OOC Discussion Thread

Pretty sure @callen knows you're back since the two of you keep discussing things on the boards here.

And obviously I'm here.

Still here!

I have taken a few days weeks of abscense from the forum due to life happening, but I'm still interested, as always.

Might end up rewriting my character, if at all possible. Not sure I am as excited about him as I was before.

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Given that we have had such a break and have not entered play in any case, I see no problem with that at all. @Nithyn has (as always) been considering a good dozen concepts as we have been discussing things to be sure. So you would not be alone in reconsidering options.

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Me, have a million concepts that I'm currently actively debating? Nope, that's never ever happened even once!

Seriously though @RafaelB I totally get where you're coming from, and I'm in the same boat. Even if I do keep the core of the concept, I'll be making some tweaks for sure.

And hey, we're the last people to say anything about taking a break from the forums due to real life, so no judgement in the slightest.

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I've been thinking about what world building I see as necessary before we start play, before I start to take close looks at characters etc. A very tentative list for thoughts/feedback.

World Building

  • Immediate Surroundings of Lough Ree, aside from Athlone & Monastery
    -- Lake Shore Village/Inn
    -- Surrounding Farms/Manors?
    -- Isle of Inchcleraun, Monastery

  • Athlone
    -- City Districts & Major NPCs
    -- Ruler & Court/Retinue
    -- Hedge Witches, Native
    -- Mystic Smith, Native

  • Faerie Courts
    -- Goblin Market/Athlone
    -- Court of Mab (Courtly/Chivalric Fae)
    -- X?

I barely remember what I'd had in mind before, so I may well rethink things while Rafael and Nithyn do. I'm not sure if we've lost players, either.

I'll be a little slow as I finish up my work for David. I don't have that much left to get through, but it will take crunching a good bunch of numbers over the next week.

As for world-building stuff, let's see if I might be able to say anything productive...

  • I expect there would be a number of villages scattered around the area. Maybe only a few names for the moment. Maybe one or two relational ideas (like village X is known for its apples).
  • Athlone seems pretty solid.
  • It looks like you want one more faerie court. I feel like Medb's court would be a light court and the goblin one may be more mischievous or mercantile but not really a dark court. So perhaps a third, dark court, giving a sort of light, gray, and dark triad? A dark court could be more about hunts, nightmares, etc.

Zero rush mate, as stated, we're all slowly getting back into things.

And all of that world building makes sense to me @callen I like just having a few ideas about things and allowing folks to explore more if they're so inclined.

As for my character, I'm still leaning towards a Fae focused bugger. In fact the bulk of the concept is more or less what I had in mind previously. Just making some tweaks after giving the house book another once over as it were.

OK. That's good to know. It will be good to see what others are retinkering or keeping, too.

I see @Vortigern is looking at human health (both helpful and hurtful) as a Flambeau.

Agreed! On my end, I mostly scraped off Strong Faerie Blood in favor of a few other things. But I'll get my rough thoughts posted here in a bit. Gotta dig out from all this snow and feed the tiny humans first.

It's something we were discussing. He had invested so many points into making Hex work with the build previously that it was coming at the expense of his Hermetic stuff, and we were curious what it would look like if he refocused. Nothing's set in stone yet of course.

I'm also wondering if we've lost our Bjornaer future-hoplite. This tribunal is one where it's good to have a few who are good at combat.

Ya, sometimes some things are just too tricky to really bother with them. There are a few things I've tried to make work and ended up figuring are just too much of a pain to bother.

Here are a couple questions I've come up with:

  • Can the Wisdom from Ignorance Virtue (LotN p.49) provide experience toward Enigmatic Wisdom?
  • @Vortigern I've had some Mercere ideas, which mostly involve longevity, likely with Imbued with the Spirit of Vim. This might pair really well with your idea or step on your toes. The longevity part might be stepping on toes. The Imbued part might mean I could cast Watching Ward and you could cast Incantation of the Body Made Whole (or lesser versions) so that together we could creating potions of healing. Also, it takes two people to do the lost Mercurian ritual Purification really well, since you cannot do it on yourself.

Indeed. I'm aiming for something easier to build and play along similar thematic lines. It was either the Flambeau concept or leaning into the Rego Vim and going 100% Intangible Assassin (for lack of a better description). I can't tell you how many times I've tried to make a Duidsan concept work and then ended up scrapping it for various reasons.

Interesting. For someone who already possessed Enigmatic Wisdom, it seems thematic and apt. I also don't see anything prohibiting written sources for Enigmatic Wisdom, and presume they would exist in Criamon circles. So in principle this only does what it already does for other abilities, expanding the available sources, rather than making sources available that otherwise don't exist at all. The examples for things it can benefit are generally not useful as Enigmatic Wisdom, but I find myself liking the idea and thinking behind it, so I'm going to say yes despite (mild) reservations.

I love Mercurians. And they could always use friends that they never seem to have... I'd be all for tag-teaming with synergistic builds.

We have attempted to contact them and have yet to receive a reply. If they ever come back we'll make room, because they are good people. For now we proceed regardless.

Well, if we may have lost our Bjornaer, then if I keep Criamon I'll be looking at Path of Strife. My Mercurian Mercere variations could all manage some combat, probably mostly through CrAu. I'll have to debate between the two.

@RafaelB any further thoughts on your own concept/ideas?

We also have a newcomer @Emelric who has expressed interest yet has not completed/submitted an application.

Oh, one other Virtue interaction I should have asked about:

  • How would you interpret Lesser Benediction: Unusually Fecund (RoP:F p.114) interacting with a Longevity Ritual.

(Clearly one Virtue question was for Criamon and one for Mercere.)

I have discussed this exact point recently with @Nithyn and we both agreed that the effects of a Longevity Ritual affect the natural process of reproduction. Anything magical (like Unusually Fecund or say Fertility Magic of some other stripe) would overcome that.

Right now I'm leaning toward a Gifted Mercere, focused on the Cult of Mercury/Heroes. Goals would include making pseudo-charged objects, including ritual ones, via Watching Ward and other tricks to hand off to Redcaps, grogs, companions, magi; discovering lost Mercurian rituals; and being a parent. Magical specialization would be focused around Creo: making Longevity Rituals, CrAu for winds or lightning for combat, etc. Some of that could certainly lead to tag-teaming, and it should work well with enhancements for grogs and companions. I'm not 100%, but this idea is gaining a lot of traction in my mind.

Hmm. I think all three of my concepts could tag-team well with that. And Mercurians definitely benefit from having friends of the same stripe. So I am weighing my choices even more now.

Yup. Now, I wouldn't start with Mercurian Magic since I've focused more on related things, but that can be initiated from the Cult of Mercury. But I don't think either of yours would be starting with Mercurian Magic, either. So they might well undergo initiation at the same time. And it would be cool to be tag-teaming with someone, adding an extra reason to be in a covenant together even if they didn't know ahead of time.

If I were to go the Criamon route, my idea is a Path of Strife Criamon with a Minor Magical Focus in Self-Transformation. For example, turn fingernails into large claws as a meditation weapon. But you have to go through at least one initiation to really be on the Path of Strife, so it's hard to come online early. And I don't have as many ideas of where to head with it; and that could be an issue when it comes to sandbox, while I've got so many ideas for the Mercere.

Nothing solid yet. A few ideas have popped up in my head about a Terram Bonisagus, but I'm not quite sure where I'd go with the character. Also thinking about keeping the previous concept (perhaps with a few changes), which I found out I'm still excited about after all. Just unsure if he is the best choice for this saga.

How do you see the Tremere (in general) and how would they fit into the saga?