outside events and OOC

for discussion of anything RL, from absences to the game to anything that seems important to anyone here.

I am out of town this weekend with only my kindle fire so it will be difficult for me to post. I am very excited to see this game start and I am enjoying everyone's updates.

Recovering from jet lag (was in Spain last week for meetings). I will get character sheets posted as soon as practical.

ugg... Just lost an entire Grog post when the system logged me out for inactivity!

Always, always ctrl-c copy it before you post.

It appears that no one took the Aegis of Hearth as a spell. I can take a lab texts of a higher level so we have it waiting or a lower level that I will be able to cast at the start of play. Any suggestions?

A weak Aegis now is better than a stronger Aegis in some nebulous future. When Tartessos joins the game (in some nebulous future) he will have a L25 Aegis. Unless someone beats me to it in which case I have a LOT better things to do with those 25 levels.

Does anybody know if there is a list of musical instruments in one of the books? If not, does anyone know a website for period instruments?

It would appear that Flavius and JeanPatrick are the main one we are waiting on before I create the list of lost resources. Jeanpatrick has been posting, but I'm starting to worry about Flavius...

I was thinking about creating a familiar. If anybody is looking for the opportunity to play an magical animal and play it as his companion it would be great. Otherwise I will probably design it as a grog (summer).

Similarly, if someone wants to bring a familiar in play, i would be happy to do the same.

silveroak: What would be the power level of the saga, with regards to the chart on page 34 of RoP: Magic ?

The power level for this would be considered high. Is this going to be a character added after game play begins? You will need to spend a season finding the familiar and then a season in the lab to enchant the familiar.

If someone want to play it, maybe. But after thinking about it, it would make for a good story. So if nobody shows interest, let's bring my familiar during play.

What sort of Familiar do you have in mind?

I was thinking a cat from the white lineage with second sight.
Edit : It will be a cat from egypt after all.

I will be starting a new job on Monday, so my schedule is likely to be a bit bumpier and more restricted in the near future.

Congrats on the new job!


Congrats, as long as it doesn't interfere with gaming! If that's the case I'll send condolences, instead.

Considering I was gaming probably 8 hours a day previously I expect there will be some interference, but I will certainly continue with the game...

Hi silveroak,

do you have an idea of when the saga will start?