[OTE] {Shadows} Question about card effect

The cards with the "If Pull =/= 0," Does this mean that when it uncranks during your card tending phase do you immediately crank because * isn't zero? Also, in the particular case of Flux, does the "She has +1 Pull when cranked." Meaning you get a total of 3 Pull when you crank her for Pull? Or does it just count for determining what her Pull is until the next turn for cards that trigger or have an effect on the cards current pull amount?

Pull with a value of "*" or "-" is not the same as "Pull = 0". Cards with "If Pull =/= 0" are referencing a character with an effect (Condition, Whammy, Gear) that states "Pull = 0". The Skids and The Squeeze are examples of Conditions that cause a character to have "Pull = 0".

In reference to Flux, her "*" Pull value is not the same as "Pull = 0". Therefore a card that states "If Pull =/= 0" would effect Flux. For cards like Flux that have additional Pull when Cranked this really only effects the game if she is Popped while Cranked. Her owner would lose Influence equal to her current Pull +1 for being Cranked.

Hope that answers your questions.