OOC Chatter 0.5 (1st Ressurection)

Just to comment on Terrence instead of polluting the thread like I did with Abdul al-Faisal: I like him, sounds like an interesting and fun character which'll be interesting to play alongside Cygna :smiley:

Nonetheless (Poor Serf's Parma), don't non-mages need some kind of virtue like Educated to learn Latin?

The Custos Social Status Virtue allows you to choose either Academic, Martial, or Arcane Abilities; if you choose Martial or Arcane, then you may learn to speak (but not read or write) Latin. (Core rulebook, p. 41).

I didn't remember it, that's great! It is pretty useful for custos, so I'm happy they thought of it :smiley:

Maybe the Beta Storyguide can take over for the next two weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

If We knew more about the covenant, had it written up and laid out somewhat, then We could facilitate the magi arriving at Phoenix, seeing what they have (and don't have) to work with and what becomes of their preconceptions.

We would rather not, however, present the Alpha with an architectural fait accompli, regardless of how tempting the prospect may be.


But in the meantime, we can work on the people sent with our magi, flesh them out and all.
We can also think about their books if they have some, and also post suggested boons/hooks like ravenscroft and I did, or at least discuss it


I find this format much too much like work, and hard work at that, so I'll not be participating any further (nor, if I've got any sense, will I be joining another campaign based on this format).

Good luck to you all.


Yeah , have to say i will be likely to drop off the radar as well.
We have not heard from Weylund since Dec 18.

sigh Which leaves me, The Fixer, and Amul (when he returns from holiday) as definites. JeanMichelle, I believe, is still on board and just needs to make a character. Weylund is a who-the-deuce knows at this point, but I'm really hoping that he's still on board.

Which raises the question, what do we do now? Do we want to start a campaign with an ASG and 2, 3, or 4 players ready to go? (and speaking for myself, I'm still stoked - I had just opened up MetaCreator on "Covenant" to throw a proposal together when I saw Ravenscroft's post) Do we want to keep working, and put it on hold until we get more players (maybe put outa call on the recruitment thread and on our respective Facebook/Livejournal/Twitter accounts)?

Or, do we forge ahead with who we have now and bring in new characters/players as we get them, to keep from losing any more momentum then we already have? Personally, I favour this option, as it is quite workable with the background we have now. After all, the all-call for new magi to Iberia just went out a season or two ago...perhaps it takes a while for other magi to decide to come to Phoenix, or they want to come once they get other stuff out of the way ("Dangit, woman, I can't leave now, I have this Arcane Connection-range Infernotron MCC to finish enchanting!")

wait...just reread this (as it's well past my normal bedtime but I'm watching a conference championship game on the telly instead of sleeping)...this doesn't mean you're quitting the game, does it. Just that you're going to be quiet for a while?

I can't say i will definitely leave , as of right now.
The three week break is not helping.
I do , for the most part , only want to play a Magus character , even if that involves mundane interaction ,
not just activities that are magic-oriented.
Though im more keen to advance Arts than Guile for example.

In case the game folds , im not generating too much effort right now.

This seems like the same thing to me. We launch the campain, and bring in new players as we get them.

I liked playing with you guys, and thus want this to live, but it seems we are very few still in this. And yes, the 3-weeks leave isn't helping at all. I hope Amul will come back soon.

Well-, I am not completely gone yet. But I won't create a character before the storyguide is back and we have clear rules and a setting. Right now, it is all a bit too chaotic. It is not always clear which ideas are just ideas and which have become part of the game.

Anyway, I think I am pretty good at policing any character I create myself, so character creation will be quick once I start it.

Happy to know you're still these :smiley:

Hey there folks.

I, and the game, are still alive. I'm trying to rebuild a LDR, and am having a difficult time getting online between work, her kids, and actually working on the relationship with her.

Worst (or, from our perspective, best) case scenario, I will be back to my normal internet habits by next Monday, Feb 7th. I will try to get online and answer questions before then.

Sorry for the delay.

Okay... :-/

The important thing to us is to know that you're still around and that the game's not gonna die. That way, we can at least work on our companions and grogs.

For you, well, your relationship comes first and foremost. We can make do with slow posting, your hapiness and couple are more important than a game we can (almost) all (almost) live without.

Is it bad form to play in two different PBP games? I can't help but notice this is one of the more active campaigns, still relatively new, and even with the ST saving RL the players are still hashing out plans on compiling themselves. I recently joined Shores of Albion but due to my indecisiveness I came up with four or five different character ideas, and now need somewhere to hurl them against.

Are you guys actually looking for another? I have no problem only playing a Companion and a Grog at first, either.

Is it bad form to play in two PBP's? And I freely admit it's pretty rude to stick my text in without permission but still so craving more gaming for Accounting Majors... :slight_smile:

Don't know if it's bad form or not, but I'm pretty sure it's not unheard of, and maybe not even that uncommon. I know, poking around the other forums, that I've seen plenty of players active in multiple sagas here. I know I've got this campaign, a Champions campaign on Yahoo, and a couple of Ars campaigns (one on indefinite hiatus) on Wetpaint.

It's just so rude , we will have to let you play a Magus.
No objection from me , if you want to join in , subject to SG approval obviously.

Well, if I'd answered you not to do it, I'd be a good darn hypocrite :wink:

So I'll make you the same answer as Ravenscroft :smiley: