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I'll be offline until next monday. Will catch up when I can next week.

Just as an FYI, I will be out on vacation from July 26th through August 6th. I'll only have my phone with me, so posting will be slim to none.

Back from a very nice long weekend. But I will also be on vacation soon, for most of August. I'll be away and offline from August 2nd and August 13th, and will only post occasionally from August 14th to August 26th.

I will be on vacation and away from my computer for the next 2 weeks.

OK, so Arthur and Trogor aren't about - I have made a post just so the RP doesn't die out completely and they have something to respond to when they get back. I should be free to post over August except for 11th to 13th when I am busy with offline Ars Magica at Grand Tribunal UK.

Out driving around from August 18 to August 25. Away from computer.

I'm back from vacation now. I just need to put a few fires out at work before I can post. I should be able to do so tomorrow.

Thanks for keeping on without me. We had to move our offices, and it was a bit of a nightmare. I'm still shaking things out. Hope to be able to do some stuff here this weekend. I have a fair bit to catch up on it seems.

I'm back from my trip but still on vacation for the next two weeks. So I will be able to check the forum, although me frequency will still be low.

So, this past weekend was the start of a new school year. Wife is a teacher, and daughter is starting middle school, one can imagine the amount of drama and activity in the house over the weekend...

If characters are finished, be sure to make the first post in the character thread is that of the current character.

If one or more grogs follow the magi, I can play one of them. But I don't see much in the way of shield grogs. I can creat one on the spot, with minimal stats initially, if people don't mind that. I'll flesh him out more as I find the time to do it.

Looking at our incursion into the regio-that-isn't-in-any-way-the-magic-realm, I wonder how long Galan and Tacitus will survive? Even if they do, getting back into the real world might be very time-consuming.

Anyway, I'm enjoying our little adventure.

I will be online tomorrow for a few hours, then I'll be away for the weekend - not sure if I'll be able to access the forum via my smartphone where I am, so there's a chance Galan will have to do most of the talking for the next 2 days.

I suspected that would be the case. Still, it's not his place to intervene in a magus' discussion. :laughing:

Real life is interfering with my gaming. Posting will be minimal for a couple of weeks. - John

It is the duty of all grogs to show up their magi. Magi are big and huge, and you need a character that can just steal scenes

I'm going to split off into another story with any of the magi who remain at the covenant in a week or so, I'll also be debuting my character, too.

Just a couple of quick quesstions because I know this will come up.

1.) Under the proper circumstance, can we cast spells in a non-stressful way in the Magic Realm (i.e., using a simple die rather than a stress die)?

2.) If we do have a potential botch in the Magic Realm, how many botch dice do we roll (i.e., do we have any extra from the Magical Aura)?

As to the second question, I've looked at the core rule book and it seems as if the answer should be that there are no extra botch dice for the Aura, since Hermetic spells are based on Magic. Page 183 of the core rules says the following about Realm Interactions:

Based on this, it seems that Hermetic spells in a Magical Aura don't get extra botch dice from the aura. The example of a Faerie spell in a Faerie Aura did not get extra botch dice, and it said that Hermetic spells were based on Magic. I also looked in RoP:M to see what I could find, but didn't find anything contrary to this.

Of course, this being ArM, there's a lot published out there and I could easily be missing something. Is my understanding correct or is there a rule I missed and we have a whopping 15 extra botch dice on any spell we cast? (In which case Brag's assumption that the magi will be a help to him is way off, since any extended spellcasting is almost assured to result in at least an hours long trip into Twilight.)

Powers that align with the realm do not gain additional botch dice based on the magnitude of the aura. Powers associated with another realm will get additional botch dice. Given that it should be clear that Brag is a Faerie, his powers that rely upon rolls will be severely impacted. Brag has 16, at a minimum, botch dice for most of his powers that use rolls, 1+ aura.

The labs in the towers are +1 size to start. Correct? I have them at 700ft[sup]2[/sup]