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Right! I am thinking about creating a Bonisagus (Trianoma) maga, who:

Is interested in the Divine, the Dominion and gnostic Teachings. She has an aptitude for some of the magics performed by the Four Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel

She mainly pays for services etc. with Tractatii or Summae on Magic Theory, Dominion Lore or Intrigue.

She has a select group of Magi that she corresponds with. These are not necessarily the most powerful memebers of their house, but ones that show Promise.

Her magic is concentrated on Imaginem effects, mostly on gathering knowlege (The Mentem spells she knows, also mainly falls in this category- the others deal with inspiration/creativity and quelling destructive emotions). She seems interested in the applications of light and movement as well.

Filling out the role of "Knowledge about/interaction with the Church" - but very much a knowledge centered on Academics, not a love of the Church as it is. She is much more passionate about the "beautiful" things Christianity might produce, than doctrine and dogmatism. The thing seperating her from being a Jerbiton is her critique of the Church, her Gnostic knowledge, her willingness to work against the Church and destroy its Influence. She enjoys Christianity's more basic messages, such as love thy neighbour and respect thy fellow man, and dislikes the ever tighter control and influence on the Bible and Holy Texts that has been growing progressively worse over the years by the Church Fathers.

I don't know if it will be too much, but maybe we should have a Character development thread for each player? After all advancing them 40+ years is alot and there are going to be numerous posts, as well as re-reading already posted ones...?

Good plan, post your character name and I'll create a development thread for him or her.


I figured out how to select the right permission. No more worry. Thanks.

Everything is looking really great. I'll post more comments, etc in the specific threads. i wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be performing in a wrestling show this Saturday, so I'm hitting the gym extra hard this week. My previous breakneck answering speed will slow somewhat for the rest of the week, but should pick up again after Friday night.

For anyone in/near Houston, Texas please come by Fitzgerald's for Doomsday Wrestling, Saturday 8/29.

Hey that's pretty cool, good luck Caelarch!

I don't live nowhere near Texas though...

Thanks! It is always a lot of fun.

Good luck with the wrestling :slight_smile: Try not to cheat with Arts :wink:

Caelarch, who is your "Persona"? And the question is, with or without mask? :smiling_imp:

And Yan, you live closer to Texas than you live to the rest of us. :slight_smile:

I do live incredibly far from ROF, but the people in California are about as far as Caelarch, I think... or something. :slight_smile:

Illinois is much closer to Texas than Brazil :smiley:

True fact: After the fall of the Alamo and the United States decision to aid Texas (Texas at that time being a separate nation), it was the Illinois National Guard that captured Santa Anna and stole his prosthetic leg.

Yep :slight_smile:

I wrestle without a mask as the Billionaire Extradordinaire "Fortune 500." I'm a suit wearing corporate tyrant. Sadly, my bio isn't up at the website yet, but video will be soon and i'll link to it here.

My favorite wrestler of all time was Dick the Bruiser :smiley:

Also, I have requested that your editing powers be turned on.

Praise be to the Norse Gods :slight_smile:

And the Celtic and Roman and Chinese even!

I praise none of those. Just the one real one :slight_smile:



No RL religion or politics please.


sorry :mrgreen: