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What cow story?

Oh. Oh!!! :laughing:
Incredible, I never thought you could do that :laughing:

You're being too hard on the poor Hiems. He does have a positive presence, too, so the difference is probably not that great, if there is one (and unless the guy spend a lot of points on Improved Characteristics, or dumped some other stats, they probably have the same presence).

As per the body, well, Arnuld had great Str and Sta as Conan, that did not make him any hotter... save in the eyes of those that like it. Conversely, both Jude Law and Orlando Bloom aren't beefy, especially compared to Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans. Yet, some women will prefer the later, some the former.
=> Str and Sta aren't important per se. Its your other stats that tell if these look good (Hemsworth, Bloom) or not (Arnuld, Christopher Walken). Hiems and Georges are probably in about the same league, but with different styles.

But the most funny thing? Hiems does have Envied Beauty. So, even if he loaded on Great Charac and Improved Charac on presence, Georges will probably react badly to him... While Hiems, being as he is, will certainly perceive Georges as being so much better than him :laughing:

Woke up this morning with these spells in my head.

1.Creo Trebuchet : Cr(Re)He 30
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
This spell creates a fully functional trebuchet that resets itself after every volley.
Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Size, +2 for treated and processed Herbam products, no addition for Rego requisite to make it reset.

2.Creo Cowpus: CrAn(Ig)
R: Touch, D: Diam, T: Ind
This spell creates a the body of a cow that will explode upon contact, causing ? fire damage.
Base 10, +1 Size, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +1 (at least) for the requisite.

Where this spell gets hard for me is figuring out how much to add for the damage (I'm thinking +20, in a one-pace radius). Or maybe even have it be Ignem with an Animal requisite for the delivery device. shrug It seemed so much cooler in my head when I woke up.

I'll be away this weekend with limited posting.

Oooh, soon we'll find out if the dragon is going to eat me!

Hrmm... It's my opinion that, once knowledge has been removed from a mind, Intellego Mentem will no longer pick up that information. I also don't think Intellego Mentem would pick up gaps in memory-- there's too bloody many gaps in my own memory (most of them whisky-related) for me to think that it doesn't happen naturally :stuck_out_tongue: I think what Cygna is looking for would require InVi (to detect any traces of magic used to alter her memory), but I'd like to hear others' opinions on the matter before I decide.

The metagame benefit of it being an InVi as I think it is-- Leona gets to say "Jeez, sure would be nice if Justinius were around to help you out, he'd solve this mystery in no time" and then maybe Cygna can go off on the "Let's find out what happened to Justinius!" quest.

I was kind of shooting for the "a person could...reconstruct the memory from things he does remember" part. Sort of like, "Yes, you don't remember anything from lunchtime to mid-afternoon Tuesday. But the last thing you remember is being in your heartbeast, bobbing for bay grass, then nothing. The next thing you remember is stepping out of the bath and reaching for a towel." Something she can try to reassure herself that she didn't have time to fly to Flint, destroy everything so methodically (which must have taken a good while, methinks), and make it back without anybody noticing. Basically, she's looking for a hole in her memory too small to fit that timeframe in...trying desperately to convince herself that she's not a murdering monster.

I remember you mentioning that Sophronia mentioned that she's looking for Justinius. Is she aware that Justinius is actually missing, or even that he was living here?

Yes, Sophronia knows he's missing, it's one reason why she was requested from the House to change covenant membership. She desperately needs her pater back to do her Longevity Ritual. Barring that, a good creo specialist, 'cause that Deficient Creo is a right nasty flaw (I could argue that it is worse than Difficult Longevity Ritual).

Deficient Creo still gives you as good a LR as you can find; IIRC the LR you get with DLR is still crappy, even if someone else makes it for you.

The LR is as good as she can get from a LR specialist, agreed. However, it appears we don't have a LR specialist around here... :-/
And then there's all the other stuff Creo does that she can't do. I really think Deficient Te/Fo is a heinous flaw, especially the technique. In some ways, I think just halving the technique or form would be sufficient, but to half the total is just awful. Don't get me wrong, I am not asking to change it or anything, but it really is brutal when applied to techniques.

Yeah, the more I've seen of Harry Potter the more I'm convinced JK Rowling played Ars.
Platform 9 3/4 is in a regio, as is Hogwarts. The Black Lake is part of a regio network reachable through a lake near Durmstrang.
Gilderoy Lockhart had the Envied Beauty flaw (amongst others).

And so much of what she put in her books translates well into Ars...not everything, obviously, but there's obviously some cross-over appeal.

One of the things I wish I'd seen in Amul's campaign was to see what happened when Cygna got caught up in Gilderoy Lockhart's cult of personality. I'm convinced that it was his books that compelled (for lack of a better word) the library staff to dress the way they did, and it would have been a hoot to see what Cygna would have [strike]dressed[/strike] cosplayed as.

Rerouting message to here due to not interrupting RP:

This. This explains why Piper always had fun following him around.

I thought it was because he was the only one not trying to get in her pants?

It's Gleep! :laughing: Awesome!

You get her mad enough, and Cygna will jack you up!

He's an old man, a fifty year old virgin for that matter. She can take him :stuck_out_tongue:

Proto-Puritans. LOL :slight_smile:

I'm just thinking, as awesome as all of Cygna's internal monologues are, I really need to work more on my "show, don't tell". But, really, what better way to do it?

Shoot. I just realized we'll probably pulse to next Tribunal soon, and then have a couple years' downtime. Mind if I retract that and change it to a five year vow?

Why five? Tribunal is in a little more than a year, then what, two years uber-fast advancement after that. Unless you want to have her rp trying to deal with the vows for a couple of years after that when it's starting to really wear her down?