Provence summer 1202, a matter of honor

Suspicious of this man, Typhannie first tries to find her staff, and to make sure her cloak is on her. "I would very much like to part with you." Her look a deathly chill. She wasn't sure about this entire situation, and would have liked to at last send a message to the covenant. But sending one to someone at the covenant would be hard at this distance, and she has no Arcane Connection to them.

"We will be stopping for dinner and to get rooms soon, obviously I will pay for your room since the brigands were taking your purse when I discovered you. If you wish to head back in the morning that is of course your decision, but I would recommend against traveling at night. I understand the Cathars can be rather lawless."

Typhannie spent the rest of the ride in silence. She didn't trust this man, and in fact, she didn't trust herself. She knew that with a single misstep, she is likely to let her full rage out, and it will not do good, for now. She needed to calm down, and assess the situation, plus, casting spells now might not be for the best. Better to save that for when she needed it, and she was certain she would need it.

You stop a few hours later at an inn, and at least the ride has allowed Typhannie time to clear her head from the fog which remained when she awoke from her beating. The coachman handles baggage as the man escorts you into the dining area. Dinner is fairly nice, comparable to what she would eat at the covenant instead of usual traveling fare, though the looks she was getting from other patrons are about what she was accustomed to. she is quite hungry as it has been a while since she ate.

Doing her best not to wolf the food, and ignoring the looks of the other patrons, once dinner is over, she is eager to go to her room, and once there she will take a moment to weep, before composing herself. And then she waits for 10 minutes, making sure no one will disturb her.

As you start to your room your "benefactor" escorts you, speaking in low tones "I understand this has been a trying ordeal for you, and that you are without funds should you choose to return to your commune of academics. Might I suggest you accompany me for breakfast tomorrow, perhaps decide after you eat what your path will be, and at least have sustenance before you set out for whatever path you might chose?" While he pauses to see if she will give him an answer he does not linger, apparently respecting a decision not to answer if that is her choice. Once inside her room her time passes undisturbed.

She would not have dignified him with an answer, still wrapped up in her predicament.

Once left alone, she will start a ceremony. It is time she set out to try and find the location of her staff.

[Finding the Bound Staff - Intellego Herbam 15; Base 3 (same as the InCo spell The Inexhorable Search); Range: Arcane Connection +4, Duration: Momentary +0, Target: Individual +0
She has Intellego 5, Herbam 5, Int +2, Magic Theory +4
As a bonus from Diedne, she doubles either Herbam or Intellego.
As a ceremony, she adds her Artes Liberales (+2) and her Philosophiae (+3) to her casting total.
+5 (*2) +5 +2 +4 +2 +3=+26 casting total.
The idea is to get the general distance to the staff]

The inn is in a divine aura of 2. Is the staff a talisman? What is the arcane connection? Base should be 2 (locate a plant), keep in mind that while the staff is an arcane connection to you that does not make you an arcane connection to the staff...

It's an enchanted staff she created, it's an arcane connection of years, and she just recently did it.

With base 2, Arc +4, it's a InHe10, and with a divine aura 2, it's only a +20 casting total

If you make an enchantment it is an arcane connection to you, you are not an arcane connection to it.

She will open the door to her chamber, looking to see whether there is anyone standing guard there.

There is nobody in the hall, but the hall leads to the common room, and there are certain to be people there.

Gathering her cloak around her, she activated it's fog power, and marches down the hall, and then casts True Sight of the Air, so it doesn't hinder her.

The wall of fog proceeds her into the main room, where people are eating their dinner, and causes quite a stir.

Unless anyone there draws a weapon, she will continue out the door, and on to the carriage they rode here.

You get out the front door, and while a few people are wielding weapons- largely knives- they are backing away from you rather than charging in to confront you. You get out the front door and the carriage is nowhere in sight.

She will check to see if there's a stable/barn or some other building that it could be stored in.

She finds a stable in the back after searching for a bit, there are two men with a lantern out front, and your cloak of fog effect is about to expire.

I assume they're not the two peasants that attacked her?

No, these seem to be stable hands, more brawny then the men who attacked you.