(Over the Edge) Time is passing.

I have to wonder if Her Exaltedness Monique D'Aubainne, Historic Liberator and Current Shepherdess of Al Amarja is getting unrealistically old.
It should be time for her to fake her own death and be replaced by a long lost daughter who looks eerily like her mom.

It wouldn't fool anyone, but there is such a thing as keeping up appearances. :slight_smile:

Actually, I kind of like the idea that Monique is old as sin now. Who knows, maybe she uses some kind of fringe technology to rejuvenate her body?

-- Ben

I'm new to the game, so in game progressive history may have altered this; but the MRB (p. 148 OTE MRB) states that she keeps herself young by getting regular doses of modified (by Dr. Nussbaum, no less) Apep's Breath from the Pharoahs.

Yes its like in the hobbit when people start to question why Bilbo is still so young looking. The people and other nations might wonder why she has lived so long then the conspiracy people kickin then the lunaticts and so forth but she will have to do something soon enough.