PeIg vs CrIg

I'm creating a monster (Cerebus), and am looking to give him a PeIg power akin to the PeIg spell "Well Without Light" (AM5, pg142)

A) Are there any published Targets that might not be quite as powerful as T: Structure. I'm looking for something that creates, say, a sphere of darkness around Cerebus that can move with him.
T: Room is not appropriate for the location of the encounter.

B) Once the supernatural darkness covers the area, I assume the following. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
If one lights a mundane torch, there is fire, but no light.
If one casts CrIg, the casting total must be >25 or the spell will not create light. Other effects would still go off if the spell is successfully cast.

C) If one can't see the target, but can hear it, do you have recommendations on how to handle spell targeting? For example, Roll a perception check before casting you cast Pillum of Fire?
What about Melee? Perception check, or just a minus to your combat rolls?

D) What about InIg?
Does Vision of Heat's light only work with a casting total of >25?


Check out Magi of Hermes page 127 for Tolides of Flambeau, a darkness-themed magus. Page 133 har a spell creating a sphere of darkness around the head of the target. It uses T:Part, which makes kind of sense, because you extinguish light (ie create darkness) affecting only part of the environment.

IMHO that is a subject not truly defined in RAW, not in general terms anyway. I checked out the core book's section on Ignem and individual PeIg page 142 spell descriptions alone state rules on this. Soothe the Raging Flames removes the heat of a fire, and prevents it from spreading and harming things. But more apporpriate Well Without Light states only spells lvl 25+ can light up this darkness, and this uses same guideline (base 3) as Tolides' spells mentioned above. However his spell descriptions do not mention this.
I'd accept this as a hard rule.
But firth5 please note that the spells metnions "Only spells of level 25 or greater can light within this area". So spell level not casting total! The spell itself need to be sufficiently powerful, not how forcefully it is cast.

HoH:Societates has rules for fighting invisible enemies in the Flambeau chapter page 32. I assume fighting in darkness is equal to fighting blindly.
As for spell casting an invisible person can't be targeted by spells of R:Eye since you can't make eye contact, samer goes for darkness. Other spells need either an AC or "you are able to locate him"...that is an elastic paragraph! If I can hear you, and cast a R:Voice spell, the sound of my voice hits you just as fine as if I could see you - are you affected?

IMHO the same power requirement should be enforced here.
Spell level 25+ not casting total. So Vision of Light's Heat won't work, it isn't sufficiently powerful as written. However a D:Moon version or one with an added magnitude for more power or flexibilty would, Or a R:Touch spell, which could also affect your Grog .
IMHO it would have been nice if the "see in darkness" spell was balanced with the limitations in the "create darkness" spell.

Note that formulaic spells don't have to precisely conform to RTD.

Something core like Tread the Ashen Path might be a helpful touchstone:

Ind, +1 or +2 for Size, +1 for "doing something fancy, which is continually recasting the same effect similar to Treading" (Range Self, Duration what you want it to be)

At that point, you're done.

Of course, it's a monster, so you can happily just give in New Minor or Major Quality: Surrounded by Darkness. And then it does what you want it to.

Thanks Mr. Anderson,

I don't have this book here at work, so if I understand correctly:

Bark of the Underworld
PeIg 10 -- extinguishes light in an area around Cerebeus out to 15 paces
R: Personal
D: Diameter
T: Part
(Base 3, +0 Personal , +1 Diameter, +1 Part, +1 magnitude for increased size (Indivdual x10))

Base size for Ignem is a campfire, which I'm calling 3 square feet.
Add a magnitude to make it 10x this area, = 30 square feet, or in Ars lingo: 15 paces.

And then, using Well Without Light as a guide, a spell to create light would need to be level 10 or higher.

Am I correct here?

The spell cannot be Range: personal. R:Touch at least


Good call on Treading the Ashen Path.

If I go that route, I still need to know the level of magic that can penetrate this darkness. That's the main information I need to figure out.
I'm looking to place an obstacle in the path here, but not make it too easy or too difficult. 2 players, playing Magi about 10 years out of Gauntlet.


The darkness spells from Tolides in MoH ide T: Part to cover the head of a person (call that one pace diameter at most) and one with +1 size to cover a 6 pace diameter sphere.
A lot of the MoH designs are unfortunately flawed so we generally don't accept them blindly. Our group's resident expert is often concerned.
However I don't see anything wrong with these sizes. If anything they seem a bit small. Remember +1 size is usually x10 mass (or volume at times).