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Confirming the PM I sent, I am still here. And still itnerested. Sorry I have not been good at moving stories forward.

I am :exclamation:

Ok, no news from Bearlord. I remember him mentioning that he didn't have the time to play at the moment, so for now I'll keep Japik and Lothar active but relatively behind the scene. If he doesn't pop up in the coming month or two, I'll write them off at some point.

Things will be restatrting slowly of the next two days, but please note that I will be away from my computers from Thursday evening until next Tuesday.

Off for a long weekend away from my computers. Will only be able to post next Tuesday.


Just occurred to me that salt production might be a viable income source.

What do you think about the mechanics, Arthur? Would it be ReAq? Here's a discussion:


I imagine that would be very obvious. And it might get us in trouble with a tribunal for using magic to make money (at least too visibly).

I think it the tribunal issue depends on how much we sell.

As for obviousness... we could maybe do it on some isolated spot and pick up the salt by boat. It could even be an uninhabited island.

ReAq base 3 would allow you to quickly evaporate the water, leaving only the salt -- along with all other detritus contained in the water. None of your character has any experience gathering salt from sea water, so they don't know what they need to produce good quality salt. And you'd need to develop your market.

Vis-à-vis hermetic law, it would probably be a matter of how much and how obvious you are.

Any of you would like to take control of Torros' grog and servant in the current scene?

I'll take Franz.

About dice rolls...

Sometimes I will ask for dice rolls from the players. I don't care whether you roll them using an online dice roller or using another method (such as the good old physical ten-sider).

I trust the players to be honest with those rolls, be they exceptionally good or bad, or simply average.

Crazy day at work. I probably won't be able to post until Monday.

I'm afraid I'm in the hospital with heart issues and will be until at least Wednesday. My posting may be spotty.

I wish you the best care possible. Hopefully it will be something that they can make better quickly.

All the best!
And a quick recovery.

I;m out of the hospital now and starting to catch up to my lost five days. They hope that I'll be able to strengthen my heart with a regimen of drugs over the next three months. Unfortunately, I have to wear a portable defibrillator during that time. I feel like Tony Stark in the early days.

I don't think all the players are currently involved in a story. Is there anyone who would like me to start a new one, or find a way to incorporate a character you can play in an existing one?

I don't want anyone to feel left out. It can be boring to wait until someone else's story is completed...

Let's not think too much about this sentence, uttered in a different context... :laughing:

Next two weeks I´m on a business trip. My posting frequency might decrease a bit.