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Just to be sure we aren't using the covenants book right?

I use the covenants book, but I am able to do all the accounting myself if you find it annoying.

I actually like all the rules except for the library ones. And the loyalty rules and cost rules probably need to be run through a sanity filter at times. And the library rules are pure selfishness since I like my characters to be able to write. (Well not really selfishness since it benefits the other magi, but you get the idea?)

Which library ones? If you mean the one adding the need for a scribe, calligrapher and bookbinder I agree, though I have thought about allowing them at an extra +1 each on top of the automatic +3. The rest of it seems pretty common sense except for the books which become too magical to remove from the magic aura, which just seems silly.

Yeah, the ones about needing a scribe and such. I can certainly see an unbound book being ripe for damage, and a poorly scribed one or unilluminated one being difficult to sell, but even a point in scribe should mean you have legible hand writing. On the other hand, I also like the flavour of a magi's report on Parma even though its in his own sloppy handwriting, and riddled with doodles. Or that one would want to study magic theory in a book written personally by Bonisagus even though he wasn't a professional scribe/binder/illuminator.

But whatever happens I'll be okay IME, I'm the only one who seems to think good teacher and high com is mandatory on all magi.

Certainly important for a lot of Magi, I could see a certain portion of the students not having it, if they aren't expecting to have apprentices....

Didn't we have at least a third player?

We had two more, one indicated they would post sometime at the end of the week or next week. The other still only has one post...

There is another person in the recruitment thread. I think you should collect her/him? I mean, I could but you got the fancy mod hat and everything...

There is another person in the recruitment thread. I think you should collect her/him? I mean, I could but you got the fancy mod hat and everything...

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Is there still space in this campaign?

I have recently acquired the ArM5 core book (and "The Sundered Eagle", FWIW), and would be keen to join a game. I have never played ArM before - but I tend to learn quickly! I've been ploughing through the core book, and could probably make a start on generating a character; although, as I haven't finished yet (I'm in the middle of the Laboratory chapter), and I'm not very experienced, it might take me a while!

responding in both locations: If you are new to making characters I would suggest doing your grogs first, then your companion, and then the mage. Yes, you are welcome to play.

Excellent. I'll start building on Monday (I stupidly left my core book at work). You want 2 grogs, 1 companion, 1 magus, don't you?

Since I'm late to the scene, could I possibly have a brief recap on what other players are building, so I can pick a niche? Something as simple as "Magic-addicted ReVi specialist" is fine.

Looking forward to it!

My maga is a elementalist Tytalus, who was raised by wolves.

My companion is a steward, sent to take care of travel arrangements for the magi.

My mage, Alexander, is a shapeshifting monster slayer (using PeVi multicasting mastery).
My companion is the ship's captain, Ginger. She doesn't have a peg leg and doesn't look like a captain.
I've created two grogs: A sailor and a shield grog (who was captured by an nwod fairie and has escaped).

Argyros is a Magic-addicted ReVi (later terram) specialist with an infamous master addicted to gambles and games. :smiley:
Aurore is the sister of Argyros. A mundane found of her brother, kind of addicted to magic too. Acts as spy for Magus.
Tweedledum / Tweedledee are classical grogs figthers. (just carefree sometimes :astonished:)

Abigail is a Creo Herbam maga with a side line in rego. She has a number of practical spells, and a focus in farming.

Ok, thanks.

Initial thoughts for characters: perhaps the ship's cook as one of the Grogs; and I wondered about making a local (to where they shipwreck) outlaw/hunter as the companion, together with a henchman/ally of his as the second grog.

Haven't had many magus thoughts yet; by my count, we're missing anyone with a specialty in Intellego or Muto, and we lack Animal and Imaginem in Forms. I can certainly try to work that into my character if I'm right.

natives can be added later, especially if you want to add extra grogs (or if someone is joining the game after it fully starts), but the initial island (note- no shipwreck) has no signs so far of human habitation.