Out for Blood

Some time ago I asked the fine folks at Atlas Games if I could write an independent supplement. They said 'fine but don't charge for it'. After a considerable amount of time I have finally got it together. I still haven't found anyone to do some nice pictures for it, but never mind. It's chock full of content of practically every kind.

You can find it here: http://chthonic.150m.com/feng/outforblood.htm.

Queex, that is one HELL of a FANTASTIC supplement! You even managed to put a scenario in with all the other packed-to-the-lips rules options! If I had a hat, it would be off to you, then I'd put it back on, then take it back off to you again. Tables and examples, just outstanding. Additional editing to clear up some wording and spelling errors and it is very easily mistaken for a pro product, to me. Thanks for this!

If you find an illustrator and an editor, send me a line and I put it in a slightly nicer layout. This kind of fan material should be rewarded. :slight_smile: Nice going, dude.

Here are some of my previous works:
Example 1 (~10 Mb)
Example 2 (~11 Mb)

This is just AMAZING!
Great work.
We are not worthy.....we are not worthy......


I've had a good flick through and I'm very impressed. Here's to Atlas games buying it from you and released a hardback! (Well I can hope)

Seriously don't think that's much to worry about. "Pro" products are full of mistakes. I mean White Wolf use the company Scribendi.com to edit their work and they put mistakes into their games*

or you know, just realease a newer printing of it like Star Wars D20 (but not tell anyone about it) with the corrections.

I'd say he could always release 20 pages of errata like WotC too - but I don't think there's that many mistakes :laughing:

*according to Matt Macfarland, White Wolf freelancer

@Queex. Is this the right place for questions?
I am having some difficulty seeing the benefit to the "Phobia" schitck. I think an example here would be very useful.

 I know this understanding is wrong but it appears to be that the character is role-playing an irrational fear and then spending exp to remove the penalties generated by that fear. I don’t see how the character comes out ahead in this. They seem to come out at the same place as someone who has not role-played the fear. Except they are now out some exp. This appears to be a penalty for good role-play. I know this is not what you intend there fore I know I am wrong.

So accepting the above is in error what is the correct understanding? Take for example a well known archeologist with a snake problem. So we have a character with a phobia. The player then buys "Phobia" defined as a fear of snakes. Apart from becoming a transformed snake detector what does the character get for those exp? Immunity to the impairment from snake venom? Even if the venom was administered by a Ninja dripping it down a silken thread into their sleeping mouth? Immunity to impairment caused by wounds caused by a transformed snake using their snake schitcks to put a beat down on them? Would it matter if the Snake was using a sword? An AK-47? A bomb?
I am confused.
What about a Phobia defined as fear of darkness? Would this person be immune the impairment from darkness blasts?

Please forgive me if this sounds like nit picking. I am just coming off a long night of close reading laws regarding the US National Archive and my brain is broken. "Out for Blood" is an amazing work and I am adopting it wholesale.
Thank you

So far, the only typo I've spotted is "Atlas fames" in the "because we are nice" sidebar - which was written by me, and thus isn't Queex's fault.

(Words like "colour" and "armour" are, of course, spelled correctly in OFB, and incorrectly in all the other Feng supplements :wink:)

I think the key bit you're missing (which I probably should have stated more clearly) is that you get to ignore any Impairment- not just that caused by your phobia trigger.

So, everyone's favourite archaeologist could be shot to pieces, be given a heavy sedative by a German femme fatale and have one foot stuck in a bucket; but when forced into a fight on a bridge over a pit of snakes all that Impairment goes away for a few moments of pure adrenaline.

In essence, the schtick means you get some role-playing opportunities and the occasional drawback in play in exchange for a useful bonus in extremis.

Oooooo that does clarify it. I like this schtick. Good work.
I went back and reread the schtick and I see now what I missed.
Thanks for the quick response.

So when is the next supplenent coming out? :mrgreen:

Some small questions.
a. Withering Scarcasm (pg35). So a target whose willpower is higher than their intellegence would take no damage? Hmm most trolls I've dealt with have a small...intellect but a great belief in their own prowess.

b. Leopard stance (pg27) If I am reading this right one could spend 0 chi and still get the simultaneous attack? Or is it required that one spends 2 chi and makes the attack at +4damage? If one has to spend the chi shouldn't the cost be 2+x rather than just x. Or is this nit picking?

c. All the pages after page 85 seem to be missing. :mrgreen:

Great stuff sir if you were anywhere near Seattle I'd buy you a drink.

There's still the Outcome added as usual- it's basically a means for sorcerers to be moderately effective against enemies with insane Body attributes.

Ah- just went back and noticed that 'with nothing added' reads like it means no Outcome, rather than just no +2 as intended.

Well, if it was 2+X then the penalty to dodge and the bonus to the attack would be lower than intended. I suppose a more thorough notation would be 'X; X>=2', but then I'm getting flashbacks to analysis lectures.

Ok now this is nit picking

  1. Typo on page 41. “Are you getting all of this, Mr. malloc()?”

  2. Why not have silhouettes for all the new guns? Or at least for the strange ones like the Tesla stuff and the Combijets?

This is a real question though.
Why make a player pay exp to add a gun to their usual kit? It seems to contradict the burn through several thousand dollars in expensive illegal firearm each episode aesthetic that is so much a part of Feng Shui. I realize I can use or ignore the rule at my whim but I am wondering why this needed to be added.

Oh and somone enjoyed the orange box a bit too much.


PS. Would you like me to post something about 'Out for Blood' on RPG Net etc?

The lower case is intentional: http://www.shadowfist.com/card_gallery/card%20images/JPG%20images%20400%20pix%20high/cs%20jpg%20400pix%20square%20corners/malloc_cs_400.jpg

(The shadowfist character is named for a C subroutine, BTW)

It took me long enough to do just those that are there- and I had source images for them. I'm not up to making some out of the whole cloth.

For me there's a difference between what a character carries around in their hold-all, or the boot of their car, as opposed to what they can get hold of with half a day's prep. The advantage to getting a new weapon is that you can be assumed to have it without having to place a call to Sonny Pak or taking other special measures to procure it. That can be very handy if the the faecal matter is already en route to the fan and there's no time to go shopping.

So, what are everyone's favourite bits from OFB? What works really well? And not so well?

I'm absolutely in love with the Path of the Guarded Moon - my next character's going to be an Elemental with Sig Weapon sword and the first two Guarded Moon powers.

There's nothing I would fault with the supplement - I really think that Atlas would be fools not to buy it from Queex.

I would though like to ask Queex to go into a little more detail about Acrobatics as a separate skill from MA because I don't think I would be able to sell it to my players - though I could use it for GMC's easily enough.

I agree about Acrobatics. FS itself treats Martial Arts practically as defacto everyman skill, and I just don't see people that don't have Martial Arts "buying" (literally or figuratively) this lesser skill, if they could just have Martial Arts instead - it seems emasculating, for action movie style RPG'ing. It is basically MS without hitting people, but more for checks for stunts... with FS being intentionally short and broad on skills, I can see very different new skills, but this is about 75% redundant, which doesn't seem like it would be enough to justify it.

The rest, as I said though, is awesome.

It's fair comment about acrobatics- part of the motivation was to have a skill that allowed starting characters without Martial Arts to do jumping stunts without having to bend the rules about 'no italic skills'. The concept of the repertoire might have worked better as a character type unique schtick, I suppose.

That's what I was thinking - I was pretty sure that was the point, to allow stunty type stuff as a lesser skill that was in keeping with a less melee oriented character, but still in theme and indicating better than usual skill at leaping around etc. It just seems, it seems more like a "level 1 skill" in some other game, and if you spend xp on it, you can raise it to mar... hey... improve it to being martial arts in game?

Excellent sourcebook, full of interesting and useful ideas and crunchy bits. After a cursory read, I have a couple questions:

Feral Strength: I get it can be used to do all kinds of Martial Arts attacks with Creature Powers AV but Fu powers, but what about other uses of Martial Arts, e.g. acrobatic stunts ?

Diabolical Potency and Wide Aura are most welcome additions to the system, but what happens when two Wide Auras with different personal/local juncture modifiers "collide" ? I.e. let's assume one character with Aura of Sorcery 1, Diabolical Potency 1, and Wide Aura, and another with Aura of Sorcery 3, Diabolical Potency 3, and Wide Aura; What are the juncture modifiers in the room ?

It's a possibility- it's kind of outside the usual paradigm for Feg Shui, though. I think I may need to revisit the skill and give something to give it more oomph in its own right.

As written, only for attacks. It might rain on the parade of dedicated Martial Artists if a single schtick lets Creature Powers be used for everything Martial Arts could be. On the other hand, if there's a dearth of Martial Arts in a particular game the GM could be more lenient.

The boring answer would be 'whoever is closest', but that would miss a golden opportunity for the GM to make up whatever seems the most entertaining at the time. As a wise man once said, 'hilarity ensues'.