Professor Catrina of Merinita

This is a thread to discuss Professor Catrina Merinita.

How do you handle Personal Vis Source in character creation?

And what do you think would be a good Creo Imaginem familiar?

And on a related note, would you allow a faerie familiar for this character? If so, what would she need to spend to get it?

Perhaps a frog or snake that produces a hallucination inducing venom?

I note that some people are training with other teachers. At what point are we all together and can do that?

The training with other faculty happens in 1267 and later. You should be properly aged at that time. There's "bonus" development 1267-1269.

What year do things start?

An exotic bird with changing plumage that could talk, before he became a Familiar.

Advance to 1267, and we'll guide you through the rest.

Are we aiming for 30 years post-gauntlet?

That's up to you. Being able to open the Arts without inflicting a Deficiency (all Arts at least 5), and having the indicated Com +Teaching +Virtues >=7.

By twenty years out she had all Arts above 5, and a Com+Teaching+Virtues=12

But what else can she do? Being able to do something interesting to her is important, too.

I want her to be initiated into some of the mysteries. If possible, I'd like her to have either Animae Magic or Glamour. How would I go about handling that?

Also, can you spend a season inventing a spell (using lab total) instead of buying a spell with xp?


What about if your own CrCo lab total is higher than what you can afford in to buy with vis? Can you invent your own longevity ritual by spending a a season doing so?

Sure, just snapshot the character when she makes it. She will need to have an MT score of at least 5 if you do it at age 50.

When I asked this, you responded no. But I see that Kaltheus spent two seasons in his lab creating a level 7 spell, and two seasons creating a level 10 spell (costing 9-1/2 seasons according to the 10 pts/season rule). I don't want to be annoying, but I also don't want to cheat Catrina out of spells. (I'm trying to give her a lot of Imaginem spells.)

Kaltheus isn't in the game any longer. I'm not aware of anyone else having done that, on the other hand, I haven't yet gone through every character with a fine-tooth comb.