat bigger castle.
Your characters naturally assume (from their knowledge about the Rhine) that the castle on the island is a toll station, and that the village and castle on the East bank belong to a local lord (who probably owns the toll station too - though you can't be sure of that).
You came from the North, had a look at the island and then landed at the village (to your left).

RL has become busy today. I'll post tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

But it wouldn't be as much fun :slight_smile: . Besides, even IC, Arturous will refuse of being kept out of the loop every time we need to interact with mundanes.

not having the gentle gift makes things more difficult, but not impossibly so.

I'm traveling from the 24th to the 29th with intermittent internet access.

I am traveling from the 5/1 to the 11/1. I probably won't be able to post during that time.

Gozer: Your last post was so touching that Ive decided to give you a bonus xp right there. On the other hand, you play a gifted character...

How old are Annagret and Melisande? Are they pretty? Carolinus has a weak spot for a pretty face, and I am considering how to play this....

Melisande is pretty indeed (red curls, green eyes)
Annegret is a good example of a ruined beauty: The kind of woman that once was very pretty but has not aged well.

I am not sure if you want to cast the spell or find the Count. If you want to find the Count, assume he's at the foot of the stairs to the tower.

Wow! feats and feats of roleplaying! Strong speeches!
I need a day or two to decide if it changes the way I planned things!

Okay, writing to the emperor takes time (so does getting an audience). Luckily he is in Germany - quite nearby in fact - right now, so you can come back in a year or two to see if the Count managed to solve his problems by himself.

Are there any other sights you want to visit (new chapter there), or can we move on to a meeting with Murion (new chapter at Durenmar), or do you want to debate the pros and cons of the various sites in character (new chapter wherever that debate takes place?). Or is there anything else you want to do about the island site?

sights you explored

  • Trier: city site found, very cramped, light aura, mundanes might react in a hostile way.
  • Forest site: ruined village, far away from anything, possible danger from Diedne affiliated survivors of the attack?
  • Island site: not usable right now, diplomatic imbroglio may or may not resolve itself in your favor during the next few years.

I think we should agree on a site before the meeting with Murion, but I would prefer to keep it OOC – because there is a difference between my preference and the character's.
Our site location might influence the type of saga we will have and as a player I would like to see more stories involving mortal society. So my personal preference is either Trier or the island (can our site location be declared temporary?).

Arturous, of course, will argue that the remote forest is the best choice. :smiley:

I can settle for whatever everyone wants as long as Jean promises to involve some stories with the mundane.

The only site with little human involvement is the forest.
Moving an existing site is something that can be done at a tribunal (there will be people for and against it, but anything from bribes to threats to diplomacy might get a majority).