Discuss things not in the game like if you have to take time off or you read a good book.

It took all the willpower I had not to post "First!"

If the elementalist character doesn't work, I still have other stuff.

The original Tytalus or a Rustic Magi with Craft: Tattoo

I was only able to review one character tonight - sorry! I'll get to the others as soon as I can.

I'm going to step in now (finally, I know), and state my opinions about what has been going on in these threads and that I hope that we can all move forward from here.

Firstly, the rudeness, snide comments, hyperbole - all that garbage - needs to stop. General recommendations for posting in any forum, any where, about anything, but particularly important to me here because I'm trying to start my first pbp saga: don't take things personally, and don't ignore what people write. And be patient with each other (and with me).

Secondly, I am a proponent of following RAW. If there is an inconsistency between multiple Ars sources or a gap in the rules, we will fix it with a house rule. But we are not going to change rules to accommodate preconceptions or opinions. I realize this is a harsh line to draw, but I don't want this saga to be constantly derailed by bickering or by accumulated inconsistencies. If there is a disagreement on the rules or anything else, those who want to be involved should state their case, backed up by 5th edition Ars Magica source book references if relevant, in a single post. I'll read through these single posts and mediate. If a second round of discussion is desired, it should again be kept to a single post per person, and I'll assess whether anything has changed. Then the topic will be dropped. That's the format. Think of it as Certamen, with me as the referee.

Also, while we're on the topic of rules: I don't know all of them by heart and will likely get things wrong from time to time. When this happens, tell me about it and give me a reference so I can read up and then I'll fix the mistake.

So please, everyone, hit the reset button, and let's finish up the characters before moving on to other things.

I have another favor to ask, and I apologize for the duplicate effort that's involved, but would all of you who have questions about your characters that I have not yet answered please collect them in a single post in that character's thread? This will allow me to answer more quickly. Or not at a snail's pace at least.

Lastly, I'm leaning toward deleting historical posts that I find unconstructive. Does anyone object?

Much as I can see the case for removing old rubbish, I think that one should err on the side of keeping.

I am not sure how easy this will be in the forum format though. We are clearly abusing a discussion group/newgroup-like format for a Wiki-like purpose, and some compromises need to made to make it work.

I.e. I'd vote for caution, but not an outright no.

There are certain troupes and players I can play with any set of rules and have a good story told. Very rarely do I find people legitimately wanting rules to get away of a good story or fun.

Also, do we want a wiki?

Wikidot is a really good resource. If you're a computer programmer it's easy. If not, the learning curve isn't bad and being a wiki anyone can reformat things for you. I'm looking at making templates.

Trogdor I think knows a bit about it, his other campaign looks like they use it.

Light of Andorra: andorra.wikidot.com/andorra-information

Looks pretty awesome imo

This is your campaign and I am happy to endorse all of the above. I just want to get going to be honest. I am here for a fun time and to explore stories via the Ars Magica system, not to fight or bicker with people. Respectful disagreement with reasoned argument are fine but if we start getting personal again I am out.

Since we're using the RAW without deviation, why is my first character with "Magic Blood" not playable? I'd rather not play a min maxed lame character.

This is only a guess, which Emelric would have to confirm, and I do not have any opinion whatsover as to whether it actually is playable. I am only answering in case he does not have time to answer for a while.

Emelric wanted to restrict the use of supplements to HoH and core. IIRC the magic blood variant (flame dance) that you used was based on RoP:M. I suspect this is a valid reason not to accept the character.

I know, I'm just meh. I can remake her with Strong Faerie blood and it's more powerful. Or vary Mythic Blood. From my perspective it seems there is no variation on virtues or flaws what so ever. So doing so is a waste of time. Whatever I suggest seems to have problems with people. It's just rejected out of hand with no discussion or suggestions. Which is depressing since out of the last three months of trying to put things together the only opportunity to play is going so poorly.

Like, if we aren't using RoP:M, then the choice and customization of familiars is limited. Which is fine, but I ask about a mundane familiar and it's an argument. I'm fine with differing views of play, limiting things to a manageable size, etc. I'm having difficulty with the unilateral rejection of everything.

I think I'll just play whistler. Jebrick, can you delete your post on Bran so I can delete the thread?


Everyone, but particularly Rex, please don't feel like me not posting indicates rejection/disagreement/being "scared off"/disillusionment (though there was almost a bit of that)/whatever. We are all in different places in life, with different responsibilities and constraints on our free time. In mine, I only have 1 or 2 hours at night to post, and not every night at that. I think I've said this before. So please be patient, which I've also said before. I'd rather not eat into my free time writing posts like these.

My goal is to have all characters reviewed and approved by the end of the week. With the covenant, I'm planning to take what you have all suggested and refine it on my own, if that's ok, to make things align with the setting I'd like to move forward with. So please post all pent-up suggestions by Friday.

loke, thank you for the covenant summary - it's very helpful.
Lastly, John, thank you too. I'll definitely take up your offer to help with bookkeeping.

Life, it's got great graphics but the gameplay sucks

I was just concerned I had been way too much a poop head. I had the realization I'm taking things here way to seriously cause I'm avoiding rl things >_<

Personally, I'd say yes. It is much easier to create a structure which is easy to follow on a wiki than it is on a forum. But to be realistic, it should probably be an unanimous vote to do it, because some inevitably find it more of a burden than others to use that extra medium in addition to the forum.

My thought being it would help as a resource, but wouldn't need to have players constantly update them. I really have wanted to learn Wikidot's mark up in order to get more acquainted with it. I'm a computer programmer by trade, so the more web based technologies I absorb, the better.

We probably don't want to have everyone update two sources constantly, it can be a headache. Even if it's used, keep this forum as the master correct version of everything. Right now I have free time and am learning the mark up anyway, so my proposal is if it would be helpful I can do the heavy lifting.

Well, if you really need a case for your own study/has nothing better to do with your time :slight_smile:, I suggest that you just set up a couple of pages, copying in some characters and possibly a skeleton for the covenant. It is always easier to assess the utility based on a concrete and familiar example. But this is assuming that you don't think you waste your time creating something which is then rejected.

I share your interest, but not your dedication to learning tools :slight_smile: