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I would like to get all the characters finished first...

Any news from jebrick, kingjawa,exaspered cultist and flavius ? They havent posted in a while now.

I am still here and excited about this game. I will get caught up this weekend. Sorry for any delays.

I want to play. I've posted my character suggestion on the waiting list. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys!

What sort of Familiar do you have in mind?

Haven´t found much time to follow this Post. My job had kept me busy. In the next weeks it will get worse.
So I decided to quit and make place for other players.
Sorry! It´s really just because I didn’t have enough time :frowning:
I will continue to read your adventures and maybe in future there will be some change to play Federic of Flambeau. But for the moment I could not made it.
Enjoy the Game


I'm sorry we will not be able to adventure with Frederick's strong arm protecting us. I understand about jobs and family first, so go with our blessings. I hope our stories entertain!

Sorry to hear that Flavius. Hope you will have the opportunity to play Frederic in the future when things calm down at your work!

I started doing the specifics of the shield grog. I liked the idea of his being from Hungary. But having had to leave because he commited a crime helping a Redcap there. So the redcaps took him on as a shield grog, and he is now assigned to ad paid by David.

But He needs to be able to talk to David and the others. While classical latin would be useful, I think that I will have to settle for giving him Italian.

Looking at Warrior, unaffected by the gift, and puissant single weapon, with branded criminal, reckless, and offensive to animals.

I'll try to do a grog too, maybe one that could be the turb captain. I was thinking of giving him the virtue unaging. I also noticed that two companions also have that virtue, so the proposed in character explanation could be somehow they got to drink years before from the fountain of youth without knowing, and since then they have not aged, but people have not yet realized it ! What do you think ?

Paphos got his unaging due to his heritage - he is the direct descendant from Pygmalion and Galatea, and hence in a way a magical creation by Aphrodite.

If you want to do a turb captain that would be great. Garcin can technically do the job (good social and leadership skills), but is easily distracted by women and new food. I envisioned him being thrust into the role and generating stories because of his distractions. If you do make a captain, Garcin would make a fantastic sergeant, although his stories will be less "interesting" in the Chinese sense of the word.

'm glad to see other grogs being generated; it looked more and more like his first story would be to leave the magi alone and try to recruit someone, anyone else to the turb.

The concept I had in mind was that of an ex venetian captain who deserted after he grew dissilusionned after the sack of constantinople during the fourth crusade.

I like it. The sack was 16 years ago, but if he was a younger soldier during the sack he wouldn't be too decrepit. As a Venitian he could have great language and area lore skills. The caravan was not in that part of the world until 1207-1208, so he could have joined then, or any period after that the caravan visited the med.

I've been really busy with exams lately, but I'm still interested in playing.

I had been under the impression that we each got two Grogs. If we get a third, I can make a grog scribe. Does Puissant dead languages work like Puissant living languages?

3 grogs each

I have a proposition to make, if everyone agrees:

since bangawanga is interested in this game, maybe he could play one of the already designed grog during our exploration of the ruins of skorba?

good with me. If I play Penko, he could take Garcin, or any other shield grog.

Sure! I'll pick and post my choice later tonight.

Silveroak, how do you want to handle die rolls ?

I usually use this site roll-dice-online.com/.

We could just tell you when we need a roll, and you could make it on your end. It would be more simpler that way I think.

I'm going on the trust basis. I'm honestly more concerned with everyone having fun than with who might be cheating, so as long as it doesn't hurt the fun for others I don't care if you roll a die at home, use an online roller, or ask a friend to pick a number between one and ten.