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Quick question about disguise (and Personae).
HoH:S p. 87 says

I suppose that applies if Prometheus disguises himself as not-a-magus? I don't like that very much in how I see Prometheus interact with mundanes, as it changes the Guile rolls from easy to a good chance to fail... but that's the rules...

But what if one of his Personae want to disguise as some other peasant? They are of lower social status, so the penalty should not apply. Is that correct?

[tab][/tab] Those modifiers do apply to all disguise rolls. Specifically, on short term disguises, the full force of that table is applied. For magi its is especially difficult, as they need to impersonate a different social status strata (which they know little about on everyday life) plus their Gift comes through. Deep cover disguises have it a bit easier; the Reputation roll supplants the early disguise roll, and after that it diminishes some penalties to any disguise needed (The Gift still applies). Personae are different. They do not need a disguise roll, but on the down side you can't impersonate anyone. Should a magus as another Persona try to disguise himself as a person from another social strata (from the magus) the penalties would still apply, the magus is still the magus.

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Happy new year. Sounds like you indeed had a great time. Probably the four days were actually the best :wink:

Mmh, so if Benessa disguises as another women, even the gender +6 apply? That's not social status, but part of the same table.

I would have thought the change of social status or gender or stature has already been applied... Serafino acts as a merchant, why does that change when disguising? But sure, I have got no reference for the contrary and it's anyway your ruling.

Are your comments regarding Raven and interaction of covenfolk with her related to gentle gift? If so I would add that Prometheus is just as well Gentle gifted.

Couple of questions regarding bargaining with the help of magic:

  • getting the price someone is willing to pay or get payed with InMe like Posing the silent question should affect the ease factor for bargains, shouldn't it?
  • does [i]Aura of ennobled presence[/] apply?
  • could Trust of childlike Faith be of help?

From what I gather, Personas bypass the disguise rules. They are perfect, no rolls are rolled. What you are asking is when your character is in persona and disguises him/herself, if the penalties to disguise apply to the persona or the original character. I would have to say the original character. I see it as the characters inability or weakness in comprehending fully the new disguise (as in different social status or gender etc). Rules wise, it would allow people with personas to by pass most disguise rules, something I am loath to do...

Partially. A big part is that she does have the gentle gift. Another part is that she is female, somehow they started to view her as a Lady (nobility rank). Another part is that she was born and raised in a covenant. She does of course have other social minuses (like faith for example). Prometheus has the gentle gift too, but he just arrived. The covenfolk of Meru Mudi seem very clanish, mistrusting strangers...

Interesting. I'd have to say:

  • Posing the silent question: depends on how you phrase the question. I will definitely give a bonus to the bargain roll.
  • Aura of ennobled presence: Most of the time that 'natural superior-'rity would get you a better price. However the reverse could also apply, particularly when facing merchants that regularly deal with nobles. Most of the time I would say yes...
  • Trust of childlike Faith: you could make the opposing party agree to any price. No bargain roll required.

Please repost companion expenditure in 1215 xp (Temporary). My bad. All companions now have 15xp+ 2 exposure+Adventure+ (any training/teaching once-6).

Would the opposing party realize the lie after the diameter duration? I mean combined with the correct phrasing for Posing the silent question it would be an acceptable price...

I get the point about neglecting all kinds of penalties from the disguise ease factor table... However, getting rid of them requires xp in two abilities. Given that Personae is supernatural and at least the physical change of gender is a simple MuCo base 3 (the succubus/incubus trick HoH:S p. 97), does it really make Persona too strong?

I have the strong feeling that the "Gone..." story will not proceed until after someone starts looking for Anastaj and we all realize that he is - well - gone. I might be completely off though.

Am I the only one?

He/she will probably immediately realize something went wrong.

Personae make the disguise roll irrelevant in most cases. You don't mimic someone else, you make a new character. Unless someone has a very good reason to find fault with the persona, there is no way it can be pierced (barring magic I think). It's quite potent, imho.

I'd like a little more interaction on the story start and I'll proceed. Have patience :slight_smile:

I am glad if my worries about Anastaj are unjustified. Would be a severe loss for Meru Mudi.

The longer we chat with each other, the greater the dramatic effect when we realise what's actually happening.
(Also, the more time we take, the more Maia and Pavo can tell you what they found at the Tymvos!)

A vital task: to re-weave the space-time continuum back together! :laughing:

Wait, is Anastaj not at the council meeting?

As it says in the initial post - Anastaj has called a meeting on January 25th, he is busy until then and will see us all at the meeting. Since then, we've all turned up and introduced ourselves and started talking, but there's not been a word from our founder. Surely he's just busy doing whatever he's been doing for the last month since we cast the Aegis.

The first post said "All magi are present", which I had taken to include Anastaj. The "all" was bold and everything! :stuck_out_tongue: