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Great to see the forums back. I have, however, a problem with printing this thread ... A Matter of Hermetic Law ... as a PDF.

If I use Microsoft Edge (lastest version) only the start of the thread is created (even after scrolling to the bottom of the thread so the whole thread is in the browser). ... Smaller threads print OK.

If I use Google Chrome I get the same problem. Also on Chrome the page bar is printed on the first page under the other text (it is to the side of the text in Edge).

For now I will just bookmark the article, but I thought you should be aware of this.

I'd try just selecting the text with my mouse, then copy and paste into a word processor.

Tried that.

If you do a 'Select All' and then a cut and paste it only pastes part of the thread; although the whole thread is highlighted in the browser. This applies even if you paste into Notepad so it is not something strange about the HTML.

I can, of course, cut and paste individual sections, which I may do.

I just wanted to point this glitch out for possible future tweeks - after all it could just be this one thread that is being awkward.

For reference, found the same problem with this thread ... The crafting of automata: Why bother? ... so it may to be related to the length of the thread.

Because of how Discourse dynamically generates pages, using the Print function in your browser will only ever capture a section of the topic.

Fortunately, Discourse has anticipated this: If you hit CTRL-P (instead of using menu navigation to print), the page will capture that input and create a pop-up window that contains the full text of the thread. (If you have pop-ups turned off, you'll need to manually open this window.)

If the CTRL-P command isn't working for you, you can achieve the same effect by adding /print to the end of the URL. So for:


And you'll get the print-friendly version of the page (and probably a print dialogue).

This works in both Firefox and Chrome for me.

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Yippee! :clap: That works. Thanks for the reply.

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