Provence summer 1202, a matter of honor

A mssage arrives by private courier (not redcap) for Typhannie. The letter reads
My dearest betrothed,
I have come to understand that this area you have fled to is a hotbed of heretics, many of whom denounce the sacraments of marriage. This has a familiar ring to it, but before I discuss the matter with members of the church I determined that honor demands I should broach the subject with you and attempt to persuade you to return with me to the Isle de France where we shall finally be wed. Please meet my representative at the inn of the mud springs in town where he is staying awaiting your response, that we may begin to see this issue resolved.

Typhannie reads the letter and feels exasperated. Didn't he realize by now that she isn't gonna marry him?
She was about to just send a messenger to the inn with her reply, but remembered that customs dictate that she should deliver her reply in person, so he'd be aware that it really came from her. Though the thought of going to the mud springs in town wasn't her idea of fun. It was definitely NOT a very clean place.

And yet, she gathered her newly enchanted staff, and clasped on her enchanted cloak, and notifying the chamberlain of where she's heading, she set out, with Wind Feather flying above. Hopefully soon, she can get this persistent suitor to leave her be.

The mud springs are one of many inns which rely upon the legends of healing powers of the waters, though the "waters" of this inn are rather more viscous than usual, as the name might suggest. They are warmer than the usual springs though, as the mud retains more heat than water does, and the inn does quite well in winter. At the moment it is nearly empty, and the baths are clearly not the main attraction, but rather the low prices. A singular man, rather well dressed for the surroundings stands out and smiles warmly as he greets you, not as Typhannie but by your birth name, and invites you to sit, asking of you would like a drink or meal. It is clearly not the man to whom you were betrothed, as this man is in fact younger than you and the man you were betrothed to was a few years older.

Greeting him politely Typhannie smiles at him, and speaks in her delicate voice "I would prefer not to eat or drink, if it would please you. It is my understanding that you've been sent here to receive my response to my betrothed's proposal, and I've come here to let you know that as far as I'm concerned, the betrothal is annulled. Unless of course, 'Lord' Benard is willing to present himself to me here, and succeeds in winning my heart." The last bit, she hadn't planned on, but who knows. She's never actually met him, at least, not since she was 4-5 years old, and it's been over 25 years since then. She has spent part of the past year and a half with Gerard's boys, and some part of her was considering having a child...

"Lord Bernard is a busy man, I would be happy to transport you to his palace if you would like so that he might woo you there. I'm afraid, though I should not admit this about my employer, that travel these days would be a great hardship."

She dips her head in a small gesture and smiles "And yet, you'd have a Lady endure this great hardship, to see a man she's never seen before, and one who she might decide to reject his offer?" Her question asked with apparent sarcasm, she doesn't even wait for a response from him before continuing "Why don't you then tell me of the whereabouts of his palace, and I'll make arrangements for my travel there?"

"Of course, it is on the south side of Eburiacos, outside of Paris. The Eburacon estate, naturally. anyone in the area can point your coachman to the grounds once you arrive in the area."

With a slight bow, and a flourish "I will make my way there, and we shall see whether he can woo my hand." And with that Typhannie makes her way back to the covenant to prepare for the journey. Maybe I should have paid more attention to figuring out how to fly like Jaufres and Guillhelm suggested.

As she exits the inn... make an alertness roll.

7 total

As Stepahine emerges from the inn she misses the two men, dressed as common laborers whos actions would have seemed suspicious, only realizing there is trouble when she catches the movement of one of them attacking her from behind (scuffle effects- they aren't trying to kill you) they rolled a 14 for a surprise attack (for simplicity I added a bonus to first attack for catching you by surprise from behind)

Hearing the scuffles, Typhannie tries to block the incoming attack with her staff, but fails.

The blow takes a fatigue level as the two men square up for a more direct confrontation. (roll initiative, attack, and defense. the man who struck you from behind is designated man 1.

The first man lands a blow again dropping another fatigue, You raise the winds around you just before the second man lands his blow. (roll defense)

as the second man lands his blow you are now down 5 fatigue levels as both men are knocked back by the winds.

Staggered from their blows, and angry at this treatment, she knew that she had to get away from here fast, or she would be carried by these villians.
A part of her wanted to teach these guys a more thorough lesson on messing with a Magus, but to do so would drop her protective winds. Then again, she realized that she wouldn't be able to keep concentrating on her spell much longer.
And so, using exaggerated movements, she began to whisper a spell, to make sure that these two men wouldn't be able to hold anything for a short while, hoping it will buy her enough time to get back to the safety of the covenant.

(Casting spontaneously a variant of Spasms of the Uncontrollable Hands. Normally it's ReCo5, R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Ind, Base 2, +2 Voice, +1 Conc.
Am changing Duration to Sun so it's +1, for a total of ReCo10.
She has Rego 10, Corpus 7, int 2, and Magic Theory 4, for a casting total of +23 adding a stress die, and then halving the result, which should still be enough to cast the spell, unless I botch.)

You need to make a concentration roll for casting while trying to maintain another spell.

realizing her situation, she stops concentrating

You stop concentrating on maintaining the winds and they fall as your spell knocks the weapon from the hands of the first man. The second man runs in and tries to land another blow...

He closes in and lands another blow, knocking you out.
You recover hours later, it is late evening, inside a carriage with the man from the inn sitting across from you, and your staff and purse (money bag) are missing.
"I really must apologize, when I rented the room at that inn I did not realize how rough an area it was, I assumed that the good reputation through the winter meant the neighborhood would be safe. I wasn't certain where you lived and I'm afraid I was rather in a hurry to get back to Eburacon, it being a rather long trip. I hope you don't mind me bringing you with me, I figured you would at least be safer here than on the street, and if you do not wish to ride with me the entire way we can part ways this evening before I leave in the morning."