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Is there lab space on level 0? I am sure I saw 3x size 0 lab on that floor in one revision of the rotunda description, but now it is not clear.

(ST EDIT) I assume 0 is ground floor? Never have been any there. Its just a big open space with some columns and a walled off area for the bathroom. Hint: you need to make something out of it

He would like to do the adventure as well in Autumn 1215.

As you number them in the previous message. Right, so there is space for three labs, we just need to provide the desired walls in addition to the gear!? :slight_smile:
That supposedly means that basic labs cannot be fittted for free in the Winter of 1215.

For Aristocles lab choice is 2y as first choice followed by 1y. If he does not get either the a standard lab size 0 with no virtue or flaw would be OK.

IonianD, hi!

This may have been discussed, but should we not solve adventures in order? There's the matter of experience gained in one Season raising some total that's important/pertinent in a subsequent one.

Re: Labs
Scylax will choose last, hopefully there's one without Flaws available, but if not, he will stoically pick the best of the rest.

(ST EDIT) Here is the thing: I wanted to make adventures that are of regular sized groups. Too many times I have seen PbPs mired down because one or more players did not post for a week. This way, there is an adventure up and running for everyone. Retroactively I can add the xp, with the only caveat of adventure xps (so that exposure, lab works etc can be used in a following adventure). There will be some dissonance but I do not expect much trouble to be honest. If/when some pertinent skill is in question (something you would had raised) we'll just add the xp on the spot.

[tr][td]-1β[/td][td]0[/td][td]Low Ceiling[/td][td]Anastaj[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]-1δ[/td][td]-1[/td][td]Low Ceiling, Subterranean.[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]0[/td][td]++[/td][td][/td][td]Temporary quartes and kitchen[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1α[/td][td]?[/td][td][/td][td]Council room + library + sir Georgios[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1γ[/td][td]+2[/td][td]Poorly Insulated[/td][td][/td][td]Aristocle (2nd)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2δ[/td][td]0[/td][td][/td][td][/td][td]Arni (2nd)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2γ[/td][td]+2[/td][td][/td][td][/td][td]Arni, Aristocle[/td][/tr][/tableborder]

[tab][/tab]Thanks for the chart Ioke, why did I not think of that >_<
(As for extra conversion: yes you might do the ground level parsed into 3-4 labs though you should make chambers and a kitchen, library etc instead. You could carefully dig one more more in the basement, and/or expand the smaller one to make a normal lab, and you could construct on the roof pavilion and make some more rooms too. Lastly, Raven has now an outside lab in ''her'' house, and Anastaj is building a stone lab away from the rest of the buildings and outside the aegis for an unknown reason)


As we only have one lab contested (2y) between Arni and Aristocles do we settle by certaman, coin toss or will Anastaj make the call. Not sure Aristocles is bothered enough to certaman for it as he does not want any bad blood in the covenant but he is VERY keen on 2y.

OK. Updated chart.

Five rooms at size 0+.

whelp to you too. I don't want to throw him out, and I am afraid to ask him, I am just asking what he seems to be doing, when he suspiciously construct a new house for himself.

Assuming that the other three can agree on the three Level 1 labs (or someone wants a -1).
If the covenant can afford it, Arni would be happy to take the Size 0 temporarily, and build a lab with a roof terrace (balcony feature) on the roof in due course, living the Size 0 as a guest lab. This requires both that the carpenter can find time to build wooden housing and that we can find silver to equip a sixth lab. I suppose Raven is in this situation as well, setting up a lab in the rotunda, which can be left for guests as soon as she can build another lab in her own house. If the covenant is happy with this and can afford it, Aristocles can have the +2.

I am not sure if Arni will bother completing the construction of a standard lab in the Size 0, though, unless the covenant commissions it due to guest requirements.

My problem is that I cannot judge if the roof project is reasonable, nor what the covenant expect of each member. If the roof project seems to be working out, and the work for the covenant (including furnishing guest labs) is fairly and squarely shared (evening out over 3-4 years), Aristocles gets his favourite and we are done. SG call?

Pavo will quite happily take 2 beta and accept its size -1. While fitting his lab, he will throw out unnecessary pieces of equipment, such as those needed to bind a familiar and those needed for vis extraction, and place them in storage for the other magi. By denying himself the possibility of doing those two activities, he saves space and will save the covenant a little money. (Missing Equipment flaw).

(ST EDIT) You sir are clever. I like that.

Alexios will present himself as a specialist soldier - a naffatun is one trained in the use of Greek fire. He has a man-portable fire siphon and the muscles to haul it about, and claims to know enough alchemy to make its fuel and several other useful substances.

Don't forget that Raven's lab in the tower is explicitly a shared/guest lab.

(ST EDIT) Have you thought what Raven will do with the house?

Most have approved of this setup, I think it is going to be final. If there are no objections, could you, Ionian, copy it into the covenant thread/announcement for reference?
(If you open the edit or quote dialogue, you can copy and paste the code quickly and get the table format.)
We should really have a wiki or something for this.
[tableborder][tr][th]No.[/th][th]Size[/th][th]Virtues and Flaws (after W1215)[/th][th]Inhabitant[/th][th]Comments[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]-1β[/td][td]0[/td][td]Low Ceiling[/td][td]Anastaj[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]-1δ[/td][td]-1[/td][td]Low Ceiling, Subterranean.[/td][td][/td][td]Not equipped[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]0[/td][td]++[/td][td][/td][td]Temporary quartes and kitchen[/td][td]No dividing walls[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1α[/td][td]?[/td][td][/td][td]Council room + library + sir Georgios[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1β[/td][td]0[/td][td]Basic lab[/td][td]Scylax[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1δ[/td][td]0[/td][td]Basic lab[/td][td]Shared[/td][td]Used by Raven[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1γ[/td][td]+2[/td][td]Poorly Insulated[/td][td][/td][td]Not equipped[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2β[/td][td]-1[/td][td]Missing equipment, Basic lab[/td][td]Pavo[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2δ[/td][td]0[/td][td]Basic lab[/td][td]Arni[/td][td]To be shared[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2γ[/td][td]+2[/td][td]Basic lab + Spacious or empty[/td][td]Aristocle[/td][td][/td][/tr][/tableborder]

Copied and posted. A wiki is a good idea, however I am not gonna learn html and stuff just to make it....

Yeah. I have been wondering if the is an open source/free solution which does not require the user to handle code. The only one I am familiar with does not, but then it is a commercial product. Suggestions anyone? :slight_smile:

[tab][/tab] eldarin would like to join us. I think we got 2 spots (one I am still keeping for Solon). Should I ok him making a magi and companion. He would have to join you 'next year' officially though.

Ok by me and welcome! Hope this means we can pick up the pace on the adventures, so that this newcomer can actually join us! :wink:

Sounds good to me.

If he takes as long to complete the characters as we did, then we have a bit of time to complete current adventures. :slight_smile:
But, yes, I wouldn't mind speeding up.

I take the current comments as a positive sign (no idea how many players are here that should agree with me joining) and test immediately if I can post in this forum...

I am Jan and really looking forward to pick up Ars Magica again after about a decade. Back then we played 4th edition in person. I guess that counts as relative newbie for both Ars and play by post.

I have some thoughts on a magus, but couldn't give a ex post title yet. Should I start a character thread anyhow or is a building discussion a good fit for here?

I'll at least start here, we can move it somewhere else if that's more appropriate I suppose.

My initial idea (independent of this campaign) was to have a stonemason of House Verditius that would work towards creating enchanted buildings. I think this is not a good fit for several reasons: there is a Verditius already that stated he made clear to be the only Verditius prior to join the covenant being the most important probably. Having yet another Magus with high Terram is probably another. Last but not least I planned to take Giants blood, which is explicitly ruled out (I might have settled with Large instead though).

Now I am contemplating on what to do instead.
I thought about a Jerbiton version of the stonemason but I fail to see why he would go off to live close to nowhere... And the everybody knows Terram problem would stay.
I think about a tribunal local Tytalus (whose patens forbade joining the covenant; what better reason to do it could there be. I would actually not rule out that this was part of the parens plan). An area of study could be the conflict between opposing forms - e.g. Corpus vs. Mentem. I would go as far as designing a (major) hermetic flaw that requires all magic to include the opposing form as a requisite. I struggle to find an opponent for at least Vim and Imaginem though - maybe reduce the flaw to just elemental forms (and potentially add Elementalist on the virtues side). Would that be an acceptable flaw although it is not in any book I know of?

That's my thoughts so far. What do you all think?