Provencal tribunal

the game begins in 1198, when the pope has sent a monk to deal with the Cathars, and has also placed the region in interdiction, which will cause divine auras to recede until he either lifts the interdiction or the cathars (or potentially someone else) establishes themselves as the dominant religious authority. Historically the interdiction was eventually lifted...

Characters should be within 7 years of their gauntlet- I am going to center this on Bentalone, a covenant defined by its diversity and its location in Western provence. Characters may have gauntleted there or moved there shortly after completing their gauntlet.

So for Provence, I'm thinking of a Merinita who is in the Follower of Pendule lineage. I would like to initiate Spell Timing and Glamour post-apprenticeship.
a) Are those mysteries acceptable?
b) I would then spend one season of a Post apprentice year (-10xp) for the minor vrtue and one whole year (-30xp) for the Major virtue, correct?
c) Do Provencal Magi get a standard amount of vis available to them each post-apprentice year if I want to make something in that time that requires vis? I know Roman magi got none but I feel like by Canon Vis scarcity is a big thing in Roma and much less of one in Provencal.

those mysteries are acceptable, I will use the ordals assumed in the descriptions of required flaws- how did he come to join in the Pendule order? Was this his parens lineage?
Traditional vis availability is allowed in provence.

The Pendule lineage is a lineage, not an order so it only seems to pass from parens to apprentice. least that's how I read the backstory about the 8 various mystery cults within House Merinita. The 4 earlier in the chapter are things one can join but the 4 lineages one must be apprenticed into them.

The Pendule Initiation script for Spell Timing, a minor mystery virtue, gives the equivalent of a Major Ordeal (3 minor flaws) so I'm wondering if I can also initiate Binding the Gift to get some small use out of that major ordeal and so I'm merely 1 flaw over virtues rather than 2. This would mean I'd spend some time binding a familiar during that year as well. Figured If you're cool with this I will alter my current flaws to include Magical Animal Companion, nothing OP, she has a focus in Songbirds. Wouldn't be an issue except there is a Major flaw that needs to be taken with Glamour as well.

I will allow that- there is a script for those who have such leftover ordeal bonuses (which would be common in merinita) which only requires 3 months of service from the initiate for the remaining +3 bonus. It is very popular amongst mystagogues initiating people who are not their 'regulars'.

So maybe I'm spending way too much thought on this idea of the blue bird (not to be confused with the bluebird which is native to the Americas) but by modern classification the Corvids are songbirds but in general I would make the argument that for the larger crows and ravens my songbird specialty would not apply in the ME mindset but would you mind if I use a type of magpie as the songbird? I'm hoping for size -5 or larger if possible. The "Songbird" base listed in HoH:MC has it as size -6, there's a Magpie in LoM listed as size -4. Size -4 seems too large for the Iberian Magpie. Anyway, thoughts? I was hoping Cr or Mu and Im would be plausible arts to bind the creature with.

related question: Should I design my magical companion/familiar or should I leave that to you? If you I think the Magpie from LoM p45 could work as a base though should probably be altered to be size-5 instead of size -4 as the blue one in Europe is smaller than the other magpies.

You do the design- my research shows the Iberian magpie is about 3/4 the length of the Eurasian magpie, so I am fine with you bringing it down one size.

Base might for Provencal would be the "medium" power level? The standard 10 (then modified per the rules by size) if we view the creature as a companion?


May characters spend a season during their post-gauntlet character generation period inventing spells or must spells come from the 30xp awarded per year?

If we can use the time to invent spells, I'm curious if a general spell to create an illusion of any animal would be considered a similar spell to one which creates a glamour of a smaller range of animals (in this case only songbirds)? Assuming, of course, the Range, Dur, & Target stay the same (since, obviously, they are different base effects).

they may spend a season inventing spells- in fact I consider this the preferred method.
A spell to create visual illusions with 2 of three of range, duration and target being the same are considered similar. If it is the same in all 3 and one creates visual illusions and the other visual and audio they are similar. Specificity of image is an even closer relationship.

Are you ok with spending a season to invent spells and including the use of a lab text if it's a canon spell?

Not sure I understand that answer. Creating a Glamour is a level 10 base that affects all senses and, in the same way faeries do, can cause real change or damage. The spell I have that might be similar is base 3 standard imaginem effect that affects 3 senses (Sight, Sound, & smell) (Phantasmal Animal ArM 144)... it's a small bonus if similar so not a huge issue.

Ah, I was confused by the specifications regarding which animals could be simulated- I would say 3 senses is similar to a glamour- while technically a glamour effects 5 senses taste and smell are very close as senses and taste will rarely be involved...

Well, the other change is I would like the glamour to be limited to songbirds whereas Phantasmal Animal can create any animal up to size +1. This is so my focus applies when creating the spell. All else being as you've said, if that limitation breaks the similarity I won't use the similarity since the focus is a greater help to my lab total.

it will not break the similarity

Hi all! I'd like to join the Saga in this Tribunal. My wikidot ID is IgnesFestivus, and in Discord it is Parma Camel-lion. If I understand correctly, this will be a Magus up to 7 years after Gauntlet?

Would like to see what other people are playing so as hopefully not to repeat character concepts.

But, initially, my thought was on a Criamon focused on Mentem, intent on desperately finding ways of preserving the memories and life experiences of so many people who are going to die violently in the Crusade

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While not anything near her focus my Merinita, Alienor, would find it an extremely interesting project and would happily help you at it... that said, as a maga highly specialized in Imaginem rather than Mentem, not to mention a faerie-focused Merinita, her ideas about how to store the memories are likely to be very different than your Criamon. She would joyfully discuss her ideas and provide you with all sorts of ideas around how to store or share the memories that would likely be of little use to you but, being a Criamon, you may be fascinated by her ideas nonetheless. I can easily imagine us being great friends... if you'd like.