OOC Chatter: Anything goes!

The air quotes there had me laffin' aloud :slight_smile: so much for that "vow of humility"!!!

Oh, and the only things that Cygna doesn't give to the church are the, erm, "faerie wands" that she brought with her from Phoenix (because, really, what's the church going to do with a couple of enchanted sex toys, anyway?) So, she's going to wrap them up and bury them someplace rather out of the way so that neither she nor anyone else will be tempted to use them (at least, not for another five years).

Well, so am I. And then I think of Arthur (the Dudley Moore movie, not that other one) where Gielgud rhetorically asks

That's what a butler's for!

Given what happened to their creator, holding onto them is probably not the best move... :smiling_imp:

Can't keep them for future recovery; gotta give them away.

This is why nunneries suck.

Send them to Abigail, Ra'am's daughter. Chances are she's going to end up lecherous anyway..

But who could she give them to?

"Liliana...I've recently taken a vow of poverty, and must give away all my possessions. It looks like you need these more than I would. Enjoy!"

It's like that episode of Coupling, where Steve accidentally gives his girlfriend's mother a giant vibrator. He's mortified when he realizes his error... But Susan's mom loves him for it :slight_smile:

Well, Cygna's giving her BoAF wand and her vis to the covenant...I suppose she could slip the faerie wands in the box, too.

Reminder: Chester is a damn big city that has a huge cathedral in it, and the bishop's been in town for a couple weeks. The Divine aura is pretty butch here already, and it has a temporary boost right now.

Lords of Men gives upper nobility all some measly divine-based MR based on their rank (ruling by mandate of heaven and whatnot). I am not really sure I like those rules and may overrule 'em, but it's open for player discussion.

Ah. Did not know that. I was thinking that, it would have a Divine Aura of +1, +2 tops.

Don't have Lords of Men, but I'm not sure I like that rule either. I can see the King having divine MR, but if you start letting nobles have Divine MR because it's God's will that they be where they are, then it could be argued (although most likely unsuccessfully) that everyone should have it, because it's God's will that they be merchants, blacksmiths, beggars, housewives, what have you.

I think the idea is more that the nobility carry the faith of lots of peasants who believe in their right to rule them. I dunno. I see the point, and while I can see how it makes life easier not to have players putting the Vulcan mindfutz on enormously influential men like Simon de Montfort, Ranulf de Blondeville, and William the Marshal (men who are all demonstrably more politically powerful than the king himself), I think A) the MR unnecessarily compounds on the already prohibitive divine aurae in the sorts of places you'd FIND those guys, and B) IMO, PCs should generally have a pretty tough time getting in situations where they could put the whammy on really powerful nobles, so if they pull the right strings, there should be rewards for it. Right?

I've only skimmed LoM, but the only mention of MR that I recall are Pope, Archbishops, bishops and kings...

I bought it for the agent system being better fleshed out.

Really? Hmm. I might be confusing it with an earlier edition book then. I remembered there being a chart with various peerage titles, the inherent mr, and virtue costs for playing such a character.

...Oh. Yeah, totally not 5th ed then.

This is polite code for "it's the bloody flux what got 'im!"

I've been unable to check the game until now...my God what are you people doing?! 'Faerie Wands'?

Trust me...you don't want to know :smiley:

Unless Sinmore might have a use for them?

Lawl. This made me think of PB.
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Where do we put where we want to spend our points? In the appropriate story thread, or is there a character advancement thread that I'm not seeing? (And in a related vein, how are we doing grog/companion advancement?)

Keep a seasonal log in your character sheet.

Grogs get one season of advancement per year (I donit in Fall), plus language exposure and any adventuring experience they pick up.