OOC Talk - Character Creation

This will be the thread for discussions about character creation prior to Saga start.

Name: Avellana ex Tremere Birth Name: ?
House: Mercere Age: 30 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/3
Decrepitude: Warping: Gender: Female Nationality: Hollandic Height: 5,7” Weight: 110pounds
Hair: Deep brown Eyes: Green Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: Maga
Parens: Daria la Gris ex Tremere

Voting Sigil: An acorn above a redcap hat

Int +3
Per 0
Sta 0
Str -3

Pre +2
Com +3
Qui 0
Dex 0

The Gift (Hermetic, free)
Maga in Order of Hermes (Social, free)
Minor Magical Focus (Certamen)

Affinity with Imaginem
Affinity with Mentem
Affinity with Magical Theory
Affinity with Music
Arcane Lore
Sorcerous Music
Personal Vis Source: Vim
Skilled Parens

Compassionate, major
Obsession (Bloodline), minor
Restriction Major, unknown)
Tormenting Master


Area Lore: Low Countries: [Covenants] 3
Artes Liberales: Rhetoric 1
Faerie Lore: Sidhe 2
Finesse: Imaginem 2
Folk Ken: Magi 1

Hollandic: Polite conversation 5, native
Intrigue: Alliances 1
Guile: Lying 2

Latin: Hermetic 4
Magic Lore: Low Countries 2
Magic Theory: Mentem 6
Music: Singing 5
Mystery Cult Lore (The Choristers): Initiation 4

Order of Hermes Lore: Politics 1
Parma Magica: Mentem 1
Penetration: Mentem 1
Profession Scribe (Copying) 1


Creo 5
Intellego 5
Muto 5
Perdo 5
Rego 5

Animal 5
Auram 5
Aquam 5
Corpus 5
Herbam 5

Ignem 5
Imaginem 14
Mentem 14
Terram 5
Vim 5

Spells: levels
Phantasm of the Human Form CrIm25
Prying Eyes InIm5
Summoning the Distant Image InIm25
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm10
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm10
Veil of Invisibility PeIm20

Words of the Unbroken Silence CrMe10
Memory of the Distant Dream CrMe20
Posing the Silent Question InMe20
Calm the Motion of the Heart PeMe15
Loss of But a Moment's Memory PeMe15
Aura of Rightful Authority ReMe20
Scent of peaceful Slumber ReMe20

A few question regarding our character creation. What is the limits? There are lot’s of fun thing to do with a magus for example:

  • Modify a lab. Will the benefits of that lab follow with us to the covenant or have the magi lived there for some time?
  • Enchant a familarus. What and how strong of a familari could be found?
  • Original research. Should we just stake out a goal and experiment leaving the links to the rolls could be checked and assume that any breakthrough takes place during game play.

I’ll post a character during the weekend I think or at least up till gauntlet and let the next ten years wait until we have decided upon the questions above.

We have lived at the covenant for about two seasons, getting settled in :slight_smile:

Regarding research, familiars and items - assume they have been created in standard labs, in an Aura 3, with REASONABLE resources available :slight_smile: Some leeway is allowed, but try and keep gains, enchantments etc fair and square. Assume that labs at Almelo so far are standard apart from the free boons/hooks available from covenants.

Hope it answers your questions :slight_smile:

I'll begin to work on his first 10 years out of apprenticeship. I asume that they are besides the 2 seasons that we have lived at the covenant and that those two seasons are spent at constructing a lab.

Name: Vibius Cornelius Bulba Birth Name: ?
House: Bonisagus Age: 24 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/3
Decrepitude: - Warping: -

Spell Sigil:

Int: +5 Pre: 0
Per: 0 Com: +2
Str: -1 Dex: 0
Sta: -1 Qui: 0

The Gift (Hermetic, free)
Magus in Order of Hermes (Social, free)
Puissant Magic theory (free)
Mercurian magic
Great intelligence *2
Oak guild trained
Mastered spells
Fast caster
Affinity with magic theory

Driven (minor)
Painful magic
Weak magic resistance (non hermetic magic)
Nocturnal (minor)
Fostered apprentice
Deficient form Animal

Abilities (speciality), score, (xp)

Artes Liberales (Ceremonial magic) 1
Bargain (Magical tomes) 2
Charm (First impression) 2
Code of Hermes (Rhine tribunal) 1
Concentration (Maintaining Spells) 1
Durenmar lore (library) 2
Etiquette (Magi) 2
Faerie lore (weaknesses) 1
Finesse (Craft magic) 1
Folk ken (Magi) 2
Guile (Making a trustworthy impression) 2
Infernal lore (Diabolists) 1
Intrigue (Alliances) 2
Latin (Writing) 4
Magic Lore (Hedge magic traditions) 1
Magic Theory (Harmoniser) 5+2
Medicine (therarics) 1
Order of Hermes Lore (History) 1
Parma Magica (Ignem) 1
Penetration (Vim) 1
Philosophiae (Ceremonial magic) 2
Profession: Scribe (Lab texts) 1
Profession: Trader (Bulk goods) 2
Rhine Tribunal lore (Covenants) 1
Speak Flemish (Merchant’s vocabulary) 5

Arts, score (xp)

Cr: 5 An: 0 Ig: 5
In: 5 Aq: 5 Im: 0
Mu: 0 Au: 5 Me: 0
Pe: 5 Co: 0 Te: 5
Re: 5 He: 0 Vi: 0

Spell / Book reference/ Te+Fo / Level/Casting total (Te+Fo+Sta) /Mastery score /Mastery
Air’s ghostly form/ ArM5 p. 130 / CrAu / 5 / +9 / 0
Bind wound / ArM5 p. 129/ CrCo / 10 / +4 / 0
Maintaining the demanding spell / ArM5 p. 162 / ReVi / 15 / +4 / 0
Opening the intangible tunnel / ArM5 p. 162/ ReVi / 15 / +4 / 0
The wizard’s leap / HoH:S p. 36 / ReCo / 15 / +4 / 0
Wizards sidestep / ArM5 p. 147 / ReIm / 10 / +4 / 1 / Fast cast
The far speaking voice / HoH:S p. 97 / CrMe / 20 / +4 / 2 / 2*Quiet casting
Sorcerer’s Bolt of Flame / spellswiki.wikidot.com/creo-ignem / CrIg / 10 / +9 / 3 /Penetration, Multiple castings, Magic resistance
The Spray of Poison Gas / spellswiki.wikidot.com/rego-aquam / ReAq 10 / +9 / 0


Yet to come but not that spectacular…


Name: Magnes Liparea ex Guernicus filius Valerian ex Guernicus Birth Name: Joachim
Age: 41 Size: 0 Confidence: 1 [3] Decrepitude:0 (2) Warping: 2 (17)
Gender: Male Nationality: Norman Height: 6' Weight: 180 pounds
Hair: Dark blond Eyes: Hazel Handedness: Right Religion: Seeker Title: Quaesitor
Parens: Valerian Voting Sigil: Magic Sigil: Reputation: Transitionalist 3

Personality Traits:
Driven +3
Cautious +3
Observer +2
Ponderous +1

Intelligence: +3 (Logical)
Perception: +1 (Observer)
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Presence: 0
Communication: +1 (Eloquent)
Dexterity: 0
Quickness: -1 (Ponderous)

The Gift (Hermetic, Free)
Hermetic Magus (Social, Free)
Hermetic Prestige (House, Free)
Flawless Magic (Hermetic, Major)
Affinity with Terram (Hermetic, Minor)
Puissant Terram (Hermetic, Minor)
Cautious Sorcerer (Hermetic, Minor)
Quiet Magic x2 (Hermetic, Minor)
Subtle Magic (Hermetic, Minor)
Book Learner (General, Minor)

Enemies (Story, Major)
Driven: Shape the Order in the Transitionalists' View (Personality, Major)
Covenant Upbringing (Personality, Minor)
Deficient Ignem (Hermetic, Minor)
Limited Magic Resistance: Ignem (Hermetic, Minor)
Deleterious Circumstance: Not on Solid Ground (Hermetic, Minor)

Speak French (Norman) 5, Speak Low German (Flemish) 2, Awareness (Searching) 2, Guile (Omission) 2, Folk Ken (Magi) 3, Survival (Marshes) 2, Artes Liberales (Astronomy) 2, Speak Latin (Law) 4, Magic Theory (Terram) 4, Parma Magica (Terram) 2, Normandy Tribunal Lore (History) 2, Code of Hermes (Mundane Relations) 3, Normandy Lore (Geography) 1, Etiquette (Nobility) 1, Flanders Lore (Legends) 1, Brittany Lore (Geography) 2, Friesland Lore (Legends) 1, Lotharingian Tribunal Lore (History) 2, Finesse (Precision) 1, Magic Lore (Magical Traditions) 2, Athletics (Running) 1, Philosophiae (Natural Philosophy) 2, Penetration (Terram) 1, Brawl (Dodge) 2, Single Weapon (Heater Shield) 2, Civil and Canon Law (Flanders) 1, Concentration (Spell) 1, Faerie Lore (Courts) 1.

Creo 5 (15)
Intellego 5 (15)
Muto 5 (15)
Perdo 5 (15)
Rego 5 (15)

Corpus 5 (15)
Imaginem 5 (15)
Mentem 5 (15)
Terram 7+3 (20+10)
Vim 5 (15)

Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain InTe20 (Mastered 1, Acute Sense)
Crystal Dart MuTe10 (Mastered 1, Multiple Casting)
Rock of Viscid Clay MuTe15 (Mastered 1, Multiple Casting)
Pit of the Gaping Earth PeTe15 (Mastered 1, Fast Casting)
The Unseen Porter ReTe10 (Mastered 1, Multiple Casting)
The Earth's Carbuncle ReTe15 (Mastered 1, Multiple Casting)
Hands of the Grasping Earth ReTe15 (Mastered 1, Multiple Casting)
Crest of the Earth Wave ReTe20 (Mastered 1, Fast Casting)

Year 1: Normandy Lore 1 (5), Normandy Tribunal 2 (10), Brittany Lore 2 (15) = 30 xp.
Year 2: Friesland Lore 1 (5), Low German (Flemish ) 2 (10), Lotharingian Tribunal 1 (15) = 30 xp.
Year 3: Etiquette 1, (5), Flanders Lore 1 (5), Guile 2 (10), Magic Theory (10) = 30 xp.
Year 4: Magic Theory 4 (10), Code of Hermes 3 (20) = 30 xp.
Year 5: Code of Hermes 4 (15), Finesse 2 (15) = 30 xp.
Year 6: Parma Magica 2 (10), Magic Lore 2 (15), Penetration 1 (5) = 30 xp.
Year 7: Philosophiae 2 (15), Civil and Canon Law 1 (5), Concentration 1 (5), Faerie Lore 1 (5) = 30 xp.
Year 8: Brawl 2 (15), Single Weapon 2 (15) = 30 xp.
Year 9: Creo 5 (5), Corpus 5 (5), Terram 7 (10+5), Longevity Ritual CrCo Lab Total 20 (10) = 30 xp.
Year 10: Folk Ken 3 (15), Mentem 5 (5), Vim 5 (5), Imaginem 5 (5) = 30 xp.

35: 1d10=3 +4 -1 (Standard Living Condition, ArM p. 32) = 6
36: 1d10=9 +4 -1 = 12 (1 Aging Point in Stamina)
37: 1d10=7 +4 -1 = 10 (1 Aging Point in Quickness)
38: 1d10=2 +4 -1 = 5
39: 1d10=5 +4 -1 = 8
40: 1d10=6 +4 -1 -4 (Longevity Ritual) = 5
41: 1d10=3 +4 -1 -4 = 2 (No Apparent Aging)

3 points every 2 years after Gauntlet (ArM p. 32) = 15
1 point per year after Longevity Ritual = 2
Total: 17

Ok so far...

Not too keen on the Longevity Potion favor... especially from a parens! How much would someone have charged for that... 12 pawns of Vis, including the vis used in the ritual itself? Perhaps something graver?

How long has the tribunal existed for in our game?

How about Mysteries, are they allowed in these 10 years post-gauntlet?

If so, which, and how to handle them? Does an initiation take 1 season + 1 seeking/learning/getting approval or just the 1 season?

Can we create our own Mystery Cults?

Name: Saevitius ex Tytalus Birth Name: Etienne
House: Tytalus Age: 27 (27) Size: -1 (Small Frame) Confidence Score: 2 (5)
Decrepitude: 0 (0) Warping Score: 0 (0) Gender: Male Nationality: Norman
Height: 5’2” Weight: 108 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Gray Handedness: Right
Religion: Christian Title: Magus Parens: Callistus ex Tytalus

Magic Sigil: Dirt

Int +2 (Planner), Per 0
Pre 0, Com +1 (Clear)
Str 0, Sta +2 (Scrappy)
Dex +1 (Agile), Qik -1 (Slow reflexes)

The Gift (Hermetic, free)
Hermetic Magus (Social, free)
Self-Confident (House, free)

Affinity with Terram (Hermetic, minor)
Deft Form, Terram (Hermetic, minor)
Gentle Gift (Hermetic, major)
Life Boost (Hermetic, minor)
Puissant Brawl (General, minor)
Puissant Rego (Hermetic, minor)
Spell Mastery (Hermetic, minor)
Tough (General, minor)

Deficient Animal (Hermetic, minor)
Beloved Rival (Story, minor)
Restriction (Hermetic, major) (Must be in contact with stone)
Small Frame (General, minor)
Weak Scholar (Hermetic, minor)
Wrathful (Personality, major)

Area Lore (Normandy wine making country) (good vineyards) 1
Area Lore (Small Town in Normandy wine country) (hiding places) 2
Artes Liberales (rhetoric) 1
Athletics (running) 2
Awareness (alertness) 1
Bargain (wine) 1
Brawl (bludgeon) 2
Charm (being witty) 1
Code of Hermes (apprentices) 1
Concentration (spell concentration) 1
Folk Ken (townsfolk) 1
Guile (feigning innocence) 2
House Tytalus Lore (politics) 1
Intrigue (keeping secrets) 2
Language (talking with merchants and growers) 2
Latin (Hermetic usage) 4
Magic Theory (Rego) 3
Native Language (French) 5
Parma Magica (Corpus) 1
Penetration (Rego) 1
Profession: Wine Making (choosing grapes) 2
Single Weapon (short sword) 2
Stealth (hide) 2

Reputation: none
Combat: (Modified for characteristics and abilities)
Dodging: Init -1, Atk n/a, Dfn +2, Dam n/a
Bludgeon: Init -1, Atk +6, Dfn +2, Dam +4
Short Sword: Init +0, Atk +7, Dfn +2, Dam +7
Soak: +5 (+2 Stm, +3 Tough)
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-4), -3 (5-8), -5 (9-12), incapacitated (13-16)

Cr 5, In 2, Mu 3, Pe 4, Re 6
An 0, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 4, He 2, Ig 0, Im 4, Me 4, Te 7(4), Vi 3.

Twilight Scars: none
Equipment: Wizard’s Robes, Short Sword, stone beads on a leather cord worn around the neck (talisman), The Analects of Tytalus (stored in lab)
Encumbrance: 0

Spells Known:
Confusion of the Numbed Will (ReMe15) (Mastered 2, fast casting, penetration)
Earth’s Carbuncle (ReTe15)
Earth’s Shiver (ReTe5) (Mastered 1, fast casting)
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm10)
Invisibility of the Standing Wizard (PeIm10) (Mastered 2, quiet casting, still casting)
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hands (ReCo5) (Mastered 1, penetration)
Immediate Stone (CrTe5)
Wound that Weeps (PeCo15) (Mastered 3, fast casting, penetration, multiple casting)
Trust of Childlike Faith (PeMe10) (Mastered, 1, still casting)
Masking the Odor of Magic (PeVi 15)
Wizard’s Sidestep (ReIm10)
Touch of the Pearls (InAq5) (Mastered, still casting)

The Earth’s Shiver (ReTe5)
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Part
Causes the earth in an area (about three paces wide) to buckle and become uneven. Anyone in the area must make a Dex stress roll of 6+ or trip and fall.
(Base 2, +2 Voice, +1 Part)

The Immediate Stone (CrTe5)
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Ind
Creates a fist-sized stone in the magus’ hand.
(Base 3, +2 Sun)

Character Background:
Etienne was always in trouble with his mother for getting dirty. He and his sisters would play outside, and inevitably Etienne would return home with twice as much soil on his clothes and face as his two older sisters combined. The son of a wine merchant, Etienne started accompanying his father to his shop and local vineyards when he was eight. One night, the shop was burned, and Etienne’s father was killed trying to extinguish the flames. Etienne’s mother had to take jobs as a servant to support the family, while his two older sisters lost opportunities to marry well, and went to live with relatives. Etienne had always been bullied as a child, because if his small size but with his family’s reduced status, the neighborhood tormentors took additional delight in picking on the boy. Left on his own much of the time, Etienne quickly learned to defend himself, and became adept at retaliating against his tormentors. One-on-one, Etienne was eventually able to subdue those who picked on him. Revenge on groups of bullies usually entailed methodical plans that involved getting them alone, and exacting individual tolls. On his tenth birthday, Etienne received a silver coin from his mother who had saved carefully to provide the gift. The next day, three boys rolled Etienne through the mud in the street, and took his coin while others looked on and laughed. Over the next two weeks, many of the onlookers found themselves tripping and falling into mud puddles, while Etienne looked on and laughed. Etienne snuck up on two of the main bullies and pummeled them, but the ring leader was treated to a beating with rocks, accompanied by a mud bath, in which he almost drowned. Shortly after this incident, a scholar asked to take Etienne away to be educated, offering his mother a significant amount of money. Unable to refuse, based on her situation and her exasperation with her son, Etienne’s mother agreed to the bargain.

[edited to show revised starting magus]

The favours flaw stems from Serrimita Errabunda (or whatever the official covenant of ars 5th ed. is callled). In it a maga has the eaxct same flaw, and gains a -12 Longevity potion. Now that is a GOOD flaw...so I was planning on runnng it by the group, and I will take objections into consideration :slight_smile:

Archimedes, I wouldn't mind you taking the story flaw of a magival animal companion. anyone else?

I do own mysteries, but being out of town can't remember the number of seasons required to be initiated. I am not opposed to mysteries, which one in particular do you fancy? creating your own cults...well...I'd prefer if published ones are used. Maybe later we can expand and even create one for Almelo?

Area Lore Lotharingian Tribunal is chosen to represent the 'wished for area' of this tribunal...instead of having both normandy and rhine tribunal lore, Avellana has this area lore, which covers cities, covenants, vis sites etc. in Flanders, Picardy, Lower Lorraine and parts of Upper Lorraine

I am about to make a few adjustments to Bulba (don’t ask me what he did to his master to get that name) but there are a few things and a problem that I wish to address.

  • As I will change his virtues and flaws I must know how I should handle that he will be a magister of Artibus. Should I add eight years to his age or shall I assume that his master had a private tutor for him and that it where a part of his apprenticeship. He will be a member of the collegeum and the green cockerel.
  • How should I manage the original research that he will start up with once he has finished his apprenticeship? The dice roller seems to be out of order. Shall I roll the dices at home and hope that you trust me or…


In NYC for a week.



Here is Bulba updated as he where at gauntlet. Below that is his first 10 years as a magus... read it and weep

Name: Vibius Cornelius Bulba Birth Name: ?
House: Bonisagus Age: 28 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/3
Decrepitude: - Warping: -

Spell Sigil:

Int: +5 Pre: 0
Per: 0 Com: +2
Str: -1 Dex: 0
Sta: -1 Qui: 0

The Gift (Hermetic, free)
Magus in Order of Hermes (Social, free)
Puissant Magic theory (free)
Mercurian magic
Magister in artibus
Great intelligence *2
Planetary magic
Vulgar alchemy

Ambitious (minor)
Painful magic
Weak magic resistance (non hermetic magic)
Nocturnal (minor)
Cabal legacy The Order of the Green Cockerel
Deficient form Animal

Abilities (speciality), score, (xp)

Artes Liberales (Ceremonial magic) 5
Charm (First impression) 2
Civil and cannon law (magic) 1
Code of Hermes (Rhine tribunal) 1
Concentration (Maintaining Spells) 1
Finesse (Craft magic) 1
Folk ken (Magi) 2
Guile (Making a trustworthy impression) 2
Latin (Writing) 5
Magic Lore (Hedge magic traditions) 2
Magic Theory (Traditionalist) 5+2
Medicine (therarics) 1
Order of Hermes Lore (History) 1
Parma Magica (Ignem) 1
Penetration (Vim) 1
Philosophiae (Ceremonial magic) 5
Rhine Tribunal lore (Covenants) 1
Speak Flemish (Storytelling) 5
Teaching (single student) 1

Arts, score (xp)

Cr: 5 An: 0 Ig: 5
In: 5 Aq: 5 Im: 0
Mu: 0 Au: 5 Me: 0
Pe: 5 Co: 0 Te: 5
Re: 5 He: 0 Vi: 0

Spell / Book reference/ Te+Fo / Level/Casting total (Te+Fo+Sta) /Mastery score /Mastery
Air’s ghostly form/ ArM5 p. 130 / CrAu / 5 / +9 / 0
Bind wound / ArM5 p. 129/ CrCo / 10 / +4 / 0
Maintaining the demanding spell / ArM5 p. 162 / ReVi / 15 / +4 / 0
Opening the intangible tunnel / ArM5 p. 162/ ReVi / 15 / +4 / 0
The wizard’s leap / HoH:S p. 36 / ReCo / 15 / +4 / 0
Wizards sidestep / ArM5 p. 147 / ReIm / 10 / +4 / 0
The far speaking voice / HoH:S p. 97 / CrMe / 20 / +4 / 0
Sorcerer’s Bolt of Flame / spellswiki.wikidot.com/creo-ignem / CrIg / 10 / +9 / 0
The Spray of Poison Gas / spellswiki.wikidot.com/rego-aquam / ReAq 10 / +9 / 0
Convenient Placement of Soil / spellswiki.wikidot.com/creo-terram / CrTe / 3 / + 9 / 0
Load of a Thousand Wheelbarrows / spellswiki.wikidot.com/creo-terram / CrTe / 3 / +9 /0
Gift of the Roc / spellswiki.wikidot.com/creo-terram / CrTe / 3 / +9 /0


Yet to come but not that spectacular…

After apprenticeship

Year 1-4
Study Auram, terram, creo and rego, New score 9 in each art.

Year 5
Study Parma magica, new score 2, Magic lore, new score 2, The Order of the Green Cockerel Lore 1, Mastery of The far speaking voice, new score 1, mastery ability; quiet magic.

Year 6
Bulba starts up with his original research to align hermetic magic to Plato’s philosophy as mentioned in A&A on page 11. This should according to A&A be a minor breakthrough.

Season 1: Invent Rarefy the crude air CrAu 30 with experimentation; Lab total 34 + 6 from dice roll: Total 40 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197674/

Extra ordinary effect from season 1 (I will roll multiple dices on use them in order as there is a risk for disasters and so on. The dices will be used in the order as they are needed.) invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197687/

First roll 6 -2 for risk modifier gives the result of 4 that gives no extraordinary effects.

Season 2: Second set of dice rolls: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197697/

Roll of 7 -2 risk modifier = 5 gives a side effect: Major flaw Suggested major flaw is that the summoned air elemental is hostile to everyone, there for it must be controlled by magic or by other means kept safe. It is impossible to train an elemental summoned with this spell according to the rules of RoP:M p. 81-82

Season 3: Third set of dice rolls: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197713/

Roll of 2 -2 risk modifier = 0 no extra ordinary effect

Bulba has now invented Rarefy the crude air CrAu 30 (works as rarefy the crude water on p. 133 of RoP:M) but has a major flaw.

Season 4: Bulba continues with his original research, this time by inventing a ward against magical creature of the air lv. 15. Lab total 33 + 2 dice roll = 35 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197722/

Extra ordinary effect roll invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197725/

Roll of 6 -2 in risk modifier = 4 for no extra ordinary effects.

Ward against magical creatures of the air works as ward against faeries of the air in ArM5 p. 128 but against magical creatures.

Year 7

Bulba continues his work.

Season 1

Bulba tries to invent the following spells in his original research:

  • The circle of warmth CrIg lv. 5
  • The fragile lantern CrIg lv. 10
  • Palm of flame lv.5

Simple die roll for CrIg spells: 6 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197733/

Lab total: 33+6=39 this is to low to invent all spells in one season so Bulba drops the Palm of flame from the inventions.

Extra ordinary effect for The circle of warmth: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197736/
Roll of 3 +1 for risk modifier gives no extra ordinary effects.

Extra ordinary effects for The fragile lantern: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197742/

Roll of 9 +1 for risk modifier gives a discovery!

Circle of warmth CrIg lv. 5
R: Touch D: Ring T: Circle

Make the area within the circle warm and comfortable for humans.
Base level 2 +1 touch + 2 Ring = Total level 5

Season 2

Happy from his slight breakthrough Bulba tries to stabilize his discovery. As there are no need for another roll I just roll the extraordinary effect roll. invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197746/

Roll of 3 +1 risk modifier give no extra ordinary effects and thus the breakthrough is stabilized. Bulba has now 2 breakthrough points towards discovery.

Warping roll: 2 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197750/ Bulba suffers no warping.

Season 3

Bulba make a longevity ritual for himself: -5 to ageing rolls.

Season 4

Bulba continues his research and invents True sight of the air InAu 15 (ArM5 p. 127). As he need to roll a 1 or more on the simple die I skip that step.

Roll for extraordinary effects: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197767/

Roll 7 -1 in risk modifier gives a side effect. The roll of 4 gives the spell a minor side effect. Suggested minor side effect is that the spell cause the wind to drop slightly in intensity. Not enough to affect something but enough to be noticeable. The effect ends when the spell does.

Ageing roll: 3 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197770/ +4 for age -1 for living conditions -5 for longevity ritual = 1 No apparent ageing

Year 8

Season 1

Bulba continues with his original research. This time he invents Conjuring the Wizards sanctum CrTe lv. 30, a spell of his own devising.

Lab total 33 +5 from dice roll, invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197803/

Extra ordinary effects season 1
Dice rolls: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197805/

First roll 8 +2 in risk modifier= 10 gives a discovery! Now Bulba just have to not screw this up…

Season 2

Dice roll: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197808/

First roll of 1 gives that the second is dubbled so 4*2+2 = 10 still on the path of discovery. 

Season 3

Dice roll: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197811/

First roll of 8 +2 in risk modifier give 10, this could be a real discovery…

Season 4

Dice roll: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197816/

First roll of 1 does that the second of 8 is double +2 for risk; total 16 thus Bulba most roll twice…

First of the two rolls… 1; 8*2+2= 16 two more rolls…
The second of the first two dices give a 3+2 for risk make a side effect.

Simple dice for side effect: 5 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197824/ Minor side effect. Suggested effect is that the ground near the structure are make even in a pace diameter of the structure.

Now two more extraordinary effects, more dice must be rolled… Second set of rolls invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197828/

First roll: 6 +2 for risk gives a complete failure… Bulba realises that his experiment where built on some false premises and thus he has wasted a year.

Ageing roll: 2*3 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197841/ +4 for age -1 living condition -5 longevity ritual= 5 apparent ageing increases.

Year 9

Bulba is not dishearten by his complete failure but continue his effort.

Season 1

Invents Command the living air ReAu 20.

Simple die roll: 2 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197855/

Labtotal: 33+2 from dice roll = 35

Extra ordinary effect roll invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197862/

Roll of 8 +2 in risk modifier = 10 A new discovery!
Season 2

Extraordinary effect roll invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197868/

Roll: 0 and at least 2 more 2 gives that this experiment is a disaster…

Simple dice roll for disaster: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197873/

Roll: 6 +2 risk modifier -0 perception = 8 Bulbas experiment endangers the entire covenant by the summoning of a most angry zephyr.

Season 3

Bulba makes a humiliating penance for his experiment that went wrong. Bulba thinks that he should find a new covenant as soon as the opportunity arises…

Season 4

Bulba makes another attempt at inventing Command the living air CrAu lv. 20

Simple die roll: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197890/

Labtotal: 33+1=34

Extra ordinary effect roll invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197893/

Roll of 6 -2 in risk modifier = 4 No extraordinary effect

Year 10

Season 1

Extra ordinary effect roll invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197900/

Roll of 3-2 = 1 No extraordinary effect

Command the living air ReAu lv. 20 as Command the living fire RoP:M p. 133 but work on air elementals

Season 2

Invents Flight of the magus Cr(Re)Au 25.

Simple die roll: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197916/

Labtotal 33+8 from die roll= 41

Extraordinary effect roll invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197918/

Roll of 6 -2 risk = 4 gives no extraordinary effect
Season 3

Extraordinary effect roll invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197922/

Roll: 3 -2 risk = 1 gives no extraordinary effect

Flight of the Magus Cr(Re)Au 25 as Wings of the soaring winds but with range personal.

Season 4

Bulba continues his research by inventing Howl of the Steel Weapons InTe 15

As a simple dice roll of 1 or more is needed I skip that step.

Extraordinary effect roll: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197939/

As the first dice is a 0 there is a risk for a botch the first 4 dices show no botch but two more is needed. Sadly a 0 is rolled and thus it is a disaster…

Simple die for disaster: invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2197944/

Roll 1 + 2 risk -0 perception = 3 Destroyed experiment and Bulba also blow up his stack of vis he had been hoarding for the move to a new covenant. So, he thinks, it’s time to pack my bags and head for a new home.

Dubble post I know but once Bulba is approved off I make a new write up on him after his first 10 years and also here is his last ageing roll


Roll: 7 + 4 age -1 living condition -5 for longevity ritual = 5 apparant age increase

I modified my earlier post with a draft of Saevitius newly gauntleted. I do still plan on advancing him a few years, but still need to work on that.

Here is a draft of the magical badger. My brief historical check on badgers seemed to indicated they were thought to be related to bears. I used the Creature guidlines from ArM5, but referred to the downloadable Book of Mundane Beasts for ideas.
Magical Badger (Brock)

Magic Might: 12 (Animal)
Characteristics: Int -1, Per +1, Pre –1, Com 0, Str 0, Sta +2, Dex 0, Qik 0
Size: -2
Age: n/a
Decrepitude: n/a
Virtues and Flaws: Ferocity (protecting home), Greedy (minor), Puissant Burrow, Tough
Personality Traits: Aggressive +1
Reputations: Ill-tempered (local) 1
Combat: (Teeth) Init 0; Att +4; Def +2; Dam +1
Soak: +5
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-3), -3 (4-6), -5 (7-9), Inc (10-12)
Fatigue Levels: OK, Winded (0), Weary (-1), Tired (-3), Dazed (-5), Unconscious
Abilities: Athletics (Burrowing) +2, Awareness (at night) +3, Brawl (bite) +2, Hunt (rodents) +2, Survival (in winter) +3
Intimidate Animals: 6 points, Init +5, Animal: Causes one near animal to run away in fear. A successful Brave stress roll of 9+ resists.
Transformation of Earth and Stone: 4 points, Init +2, Terram: Causes one cubic pace of dirt to be transformed into stone by touch, or vice-versa.
Equipment: none
Encumbrance: 0
Vis: 2 pawns of Terram in the front claws
Appearance: A typical badger, with a wedge-shaped head with black and white stripes. Brock’s right ear is black, and the left one is white.

Ouch! That angry zephyr must have been pretty exciting! :astonished: How far away is Bulba's original Covenant? Would the magi at Almelo have heard about any of the "disasters"? Spectacular results could give one quite a reputation :wink:

And using up his stack also brings the next question to mind: what sort of vis stores would each individual magus have with them at the start of play, if any?

The Vis stores of the covenant is what is available at character creation. Assume that Personal Vis Sources have een used on other things. The virtue grants 3 pawns /year

Is it possible to use vis during character advancement? I was thinking about spending a year creating a talisman... But if no vis is available for this, I'll spend my time studying and inventing spells.

I have not set a location for Bulba’s previous covenant. But sure some rumour or at least a hint could be known. After all there are not that many magi who risk devastating their covenant. I wrote the thing about the vis stores because he disaster table said that something precious where destroy. As Bulba has no precious possession then (no magical item or fancy lab items) then I wrote something. It’s up to ROF but I used the rules for advancement beyond apprenticeship that are in the rulebook. There is few lines there about the use of vis. Now as you all figured out I wished a few times that a few electonical dices would fall in an other dircection but at least they would give Bulba some character and a reason for that ambitious personality flaw. Five years of original research, two disaster and one year a complete waste. Well I recon I made the bad rolls for this campaign. :smiley: