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My main focus is that people on average do not gain more xp pr. year than the 30 mentioned in AM5th.

Regarding Talismans go right ahead, excercise restraint though. Your lab would be a +0, Aura 3, number and type of pawns of Vis up to you. I trust the my players, but would like to see that trust returned with consideration regarding power lvl. etc. :slight_smile:

Other uses of vis (Studying from it being the most significant) is possible, as long as the average of 30 xp is used (Which is how I build Avellana a flat 30xp every year out of Gauntlet)

But they do! :slight_smile:

Well rectify it immediatedly :wink:

Finished character until gauntlet, post-gauntlet years to come!

Also, a few changes were made to Virtues & Flaws.

As for Mystery Cult, the one I'm interested in doesn't really have any details about it: Guernicus Terram Cult. How about I just put together a list of scripts and Virtues for low initiates, and we come up with the rest in play?

Sounds good to me Yan, I'll just give it a read tomorrow :slight_smile:

Here is a draft of Saevitius 10 years post-gauntlet. (I need to make two aging rolls, and adjust warping, I believe.) This is my first time inventing items and spells using 5th ed rules, so comments are really appreciated.

Name: Saevitius ex Tytalus Birth Name: Etienne
House: Tytalus Age: 35 (??) Size: -1 (Small Frame) Confidence Score: 2 (5)
Decrepitude: 0 (0) Warping Score: 0 (0) Gender: Male Nationality: Norman
Height: 5’2” Weight: 108 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Gray Handedness: Right
Religion: Christian Title: Magus Parens: Callistus ex Tytalus
Magic Sigil: Dirt

Int +2 (Planner), Per 0
Pre -2 (Nondescript), Com +1 (Clear)
Str +2 (Scrappy), Sta +2 (Scrappy)
Dex +1 (Agile), Qik -1 (Slow reflexes)

The Gift (Hermetic, free)
Hermetic Magus (Social, free)
Self-Confident (House, free)

Affinity with Terram (Hermetic, minor)
Deft Form (Hermetic, minor)
Gentle Gift (Hermetic, major)
Life Boost (Hermetic, minor)
Puissant Brawl (General, minor)
Puissant Rego (Hermetic, minor)
Spell Mastery (Hermetic, minor)
Tough (General, minor)

Deficient Animal (Hermetic, minor)
Magical Animal Companion (Story, minor)
Restriction (Hermetic, major) (Must be in contact with stone)
Small Frame (General, minor)
Weak Scholar (Hermetic, minor)
Wrathful (Personality, major)

Normandy Lore (personalities) 2
Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 1
Athletics (running) 1
Awareness (alertness) 1
Brawl (bludgeon) 3
Code of Hermes (wizards’ war) 1
Concentration (maintaining spells) 1
Folk Ken (townsfolk) 1
Guile (feigning innocence) 1
Intrigue (plotting) 2
Latin (Hermetic usage) 4
Magic Theory (Rego) 4
Parma Magica (Corpus) 3
Penetration (Rego) 2
Profession: Wine Making (choosing grapes) 1
Single Weapon (short sword) 2
Stealth (hide) 3

Reputation: none
Combat: (Modified for characteristics and abilities)
Dodging: Init -1, Atk n/a, Dfn +3, Dam n/a
Bludgeon: Init -1, Atk +7, Dfn +4, Dam +4
Short Sword: Init +0, Atk +6, Dfn +3, Dam +7
Soak: +5 (+2 Stm, +3 Tough)
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-4), -3 (5-8), -5 (9-12), incapacitated (13-16)

Cr 8, In 4(1), Mu 5, Pe 6, Re 8
An 2, Aq 2, Au 6, Co 9, He 1, Ig 7, Im 2, Me 5, Te 10(2), Vi 5.

Twilight Scars: none
Equipment: Wizard’s Robes, Short Sword, stone beads on a leather cord worn around the neck (talisman)
Encumbrance: 0

Spells Known:
Blade of Virulent Flame (CrIg15)
Circle of Beast Warding (ReAn5)
Confusion of the Numbed Will (ReMe15) (Mastered 2, fast casting, penetration)
Earth’s Carbuncle (ReTe15) (Mastered 1, penetration)
Earth’s Prison (CrTe(Re)20) (Mastered 1, fast casting)
Earth’s Shiver (ReTe5) (Mastered 1, fast casting)
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm10)
Invisibility of the Standing Wizard (PeIm10) (Mastered 2, quiet casting, still casting)
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hands (ReCo5) (Mastered 1, penetration)
The Immediate Stone (CrTe5)
The Wound that Weeps (PeCo15) (Mastered 3, fast casting, penetration, multiple casting)
Trust of Childlike Faith (PeMe10) (Mastered, 1, still casting)
Ward Against Faeries of the Wood (ReHe 15)
Wizard’s Sidestep (ReIm10)

The Earth’s Shiver (ReTe5)
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Part
Causes the earth in an area (about three paces wide) to buckle and become uneven. Anyone in the area must make a Dex stress roll of 6+ or trip and fall.
(Base 2, +2 Voice, +1 Part)

The Immediate Stone (CrTe5)
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Ind
Creates a fist-sized stone in the magus’ hand.
(Base 3, +2 Sun)

Character Advancement
Years 1-6: Raise arts new score/points needed(180 points total)
Cr 7/ 22
Re 8/ 15
Mu 5/ 9
Pe 6/ 11
In 4(1)/ 10
Te 9(4)/ 15 becomes 23 with Affinity
Co 9 / 30
Au 6 / 18
Vi 5 / 5
Ig 7 / 25
Magic Theory 4/ 20

Year 7: Open necklace of stones for enchantment (4 pawns of vis to open)
Attune necklace as talisman
Instill a version of Lift the Dangling Puppet (R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Individual) (ReCo5: Base 4, +1 Conc); Effect Level is 15: Base 5 + 5 (24 uses per day) +5 (device maintains concentration); Lab Total Re8 + Co9 + Int2 + MT4+1 + Aura3 + PuissantRe3 + TalismanBonus5 = 35, so instilled in one season using 2 pawns of vis.
Instill a version of Ward Against Heat and Flame (R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Ind) which gives +10 to Soak against all fire-related damage. (ReIg10: Base 4, +1 for up to +10 damage, +1 Concentration); Effect Total is 15: Base 10 + 5 (device maintains concentration); Lab Total Re8 + Ig7 + Int2 + MT4(+1) + Aura3 + PuissantRe3 + TalismanBonus5 = 33, so instilled in one season using 2 pawn of vis.

Year 8: Raise Arts and Parma (30 points)
Parma Magica 3/ 25
Te 10(2) / 5 (becomes 8 with Affinity)

Year 9: Invent [i]Blade of Virulent Flame /i. Lab Total: Cr7 + Ig7 + Int2 + MT4 + Aura3 = 23. Accumulate 8 points in Season 1 and another 8 in Season 2, so invented in two seasons.
Spend one season raising Cr to 8
Invent Longevity Ritual. Lab Total: Cr8 + Co9 + Int2 + MT4 + Aura3 = 26. Requires seven pawns of vis, and gives -6 to aging rolls.

Year 10: Invent Earth’s Prison. CrTe(Re)20 (R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Group) Creates and holds in place a dome-shaped earthen room with outside dimensions six paces across and four paces tall, with walls two paces thick. (Base 1, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +1 for requisite) Lab Total: Cr8 + Te10 + Int2 + MT4 + Aura3 = 27. Accumulate 7 points in Seasons 1 through 3, and the spell is invented in three seasons.
Master Earth’s Prison: Advancement Total: Practice = 5. Spell is mastered with the fast casting specialty

Sounds good to me Archimedes.

Looks like we have two Terram specialists in the covenant, which could either be cool or lame.

I'm willing to shift focus if you guys think it best though, so let me know!

Nothing wrong with two Terram Specialists :slight_smile: Might be what our covenant shall be known for :slight_smile:

Sounds good.

Hey, the Guernici aren't very exclusive about who joins in the Terram Cult as long as Terram is a specialty, so your character may even be invited during play, at some point :slight_smile:

Which book has info on this? I only have ArM5, Covenants, and ToME right now. I wanted to get HoH:S to get a few more Tytalus ideas, but it is apparently unavailable.

You can find it in HoH: TL but there is only a single paragraph about it so I wouldn't bother if I were you.

I will be posting a few Initiation Scripts in the next few days however...

Also, are we using the standard +1 Living Condition and 2 Warping/Year suggested on p. 32 ROF? It seems to be a bit too much on the Warping, since we'd all be at least Warping 2 by now (20 points for 10 years out of Gauntlet).

I think we will go with 3 warping points/2 years, cutting us a 1 warping point deal :wink:

Normal living conditions of +1 yes :slight_smile:

Hey ppl, back from vacation. Looking at the houses of your characters i decided to play a Jerbiton mage.
But i dont want him to have the gentle gift.

Which leads me to a few questions:

  • I vaguely remember that the gift modifier of -3 also counts, when beeing teached by a non-gifted individual, meaning the mage gets -3 xps. But i cant find it in the rulebook. Anyone know what i mean?
  • Extending your parma magica to another person should make that person not suffer the -3 modifier or sense the gift. But the rulebook says, that you need a persons consent to extend your parma on him. How can you give your consent without knowing what a parma magica is/does?? Does that mean i cant extend my parma on a random monk without explaining what i wanna do first? Anyone of you had that problem before?

And one more question:
What language(s) is/are spoken in the area of our covenant? What about the new tribunal?
Dutch? frisian? flemish? german? anything else?
Dont wanna be unable to speak to the locals....

Extending your Parma can be done without the other person knowing it (as far as I know)

And I don't remember anything about a -3 to study/teaching totals due to the Gift?

The area around Deventer speaks Veluws, north is Frisian and Drents, west is Hollandic, south is South guelderisch and east is Guelderisch-OverIjssels. All Languages default to each other with -1.


The rule is that all social activities are affected by the Gift. Teaching, being a kind of social interaction, is therefore affected.

One of the books mentions the teaching problem, as an aside. considers It might even be the main book, when discussing training apprentices, who need to be covered by Parma to get the full benefit.



I've been working on Saevitius' personality a bit, and came up with some narrative about his life pre-gauntlet. I am waiting for the arrival of HoH:S in the mail before I tweak him too much. (And I feel the need to have a story behind some of those warping points! :slight_smile: )

Anyway, here's some flavor for his background: (If this kind of thing is too long, please let me know.)
Etienne was always in trouble with his mother for getting dirty. He and his sisters would play outside, and inevitably Etienne would return home with twice as much soil on his clothes and face as his two older sisters combined. The son of a wine merchant, Etienne started accompanying his father to his shop and local vineyards when he was eight. One night, the shop was burned, and Etienne’s father was killed trying to extinguish the flames. Etienne’s mother had to take jobs as a servant to support the family, while his two older sisters lost opportunities to marry well, and went to live with relatives. Etienne had always been bullied as a child, because of his small size but with his family’s reduced status, the neighborhood tormentors took additional delight in picking on the boy. Left on his own much of the time, Etienne quickly learned to defend himself, and became adept at retaliating against his tormentors. One-on-one, Etienne was eventually able to subdue those who picked on him. Revenge on groups of bullies usually entailed methodical plans that involved getting them alone, and exacting individual tolls. On his tenth birthday, Etienne received a silver coin from his mother who had saved carefully to provide the gift. The next day, three boys rolled Etienne through the mud in the street, and took his coin while others looked on and laughed. Over the next two weeks, many of the onlookers found themselves tripping and falling into mud puddles, while Etienne looked on and laughed. Etienne snuck up on two of the main bullies and pummeled them, but the ring leader was treated to a beating with rocks, accompanied by a mud bath, in which he almost drowned. Shortly after this incident, a scholar asked to take Etienne away to be educated, offering his mother a significant amount of money. Unable to refuse, based on her situation and her exasperation with her son, Etienne’s mother agreed to the bargain.

… Armand and his two friends sauntered around the corner of the building just a few paces in front of Etienne. His first instinct was to run, but Michel, always alert and very fast, got behind Etienne quickly, blocking his exit. Jerome was the one to worry about however. He knew just where on your arm to dig his fingernails so anyway you moved it felt like your skin would come off. Etienne dodged Armand’s first blow, which only served to recall for Armand the last time the two had met alone, when Etienne had managed to bloody the bigger boy’s nose and escape unscathed. “Squash the bug,” Armand snarled. Etienne managed to get one punch in Jerome’s gut, avoiding the fingernails that grabbed for his arm, but Michel grabbed his arms from the back and held on while Armand’s second swing caught Etienne just below the ribs. Jerome grabbed for Etienne’s arm again, but missed, hooking his hand into Etienne’s shirt instead. The shirt ripped as Etienne struggled to free himself from Michel’s hold and Armand’s oncoming fist. There was a small ping and splush as Etienne’s birthday coin dropped from his ripped pocket, hit a stone, and bounced into the mud. Michel pushed Etienne into Armand’s arms and went after the coin. Armand pushed him back, and off-balance, Etienne fell into the mud. The crowd of boys that always seemed to appear when a fight took place snickered as Etienne tried to wipe mud out of one eye with an already dirty hand. Armand bellowed “Gimme that!” but Michel was already running away with Etienne’s small fortune. Etienne grunted as Jerome kicked him in the side; “Look at the bug crawling through the dirt!” “Anymore pennies, Bug?” Armand ripped off the rest of Etienne’s shirt, and gave him another kick. Etienne tried to stand up, but Armand planted a foot on his back, pushing the smaller boy back into the dirt, while he groped the shirt for any more coins. “Should’ve given me the coin, Bug. Might’ve saved you a mud bath!” Jerome laughed, “He probably stole it from his momma while she was on her back earning another!” He aimed another kick at Etienne’s side. Armand dragged the ruined shirt through the mud and dropped it on Etienne’s head. “Next time, stay in the dirt, where you belong, Bug. C’mon Jerome, let’s find Michel before he hides that coin.” Armand and Jerome ran off as the onlookers laughed and the mud dripped down Etienne’s face. He knew he could not get his coin back, but he also knew how to find Michel and Jerome alone. Armand would be trickier to catch off-guard, especially after the last time. Through the tears and dirt, Etienne glared at the dispersing crowd, remembering everyone who saw his humiliation. Grimly, he thought they would find it hard to laugh with mouths full of mud. One of the last boys to leave, still snickering at Etienne, heaved a ball of mud toward him. Etienne smiled, and the boy tripped as he left the scene, falling face first into the mud. Armand would certainly pay for this latest beating, with interest.

Etienne smiled grimly as he left the stable. The muffled screams ended with the loud thunk of stone hitting the straw-strewn floor, and he released the spell. Creating the rock was so easy since Callistus had lent him that book on Terram, even if it did require him to catch his breath afterward. Etienne wondered why he could do things with Terram without the words or gestures Callistus was teaching him. He thought about asking his magister, but figured it might be better to keep that bit a secret. Nevertheless, he was glad he had practiced on the dog first, as conjuring a rock around someone’s head took a little concentration. Unlike the dog, the stable hand, Armand, would live, much like the Armand who called him “Bug” back in his hometown. Etienne sighed as the anger left him. The stable hands’ laughter as he left them last evening had been infuriating, and he could have sworn he heard the word “bug” from one of them. They still viewed him as inconsequential, even though he had been training with Callistus for the last six years. True, they had called off the dog long enough for that poor badger to escape when he told them to stop, but they were only surprised by his command, then angry that their sport had ended with several bets unresolved. While they would never lay a hand on the Master’s apprentice, the stable hands had a habit of finding small ways to let Etienne know what they thought of him. Earlier today, Armand had deliberately dropped the muck rake where it would splatter his clothes. Etienne had learned long ago that telling Callistus about taunts and pranks like this only earned him a lecture about strength and determination, so Etienne figured that Callistus would approve of his show of magical strength tonight. Either that or start in again about how strength came from more than just magic. That was one of the reasons Callistus had insisted Etienne practice with the grogs. A rustle in the bushes to his left brought Etienne’s thoughts back to the present, and he quickly cast The Earth’s Shiver to unbalance the stable hand that might be lurking there. He drew his sword as the bushes trembled in the moving earth, and a badger ambled onto the path, apparently unaffected by the tremor. Etienne recognized the creature from last night, with its left ear white where the right was black, and the badger stared back with what appeared to be a quizzical expression on its striped face.

Fun stuff!

I should get to writing my background as well... just so much stuff to write lately! :slight_smile:

[size=85]Joachim was the second son of Pierro, one of the high ranked custos at Confluensis, and soon identified as gifted. Taken as an apprentice by the Chief Hoplite as soon as he was of age, he had little time to enjoy his childhood or play with the other kids - it was training and more training and more training. Valerian was quite pleased to see the boy had potential in the art of Terram, as well as his natural curiosity and sense of justice.

For his first five years of apprenticeship, Joachim never left the covenant, and his pater left him alone in the sanctum quite often as he travelled throughout Normandy hunting the criminals of the order. This gave Joachim some degree of freedom in what to study, as Valerian's sanctum always had a handful of books on different subjects lying about. One such book had been written by Quaesitor Simprim, advocating such changes in the Oath and Code of Hermes as to foster closer relations with the mundanes, more rights to the Quaesitores and a reformulated punishment system for transgressors. As he read the book, Joachim saw his pater wounded at times, away for months at others. He questioned Valerian on why there were so many criminals in the Order, and if a harsher code of law mightn't discourage them. Valerian answered as best as he could, without taking sides, but it was no good. Joachim had already been sold to Simprim's ideals, and the apparently endless job of his pater seemed only to reinforce his beliefs.

Right after his gauntlet, the magi at Confluensis had become agitated with news of a possible conspiracy (as some put it) to recreate the Lotharingian Tribunal and shape it in lawlessness and deception. The orders from Magvilus arrived fast, and they were quite clear: Whatever the situation, House Quaesitor was to start a covenant in the intended area to ensure the new Tribunal, if it ever came to be, would not be the Order's demise. What the magi at Confluensis could not agree on was who to send, and when. Joachim, who had taken the name Liparea, stepped up. The elder magi eyed him suspiciously. Why did he want to be involved in such thing? A newly gauntlet magus? But Valerian defended his filius, and in the end it was agreed that he would serve as an advanced party - a scout, if you will.

His mission agreed upon, Liparea packed his things and spent the following three years travelling around the areas of the previous Lotharingian Tribunal, meeting the magi and the covenants within its old borders. Returning home, he reported to the senior Quaesitores, telling them he had established a small correspondence network with those magi who had openly Many of the magi at Confluensis were still suspicious of him, and news of his journeys reached those established covenants in the Rhine and Normandy who stood to lose influence and power if the new Tribunal was to be created. The magi at Fengheld and Oculus Setentrionalis, seeing the opportunity for a scapegoat should the plans for the new Tribunal go south, begun spreading rumours about the intentions of House Quaesitor - particularly those of open Transitionalist propension. Liparea had not only been travelling extensively and openly questioning magi in regards to a new Lotharingian Tribunal, he had also been advocating the major changes to the Peripheral Code that could be exacted, the possibilities of a Tribunal shaped in the Transitionalist's view.

He became an instant celebrity, and House Guernicus was divided. The Traditionalist loathed him for his Transitionalist propaganda and allied with the magi at Durenmar, Irencilia and Crintera - those whose influence and dominance was at greater risk. The Transitionalists didn't openly side with Liparea as a faction, although a few individuals did. The concern of the majority who did not was that his actions might bring notoriety to the movement, in what could prove to be his undoing.

With most of his own House against him, and several other magi throughout the Order, Liparea retreated into Confluensis and found solace in his studies. The following years were relatively calm, as he quieted his ideas into his correspondence network and bid his time. But magi have long memories, and none forgot. Three years later he received a letter from the Quaesitor Tectonius, based in the Roman Tribunal. Their conversations focused around how the Transitionalist movement should be elaborated upon and spread to the order, the problems with the Peripheral Code both in Normandy, Rhine and Rome, and the Terram Cult within House Guernicus. It wasn't long before Tectonius invited Liparea to visit him at Rome, where two important things happened of importance: he was introduced to several prominent Transitionalists from all the Tribunals at a symposium on the New Dawn of Order; and he was initiated into the Terram Cult of House Guernicus. Tectonius turned out to be a good friend of his pater, Valerian, who had been asked to test Liparea's determination and sense of justice. Liparea had been measured and weighted, and had been deemed worthy.

With renewed certainty in his cause, he added the name Magnes to his own and returned to Confluensis, starting once again his public defense of the Lotharingian Tribunal - this time finding and securing for himself a position far from Confluensis, at the covenant of Almelo, at the heart of the disputed area.


Uh... I just realized I did something really wrong in the math here... He is was born and raised in the covenant, and taken as an apprentice at age 5. After his gauntlet he should be 20, and then 30 as the game starts. For some reason I can't remember I had him listed at 41 and the xp was all wrong. Turns out I don't even have to start rolling for aging yet!

So hmm... I'll revise the whole thing and get back to you guys... :confused:

Thanks Ovarwa, it was indeed the paragraph about teaching apprentices. Good memory!

Now for my mage. After being stuck for a while, it finally came together, or at least i think it did. General history ist decided, but writing it down will take a moment that i dont have right now. Advancement is not set in stone yet, but generally decided.

2 more questions:

  • I plan my magical animal companion to be a squirrel (should be about size -6 ?!?) with some stealthy skills and Intelligence of +2. Binding through Creo and Mentem. Does that sound ok to you?
  • The use of how much vis during our 10 year advancement should be considered excessive? I plan to use about 15-20 pawns of vis during that time. Too much? Ok if i change my last virtue into a personal vis source?

Anyway, heres my mage or at least what is decided so far. Other comments are of course also welcome:

Name: Pelegan ex Jerbiton filius Felix ex Jerbiton Birth Name: Johann van Dijk
Age: 27 Size: 0 Confidence: 1 [3] Decrepitude:0 (0) Warping: 0 (0)
Gender: Male Nationality: Dutch Height: 5´ 10" Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: brown Eyes: brown Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: -
Parens: Felix Voting Sigil: a miniture book engraved with the mentem symbol Magic Sigil: resin (mostly the smell or the tenacity) Reputation: -

Personality Traits:
Scholarly +3
Disciplined +3
Brave +2

Intelligence: +2
Perception: 0
Strength: -1
Stamina: 0
Presence: +1
Communication: +5
Dexterity: -2
Quickness: +1

The Gift (Hermetic, Free)
Hermetic Magus (Social, Free)
Good Teacher (House, Free)
Mythic Blood, feat: change into a bear, MuCo30, Base 10, +2 Sun duration, +1 Size, +1 requisite so that clothing changes too (Hermetic, Major)
Minor Magic Focus: wood (Hermetic, Free)
Free Study (Hermetic, Minor)
Deft form: mentem (Hermetic, Minor)
Personal vis source: 3 rego vis/year (Hermetic, Minor)
Great Communication x2 (General, Minor)
Skilled Parens (Hermetic, Minor)
Cyclic magic (positive): Spring and Summer Season (Hermetic, Minor)

Magical animal companion (Story, Minor)
Amibitious (Personality, Major)
Envious (Personality, Free)
Difficult longevity ritual (Hermetic, Major)
Fragile constitution (General, Minor)
Loose magic (Hermetic, Minor)
Flawed parma magica: Herbam (Hermetic, minor)

Speak Dutch (negotiations) 5, Athletics (Running) 1, Awareness (Alertness) 2, Folk Ken (Nobles) 2, Survival (forests) 1, Swim (long distances) 1, Charm (first impressions) 2, Artes Liberales (Ritual magic) 1, Speak Latin (hermetic usage) 4, Magic Theory (Enchanting items) 5, Parma Magica (Mentem) 1, Code of Hermes (Mundane Relations) 2, Etiquette (Nobility) 3, Finesse (casting speed) 1, Penetration (Mentem) 1, Great Weapon (Staff) 1, Civil and Canon Law (papal laws) 1, Concentration (Spell) 3, Theology (biblical knowledge) 1, Intrigue (Alliances) 2, Order of Hermes Lore (politics) 1, Teaching (Apprentices) 2

Creo 8
Intellego 5
Muto 2
Perdo 1
Rego 2

Animal 1
Aquam 0
Auram 1
Corpus 2
Herbam 0
Ignem 1
Imaginem 1
Mentem 10
Terram 0
Vim 0

Whispering Winds InAu 15
Purification of the festering wounds CrCo 20
Whispers through the black gate InCo(Me) 15
Prying eyes and ears InIm 10
Aura of enobled presence MuIm 10
Posing the silent question InMe 20
Aura of rightful authority ReMe 20
Memory of the distant dream with duration Moon CrMe 25
Loss of but a moments memory PeMe 15

I also had some ideas for the lab of my character. ROF, you said that free virtues and flaws are ok.

What do you think about this lab:

Size +1 (0)
Refinement 0
General Quality 0
Upkeep +1
Safety 0
Warping 0
Health +2
Aesthetics +1

Specializations: +1 Re, +1 Cr, +2 Vi, +1 He

Spacious (Structure, minor, free to start with if size permits)
Dedicated Building (Structure, free)
Idyllic Surroundings (Structure, free, because of covenant boon vivid enviroment)
Enchantment (Supernatural, free, because of boon Great work, effect: specialization +2 Vi)

Poorly insulated (Structure, minor, because of covenant hooks wooden/crumbling)
Infested with vine (Outfittings, free, because of covenant hook crumbling)

Is the +1 Upkeep ok or should that be balanced with a free flaw to bring it back to 0?
Any other comments?