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This is the OOC thread. For OOCness. Where things are OOC.

I am/have been out most of this weekend. So I'll try to get a character outline up Late tonight or Monday.

I will be out of town for a little more than a week. Looking forward to the gaming. :smiley:

Hey guys!

Yeah my internet has been down for over a week! Will return shortly with a concept :slight_smile:

Sorry for not posting for a while very busy and stressful week at work so no posting in the day and little energy in the evenings. Should be better from here

I have been unwell, but things will pick up again tonight.

Will redo character Friday or saturday

Apologies for the lack of posting I do a lot of my online gaming from work , and things have gone mad for the last few weeks. It will be busy for the rest of this week as well.
I appear to be a bit player in a funding crisis for post 16 education across England due to a bit of a fiasco with the national data collection which I am trying to fix for Leeds. This results in a lot of work and a lot of hassle .

I didn't really understand a word of that, but Real Life has this habit of doing horrible things to gaming time, so do what you need to do, and good luck with it, and we'll see you when you have some time, OK?

I think he's involved in finding state funding (even tho' there are no "states", per se) for local upper-school education. If my English-Americanlish translation skills are up to snuff. :wink:

Hey all- just posted (twice, ahem) in the CharGen thread. Looking forward to seeing what trouble we can get into together, and escape successfully, of course! :wink:

I think he's involved in finding state funding (even tho' there are no "states", per se) for local upper-school education. If my English-Americanlish translation skills are up to snuff. :wink:


Essentially correct. That over though the dead line has passed and I am on holiday for a week so I no longer care .
Until the next crisis

When I was in grad-school (in the states, post 4 years college), the state that I was in was facing a minor problem- the funding bond for state education was expiring, as they do every several/many years.

So, the state legislation, in their wisdom, decided to let the voters choose ~how~ to fund state education- with higher cigarette taxes, gasoline taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, or... something else. Alcohol taxes, maybe- there were 5 choices.

Problem was, the original concept was a "pick one" approach. But by the time it got to the ballot, it was 5 separate "Yes/No" questions- "Do you want higher cigarette taxes, Yes/No?" "Do you want higher gasoline taxes, Yes/No?", etc.

Oddly enough, down the line, the voters wanted... no higher taxes.

The state budget for education, for the next several/many years, from pre-school thru college? $000,000,000.00.

And just to show the gawdz of politics have a sense of humour, this happened around November, already two months into the school year, and right when the legislature has already gone on break for midwinter. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

This is an administrative fiasco rather than a political one.
A new and complicated way of determining which students are doing which courses at which schools has been ontroduced.
Unfortunatly the new system is too complciated for the computer system on which the information is entered and the reports are badly written meaning that most schools have sent in incomplete and innacurate data.
This means they will not recieve enough money , this is happening for I estimate 50% of secondary schools in England.

The governemtn organisation which handles this has not responded to my local governemnt office telling them there will be a fiasco.
The deadline for submission has passed and the data is not right , therefore Fiasco.
But and this is important not in any way my fault!

All merciful Story Guide-

Any chance you could renew the request for the Editable option on these pages? Vispilius just asked "only one question" that turned into 3 - that's minor, but something is bound to show up that is less desirable, for one or the other of us.


Not to mention that I do most of my typing with a toddler in my other hand. This leads to things like "blilmking". Editing = good.


I'll ask again.

I had to thmimk sevreal times befroe getting that on. Agered.

Then several discussed "camping here".

Whether or not this village has an "inn" proper, I envisioned talking our way into a house, or a barn, at least, tho' camping outside, but within the village environs, is another option, if not as restful.


Just because it was the wiser plan doesn't mean it previaled. For just this thread, rather than going back and revisiting the old discussion, how about we have the group camp here. As a bonus, I promise not to do to you the terrible things that generally happen when you camp out in the woods while hunting faeries, OK?

Unless you particularly wanted them, ni which case, you know, can do. :slight_smile:

If it's that problematic, sure. But in rereading, it seems the scene jumped from a question about where to stay to "sitting around a campfire" in less time than it says to say it.

You want us to roll for Fatigue from long distance travel, or do you want to? (I'd rather have you do it, myself.)