Post a day for November

So, as noted on the Discord, I'm going to try this again this year.

Most years this turns into a longform fiction project, so this time I'm forcing myself to stat monsters for the podcast / blog.

30 monsters. 30 days.

Anyone else up for a challenge?

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depending on time I might do different Florilegia with attendant fluff. Due to term constraints it might be pushed into December.....


I've decided to try writing something, but haven't entirely decided what yet...

My group and I are looking to see if we can put together a mystery cult that is based around enchanting foods.

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I'd like to try to do a historical book a day for November. We'll see if I can keep up :smiley:

Where can I find the discord channel? I'd like to follow it.

I like this challenge, and I am currently also thinking monsters - specifically Familiars for magi. May do a different topic based on work business.

I might try my hand at enchanted items. I was working on 2-4 spells for each technique and form, but that sort of burned out after 10 days or so.

Enchanted items probably have more staying power.

I've always enjoyed trying these, even if I may fall behind this November (I'm going to a convention at the end of November, and I'll be busy running a big game, so that may chew up writing time).

Ideas I've suggested previously but never got round to:
A vis source a day - always useful, and if I run out of good ideas I'm sure I can still come up with enough so-so ideas to finish the month.

Marcus of Paris' recruitment ledger - attempt a grog a day, with the framing story that they are known to the redcap Marcus (from The Lion & The Lily) who recruits staff for Normandy covenants.

A wealth creation scheme a day - I'm sure there must be at least 30 good ways to use magic to earn money.

A covenant idea a day.

I would enjoy any of these - and I'd actually be happy to do the covenant-a-day or vis-a-day if they'd be more interesting to people than familiar-a-day.

I kind of want to try this, especially since it would make a useful pool for people looking for a quick stat block/background.

I've been thinking about doing a spirit a day or maybe a daimon a day - I've been looking at theurgy stuff for my own saga recently and would quite like to build up a 'daimonic bestiary' ala the appendix at the end of the Mysteries: Revised.

I often find that with something like theurgy it can be quite hard to go 'ok I can invoke a daimon, but what exactly do I want to do with that?' and having a collection of examples to flick through can help create those 'ooh, that would be a good hook for X!' ideas.

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As a suggestion, any time you're doing something that requires significant math, such as a magical creature a day, or a fully-statted person a day, it is helpful to get some of the work done in advance. That's one of the things that always ruined me when I had my Apprentice a Day, I had to come up with an idea I really liked and then also to run the numbers on it, and then....
Yeah. I think I just skipped abilities on a few of them because I didn't have time.

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I'm committing myself down to Familiars for November, so if anyone has magi in need of particular things, feel free to lemme know!

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If anyone cares, here are my November grogs, updating as I go:

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I just want to thank everyone who is doing such amazing work in this forum. I am so impressed and inspired! I'm also stealing liberally for my own saga.