Perseus, Medusa and the Kraken?


One of the movies coming out next year I'm really looking forward to, is the remake of Clash of the Titans. It's about the legend of Perseus, the Medusa, and the rescue of Andromeda.
I thought about using this legend as a basis for an Elysium-based story. But I wanted to ask, is this legend known at all in Mythic Europe? It should be know for it to appear in Elysium, right? :slight_smile:

And, staying with Greek legends and history and movies, the battle of Thermopylae (the one in the movie 300), is that an event that is known at this time? I guess legendary battles through history and legend would be great for Elysium.



I would think a few places has these as well known legends. The Theban Tribunal probably has tons of additional legends and locations, especially Regiones. Nearby Tribunals such as the Levant, the Roman Tribunal, and Transylvania would also know a decent amount perhaps. The Order itself, especially Mercere with their Cult of Heroes, and the Merinita for their love off all stories, would likely know quite a bit. Speaking of stories, there would be many locations in Arcadia that would be based entirely off of the Greek legends.

As for the events and such, they'd likely only be known in other parts of Europe by the educated, which again leads to the Order.

It's an episode in Ovid's Metamorphoses which was known in the 13th Century.

Also, I don't believe that there is necessarily, according to RAW anyway, a time-limit on the stories that may appear as faeries. The fact that a story was once told seems to be enough, the fact that it is not currently told much if at all I don't think matters. But I could be wrong about that.