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Sorry for dropping out of sight during last week. Began some vacation time and things have proved somewjat busier than I expected. Should be able to catch up tomorrow as they are forecasting some rain. 8)


Ready when you are. Does anyone else have anything to add to the covenant construction thread, or should we just spont ourselves a hole in the ground?

Are the rest of us on hold until you finish the intro for Torros?

Absolutely not! Torros will arrive when he arrives, be that next season or two years from now.

Just trying to find the time to post... I'll try to start something that involves Trogdor as well as (possibly) Japik, Prochorus and/or Herman in the next few days.

Though I'm still wondering if any of the others will push on with the investigations of the pillars, the underwater grotto where Corpus vis was found, and the strange behaviour of Terram magic at the covenant's main site. I've thrown numerous hints and hooks, but most of them seem to have remained unnoticed so far. :frowning:

Mysteries are the toughest stories to write for any RPG. The line between too easy and too hard is a narrow one. Sometimes what seems incredibly obvious to the SG is far from obvious to the players. It may be that the players are just plain stumped.

I am putting the saga on hold until the month of August.

It has become clear to me that my current workload does not, at the moment, allow me to post as often and in as detailed a fashion as is required to run a saga.

So I am taking a short pause and will re-assess the situation in a few weeks, when things should have quieted down some at work. Hopefully I will be able to resume more substantial posting at that time.

I hope you will all be able to rejoin the saga at that time!


Understood. I imagine I'll still be here and willing to play if things clear up for you in August/September.

Good luck at work.

Same. Hope it gets better!

Ok, then I will read you in a few weeks.

Understood. I will try to use the interval to reread the various pieces to see if I can pick up on the clues I know you have been dangling in front of us.

I would be soon ready to resume activities for the saga. So...

ROLL CALL!!! Who is still there and interested? :slight_smile:

I, for one.


Um, I mean, I'm here.

Confirming the PM I sent, I am still here. And still itnerested. Sorry I have not been good at moving stories forward.

I am :exclamation:

Ok, no news from Bearlord. I remember him mentioning that he didn't have the time to play at the moment, so for now I'll keep Japik and Lothar active but relatively behind the scene. If he doesn't pop up in the coming month or two, I'll write them off at some point.

Things will be restatrting slowly of the next two days, but please note that I will be away from my computers from Thursday evening until next Tuesday.

Off for a long weekend away from my computers. Will only be able to post next Tuesday.


Just occurred to me that salt production might be a viable income source.

What do you think about the mechanics, Arthur? Would it be ReAq? Here's a discussion: