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Ok Cat, I'll just move on the two stories your characters are involved.

Welcome Eldarin to the group. I hope you have much fun with us. Be sure to read all announcement threads, and more specifically thisone.

I hope you all will have much with me fun as well. Looking forward to starting my character creation thread soon.

From character creation thread

Native language 5 is free as part of early childhood anyway according to the core book page 29. I suppose this is just redundant information? If not, what does it mean?

The rest of us interpreted it as you do. The native language 5 is redundant info. The bonus on top of RAW is area lore 2 for home area, and classsical or romaic Greek 1 for immigrants.

Ok, posted a draft at [url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/prometheus-ex-tytalus-filius-kronos/11918/1]

Hi, I enjoyed the backstory and the focus of the character, looks very effective on the surface.
I would point out that Persona does require a Sta + Persona vs 9, it does not seem that Prometheus would be able to use this skill reliably, what with Sta 0 and Persona 1, even more difficult in a Divine Aura.
Also, what is his rationale for coming to the remote, Greek, secluded and poor covenant of Meru Mudi?
It seems that this character might be more effective in towns and cities, but the Divine Aura would hamper his spell casting greatly, adding botch dice as well. Perhaps Deft Caster (Me) could help you out more than Subtle/Quiet Magic, free up points to get Improved Characteristics and Minor Focus, or Puissant, or Affinity, or Special Circumstances or Careful Sorcerer.
Anyway these are things that jumped out at me, feel free to disregard all of what I wrote, certainly not meant as a criticism, I myself am very green in Ars character builds, so my analysis might be totally off.

Happy to hear that. You have some pretty valid points below...

I would point out that he would - most of the time - come prepared, i.e. switch personae before entering auras. But that of course leaves the low chances from Sta+Persona...

Meru Mudi is open for outsiders and relatively close to the Despotate. I do see him doing longer journeys.

What about

Is the comment about non-human form just an example reasoning for not using voice and/or gestures?

That's some food for thought, thanks.

Not sure how this applies, this is not really a point I raised.
Subtle + Quiet x2 is excellent, if a major investment, to cast any spell while in nonhuman form (one of the Bjornaer in the Covenant, Arni, has just such a set of Virtues). However, I saw the focus on InMe, and did not see high Muto or the Shapeshifter/Skinchanger virtue, thus my suggestion on the Deft Mentem virtue.
You obviously know best the direction you Magus wishes to take!

You are right. My reasoning for Subtle + Quiet was not shapeshifting to non-human form, but rather casting without being noticed. So the question of Deft Form (Me) applicability is indeed important.
There is - as you noticed - a clear preference for Mentem. Although Imaginem - most notably Aura of * is a second preference that cannot be seen yet in the build. Probably most Imaginem spells can be cast upfront so that voice and gestures is less problematic...

First reaction to my question is, of course Deft Form allows no gestures and no voice without penalty also in human form. See [url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/deft-form-while-in-human-form/11920/1]

I spent a lot of time considering deft form, and in the end I found it rather expensive. It really only helps the dedicated single-form specialist. It does not help you with any of those level five spont's which random situations keep calling for, and which you want to do regardless of you specialty. It is true that subtle + 2xQuiet magic is expensive though, and I am sure there exists a strategy which calls for deft form too.

BTW. Nice backstory. Nice character.

Yeah, I also not sure what to do about it. The comments about Sta and Persona and ease factor 9 were quite valid though...

It is ... supernatural ability virtues tend only to be worth the cost if you boost the relevant characteristic :slight_smile:

You haven't spent all your xp, have you? There seems to be a lot left to raise persona :slight_smile: Or did I miscount?

60xp from skilled parens are unspent. And - as usual - so many things worth raising,... Persona, Intrigue, Etiquette, Greek, Mu, Im,... :wink:

But yeah spending all/most on Persona would be worth thinking about...

Could be a good excuse to base yourself in Meru Mudi, the 5 Aura gives a huge boost to the transformation. Would have to be really committed to that Persona, head out to the Despotate and return next season, probably no transformation mid-season. With just 2 points in Persona (10 xp) + a specialty, you'd only ever miss on a 10, which is anyway a possible botch. Still, that sort of full commitment to build an alternate identity is very Tytalus, yeah? It helps if you see the Persona as a Ritual, maybe, within your capabilities, but has to be planned for, not an everyday thing.

*edit: however, a boost to Sta 2 would be amazing for all the usual reasons

Where did you find Sta + Persona? Couldn't find it in HoH:S...

Page 89, HoH: S, Left hand uppermost insert.

Let me prevalidate another rough companion idea:

  • major flaw: Lycantrope
  • Virtues around Animal Ken and wilderness sense

Maybe "Feral upbringing" and a very young age

I could literally just run into the troupe. Either as a frightened child seeing other humans the first time in his life or in animal form (I'd favor bear or lynx over wolf, unless prey instead of predator would be ok as well; in that case a huge deer would be my favorite)

What do you think?

(from a scholar to a feral child! that's 180 degrees)

I'd think another Companion that can go on adventures (ie, some physical and combat skills) would be most welcome! For my part, my Companion character Maia is a Redcap guide with Animal Ken, but you could certainly make a much more focused character with different areas of expertise.

Note that if you make him too young, he might not be as effective as you might hope. Or he might be awesome in 5 skills, what do I know.

I think that Lycanthrope has to be some sort of scary and dangerous carnivore. I know a big deer can be very dangerous, but seems to me very non-lycanthropic.

How about making him a Mercenary Captain or Outlaw Leader and giving him a gang of grogs who all have the Skinchanger virtue? If you have some ability to enhance them, and they have each useful skill sets, they could be very effective. And they could be trained to cage you/take care of you on those bad nights... He'd need some Leadership.