Pre-play Discussion

Hey, 10 years post apprenticeship is more than enough to initiate mysteries (hey, I would even throw in an 11th since it was spent totally as heartbeast without ever using magic or taking human form.), just need to have the Bjornaer lore, the minor flaw from the one initialation and either the major flaw or loss of major virtue for the second initiation (inner heartbeast)

Speaking of the Covenant's grogs:

  • By tradition, each magus is entitled to one personal servant (maid, butler, valet, what have you) and one guard (shield grog).
  • Most, if not all, of the locals have the Covenant Upbringing Flaw, which entitles them to have Latin and Order of Hermes Lore at chargen. If they take Order of Hermes Lore, it shouldn't be more than 1, maybe 2, unless they're intimately involved with the goings-on of the magi (either individually or as a group).
  • Some of the older covenfolk who would come into regular contact with the older magi suffer Warping, due to the fact that Faileas (who is no longer) would use The Enigma's Gift as punishment.

Thoughts and stuff about Kiva.

No Disguise?

Organization Lore: English nobility: wouldn't that be Area Lore: England with a Specialization: Nobility?

All in all I like the character. Ties in well with Talia, I think. But I can definitely see which way this campaign is going, now :smiley:

You're thinking D&D :stuck_out_tongue: In Ars, it falls under Guile: "This ability also covers disguising yourself, and pretending to be something you are not." Needless to say, Disguise is Caoimhe's specialty in Guile :stuck_out_tongue: I just hadn't filled those in yet.

Oh, now it's my turn to think a D&D skill as an Ars Magica ability! Area Lore for an entire country would be really broad and only give very general information-- and I was looking for something to explain that she knows how to pass herself off for English nobility, to someone who doesn't speak Norman or English, anyway-- except now I think about it, that would be Etiquette. Hmm. I'll change it to something. Actually, maybe I'll drop her Latin to a 3 (with a specialty in Conversational), and put that with the 15 points in the Org Lore to give her a language skill.

I had the idea that the reason she'd gotten caught was when she'd been posing as an English noble (to an Irish guy who wasn't going to know the difference), faking the accent really well (but still speaking Gaelic), and was unfortunately thwarted when some random dude walked down the street while they were together, and said "Oh! A fellow Englishman! I need your assistance, have you a moment?" in Norman-- and Caoimhe went, "Uhh... Merde."

The name is Caoimhe ni Suilleabhain, I just added the modern Anglicised spelling so everyone would know how it's pronounced :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it necessary for my Companion to take the Venditor social status major virtue? I'd like for him to grow into the position, so to speak, not be one, and an apparently successful one that the Major Virtue suggests. It appears the Virtue comes from Mysteries Revised.

HoH: MC, and he doesn't have to take Venditor if you don't want...main advantage I see is the Academic Abilities and 50 xp. He can take Merchant (Free Social Status Virtue) or something else.

Okay, looks like we're making progress. I've got full covenant build points from everybody but ladyphoenix (of which I have 48, near as I can tell), darkwing (who is missing), and The Fixer (who is swamped irl, best I can recall). I only have personal build points from Arya and qcipher so far.

So, let's[size=200] shoot for Saturday next (14 April) to start play.[/size] I'll get a prologue up in the next day or so. If I can get everyone else's covenant and personal build points, as well as more Boons/Hooks/whatever for the covenant by the end of the week that would be awesome. Unless you want me to build the covenant.

Can we get the Exceptional Book boon?

Just got my covenants book back yesterday though I have idea on some of my points. I still have a lot to spend.

Thought I'd bring this discussion over here. While it is RAW, I certainly don't ever believe that was the intention of the authors to penalize someone who masters a spell. It is entirely counter-intuitive that someone with Magic Addiction who has put effort into mastering a spell is worse off than someone who hasn't mastered a spell. I stirred the pot over in Spell Mastery and Ritual thread in the main Ars Magica forum, because it is clearly an example of where the authors intended for it to be a stressful situation, but instead said stress die, much like my interpretation of the use of stress die in the Ritual Magic thread. I think it should be stressful situation for Magic Addiction, definitely not stress die.

Just fyi, I'll be out of town on the 14th, I might have some access to the net and be able to post a bit, but probably can't do much until maybe next Tuesday.

JeanMichelle has sent me a pm letting me know that he is leaving the forums entirely, so (unless he changes his mind) it looks like he's out.

Can we spread out his (and maybe Fixer's?) BPs so we could maybe get started soonish?

JM had already given his 291. If we don't here from Fixer by the weekend, we'll distribute his points.

IF JM isn't playing, I'd like a shot at spending his bps. I'm less than excited about his selections. I'm hard pressed to see the need for the quantities for items selected.
40bp 5x Magical ovens
18bp The enchanted Chef ReHe45
6bp Stone-Cutting knife ReTe15
12bp 2x Enchanted Porter ReTe15
38bp 5x The Vitalizer of Provisions CrAn19
40bp 5x The death of Vermin ReAn20
12bp 2x Abluere Magica (a small and a big one) ReHe15
80bp 5x Incendior hominis (Penetration 28)

That's 246 bps and no vis or books!

Uhhh, yeah. Totally, wholeheartedly seconded JL's sentiment.

Okay, looks like everybody gets 44 more Covenant Build Points to play with.

I'm removing three of the five Magical Ovens, the Enchanted Chef, the Stone Cutting Knife, both Enchanted Porters, all five Vitalizers of Provisions, all five Deaths of Vermin, and all five Incendior Hominis.

The Incendior Hominis I was torn on, as I was thinking they could be handy. On the other hand, using them would be a violation of the Pact of Crun Clach - they can't use it against grogs from another covenant, and even with 28 Penetration it would be ineffective. If they use it on anything else, that would be reckless and dangerous considering how much woodland is around the covenant.

Is the summary of bps in the Covenant thread accurate? There's a lot of unnamed L20Q11 books tere and some duplicate summae that look fishy. Also way more tractatus than I think we've bought?

Btw, could I spend some of my bp's improving those horrible apprentice summae JL bought (I was thinking to bump them to L10Q10)?

We aren't going to ever have apprentices?

Apprentices don't get to read. Every year they get Exposure for their three seasons of indentured servitude, plus one season of dedicated Teaching (which, as I understand it, must be actual teaching, of the +6 Quality for a single student variety).