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The SG has an out! A Magus is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to. 8)

So there is either a very small one in the basement (-1δ), a large, poorly insulated (1γ) or a standard one marked as shared (1δ) when Raven has moved to "Building outside Covenant" (no greek letter yet)?

Besides Raven's current lab none looks very appealing. And Prometheus can hardly know raven is going to move out.
I guess Prometheus is going to raise this at the council meeting.


Yes Anastaj is not there yet. He did call the meeting but he is not arrived. I just want interaction between players for now.

There are two free and two shared labs at this point. I am going to post something more substantive later.

Posted some stuff. I need to: Finish the last adventure, pass the xp expenditures, make a detailed catalogue of the vis reserves, items and books you have in the library, then add the newcomers' stuff. I am also be sending PMs on some private stuff characters found out during the year (especially busy Scylax), sometime this week. Meh....

IonianD - If you are using the "State of the nation" post as the format for keeping the covenant data up to date can you note the languages on our text please as they are a mix of Classic Greek and Latin, as you know. Given none of the magi are proficient in both yet it is quite important in planning peoples seasons.

If you are going to updating the main Meru Mundi post each year then please just ignore.

Updated things on Meru Mudi thread, added the Greek/Latin things (I assumed Ioannes wrote in Latin?). I will add what the newcomers bring too. I got Prometheus list, cant find Pierricks and still waiting on wampa to finalize 2 years of progress and his teacher specialist and stuff.

Aristocles chooses spacious for his lab using up 1 of the two available spaces.

Made none, I'll think about it.


Take your time, no rush :slight_smile:

How do you all roll dice while coyotecode is down?

using a physical dice and trusting each other to be honest.

Sounds good to me, great actually. I'll just pick some online dice roller for my physical dice are buried somewhere close to the 3rd and 4th edition books... :wink:

From "through the Aegis" p 31 there's a summa on Rego from Lorroca of Tytalus from the northern seas' covenant (Normandy tribunal) It's called On the Unnatural Promotion of Natural Processes and It's a level 11 Quality 11 written in Latin (which is 22bp but maybe we could imagine a degraded version with reduced quality if you think this is a problem)

I dont have TtA but lets say its a L11 Q11 suma on rego, by a Tytalus. For 20 points you can have: a) L11 Q9 (copied hastily twice), b) L9 Q11 (Torn and missing last part of the suma), or c) L10 Q10 (bad copy, full of smudges, on bad paper
How does that sound mechanically? Keep writer and origin. [I got no idea if it has additional properties, advise]

Sure make it option c, the book has nothing special.

Haven't heard from Quite possibly a cat for a while. Any news?

He is still posting in Presidium Orae so is definitely still on the forum.

Was contacted, characters modified. Still have the Autumn adventure to complete and spend those xps...

I am now basically fully moved into my new place so I should be able to be active again- sorry for any holdups I caused, folks!

Congrats on your move, hope you didn't lose too much stuff (I know I did, I still lament my 1rst ed D&D kit)